With locations across Canada and the United States, Young Hip & Married is marrying couples everywhere. But we’re especially excited to introduce you to our team of Vancouver wedding officiants, the original home of Young Hip & Married!

Below you’ll meet each incredible wedding officiant serving the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver, learn a little bit about them and see what their couples have to say about working with them. For a complete list of our locations, officiants and up to date availability, please visit our locations page.

Let’s meet the wedding officiant team!

Officiant Shawn Miller (he/him/his)

Vancouver wedding officiant Shawn Miller marrying a couple during a helicopter elopement
by Erica Miller Photography

In Shawn’s own words, “Every love story is so unique, and I have yet to hear a love story that is not worth celebrating. My goal when I do a wedding is to represent my couples in the truest form to who they are as individuals and as a couple. I want your wedding to FEEL like you. I want your guests to walk out saying, “Wow, that was so them!” I also want your guests to learn about why you work so well together, and why they have come to this big party in the first place.”

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What Shawn’s couples are saying:

“Our officiant, Shawn, was so supportive and inspiring leading up to and during our elopement! He made our ceremony so fun and easy going! Until today all of our guests keep commenting on how much they enjoyed Shawn’s words and the energy he brought into our special day!” – Daniella & Mark

Officiant Jane Halton (she/her)

Vancouver officiant Jane Halton elopement ceremony with Young Hip & Married
by Erica Miller Photography

In Jane’s own words, “I’ve done large fancy weddings in hotels, casual backyard ceremonies, sandy beachfront elopements and I’ve even canoed into a ceremony! The best thing about each of them is that they represented what the couple wanted. I’d love to work with you to help create a ceremony you love. Have no idea what you want? No problem! Know exactly what you’d like? Speak right up. I’m listening.”

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What Jane’s couples are saying:

“Jane is an excellent wedding officiant. We were so happy with the service that she provided. She personalized our ceremony, made us feel at ease, and spoke from the heart. Throughout it all, she was professional, yet warm and personable. She was incredibly open to aspects of our ceremony that were non-traditional. Overall, she inspired a lot of confidence in us, and we are glad she was a part of our ceremony.” – S & J

Officiant Erika Enns (she/her/hers)

Wedding officiant Erika Enns with Young Hip & Married
by Amber Leigh Photography

In Erika’s own words, “I didn’t spend my childhood dreaming about my wedding, but as I have ventured through my own marriage, the importance of the wedding day keeps coming up. A wedding is so much more than just a good party and a beautiful dress! The vows a couple speaks to each other are so important. Twenty years into my own marriage, I think I realize now more than ever the weight of those vows.”

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What Erika’s couples are saying:

“Once we were connected with Erika, it was such a relief knowing the ceremony was in her capable hands and we had one less thing on the wedding planning list. The personalized ceremony she put together was both touching and heartfelt while incorporating humour. We’ve had so many people say it was their favorite ceremony ever and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend YH&M!” – Meaghan & Anthony

Officiant Marilyn Knipp

Young Hip & Married Officiant Marilyn Knipp at The Ellis Building in Vancouver
by Shari and Mike Photographers

In Marilyn’s own words, “Weddings are celebrations! We will celebrate your marriage as well as celebrating your relationships with the people who have been special parts of your lives. So let’s plan a ceremony which is real, personal, and a true celebration of your step into your marriage. It can include the traditional as well as the unique. Tell me what will delight you on this day and we’ll go from there.”

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What Marilyn’s couples are saying:

“Working with Young Hip & Married was excellent from our first inquiry, right away it felt like a good fit. We quickly choose Marilyn and our instincts were right, she was exactly the person we wanted to marry us. Her energy, lovely spirit and all of her efforts to really get to know us made our ceremony so personal and so fun. Our day was beyond perfect for us and we will always treasure getting know Marilyn and having her be part of our day.” – Jacqui & Darren

Officiant Lani Brunn 

Wedding officiant Lani Brunn
by Wandermore Creative

In Lani’s own words, “Whether your wedding happens in a forest, on a beach, in a church, a hotel or in your own backyard—it’s one of the most important moments of your life, and love truly is at the centre of it. I can’t wait to hear your story: how you met, what challenges you’ve faced, your proudest moments and of course how you got engaged. Together, we’ll create a ceremony that is just right and truly reflects your flavour, your story and your commitment to each other.”

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What Lani’s couples are saying:

“Our amazing officiant was Lani from YH&M. She was so personable and we couldn’t imagine such an important day, and milestone in our lives without having her there that day. She catered to all of our requests for our ceremony, offering her opinion when asked and it was nothing short of perfect!” – Vanessa & Justin

Officiant Beth Carlson-Malena (she/her)

Vancouver wedding officiant Beth Carlson-Malena with Young Hip & Married
by Erica Miller Photography

In Beth’s own words, “My favourite part of any wedding ceremony is the vows. I believe something sacred happens when we make promises to the one we love, surrounded by all the people who support us, and often it feels to me like time slows down to hold the weight of those beautiful words. My hope is that after all the hard work of planning, your wedding day will be a day when you can breathe easy, take it all in, savour it and really enjoy the one you love and the community who loves you both.”

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What Beth’s couples are saying:

“We hired Beth Carlson-Malena as our officiant and could not be more happy. From the moment we met her, we knew we had to hire her for our wedding. She was super accommodating, thoughtful and guided us through the process in the most smooth way possible. Our guests have been raving about the ceremony and how amazing the officiant was, many asking if she knew us prior since it felt that personal. She was funny, articulate & warm. We would highly recommend her.” – Jess & Sheena

Officiant Lauren Kirkey (she/her/hers)

Vancouver officiant Lauren Kirkey with Young Hip & Married officiating a beach elopement
by Amber Leigh Photography

In Lauren’s own words, “To be able to take part in a ceremony that truly reflects your story and that is from the heart from start to finish is something incredibly unique. I want to help deliver that extra special experience for you because you’re worth it! Officiating encompasses so many things I genuinely love doing – meeting people, writing, making an impact in someone’s life at just the right moment, and leaving people feeling heard, seen and valued. It’s how I conduct weddings. It’s how I conduct my life. And I can’t wait to grow on that journey with you.”

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What Lauren’s couples are saying:

“I cannot say enough good things about our officiant, Lauren! We had to make many changes to our wedding amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and Lauren (and the rest of the YH&M team) were incredibly supportive and flexible. Lauren has a genuine approach, great energy, and we felt she totally had our back every step of the way. We had so many complements from our guests in regards to Lauren – she was the cherry on top for our perfect day.” – Lisa & Darryl

Officiant Rhona Segarra (she/her/hers)

Vancouver Officiant Rhona Segarra with Young Hip & Married officiating a lgbtq+ wedding
by Amber Leigh Photography

In Rhona’s own words, “I have always loved the joy, excitement and romance of weddings. From officiating a family vow at my brother’s wedding to creating a blessing ceremony at my own wedding, I’ve always felt that ceremonies should not be limited by a standardized, impersonal script. I want to create a ceremony that has deep meaning and tells your memorable story. I believe that every couple is unique and every couple deserves a beautiful and heartfelt wedding ceremony, officiated by a person who cares about people.”

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What Rhona’s couples are saying:

“Rhona from Young Hip & Married put together an amazing ceremony for us. She took the time to get to know us and always kept in touch with us. Our families thought she did an amazing job with the ceremony. I felt like I knew Rhona very well before even meeting her face to face. It was a great experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding officiant.” – Jenn & Scott

Officiant Stevan Mirkovich

Wedding officiant Stevan at a helicopter elopement in Vancouver
by Erica Miller Photography

In Stevan’s own words, “I love meeting new people, hearing their totally unique love stories, and helping that story come alive on their wedding day. While weddings are everyday events, most people don’t have a lot of experience with getting married. My goal is to allow my couples to put one of their most important moments, all of their dreams and ideas, into the hands of someone who is trustworthy and wants to deliver exactly what they want.”

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Officiant Curt Allison (he/him/his)

Wedding officiant Curt with Young Hip and Married, Porteau Cove elopement
by Emily Nicole Photos

In Curt’s own words, “I believe in the power of ritual, and in particular those rituals that mark our lives in profound ways. Your wedding ceremony is one of those rituals that will shape and bless your life together. Every couple is different and brings a unique story to their wedding day. I believe your ceremony should reflect that and should be officiated by someone who wants to ensure your ceremony is as wonderful as you are.”

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What Curt’s couples are saying:

“Our requests were for the wedding ceremony to be inspiring and memorable, and to ensure that guests would feel like they are a part of it, not just as audience. And Curt made sure to tick those boxes! Curt is so personable! My husband and I really love him and his vibe. Additionally, the rest of the team at YH&M were all so organized and professional. They are definitely the best in the business.” – Jewel & Goodee

Officiant Shalom Wiebe (she/her)

Young Hip & Married wedding officiant Shalom

In Shalom’s own words, “A wedding is all about celebrating your partnership and who you are as a couple. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share snippets of your story and include meaningful traditions to create a day you’ll look back on with fondness. I love connecting with people and discovering the beauty and uniqueness of their stories. I can’t wait to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your story, values, and essence as you enter your marriage together.”

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Officiant Stephen Anderson (he/him)

Young Hip & Married Vancouver wedding officiant Stephen

In Stephen’s own words, “If every couple is unique (and they are), then every ceremony should reflect this. Your wedding is a milestone on your journey together – a milestone that should be celebrated with a bespoke ceremony that speaks to the significance and importance of your relationship. I would be humbled and excited to help guide you two as you create this milestone moment together.”

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What Stephen’s couples are saying:

“Young Hip & Married was hands down an all around incredible company to work with.
Stephen was absolutely amazing! He helped us create the most beautiful ceremony and his calm energy and sincere joy for us truly made getting through our big day that much more special and so much less nerve racking. If you are looking for an officiant who is going to go above and beyond to make sure you have the big day you were dreaming of, then I strongly recommend Stephen. You will not be disappointed!” – H & B

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