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The Vow Course

Ready to write the best wedding vows ever that will have your partner (and your guests!) reaching for tissues?

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The Best Wedding Vows Ever

Hey, I’m Shawn. After marrying thousands of people during my 10+ years as a wedding officiant, I took all my knowledge and experience officiating ceremonies, writing ceremony scripts and vow writing, and put it into a 60-90 minute vow writing course that is FUN and EASY for anyone.

This course not only makes writing your vows simple and enjoyable, but it produces some of the most heartfelt, tear-jerking, memory-making vows I have ever heard.

Wedding after wedding, I’m continually blown away by the endless array of emotions and love couples express to one another after completing my vow course.


What’s Included

  • 60-90 minute online video vow course
  • 9 clear and easy steps to follow
  • Examples of what to say and how to say it
  • Expertise from 10+ years of officiating weddings
  • Wedding vows that are truly your own!


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The wedding vows course was so helpful. Considering we didn’t exchange rings or anything like that, our vows were the focal point of our day. The course helped us make sure they would be perfect. YH&M was such an easy choice for our special day.

Julie & Wes
Vow Course Graduates, Sep 2020

Shawn’s vow writing course was incredibly helpful — it took something that we were kind of stressed out about, and turned it into a beautiful activity that helped me and my partner grow even closer together.

Shawn and Young Hip & Married helped make our wedding incredibly special, and we highly recommend their expertise. You should definitely reach out to them!

Ianne & Nick
Vow Course Graduates, Dec 2023

The vow course made our vows not only sound amazing, but they were so meaningful to both of us and our families when we read them during the ceremony.

Chandra & Elias
Vow Course Graduates, Jun 2023

The vow course provided by YHM was very useful. It provided us so much inspiration on writing our vows. Highly recommend to any couples who are ready for your next chapter together!

Evelyn & Jason
Vow Course Graduates, Aug 2020

Shawn’s wedding vows course provides a lot of guidance and helps build confidence in creating perfectly balanced vows. Thank you so much Shawn!

Joe & Becca
Vow Course Graduates

The Vow Course materials for Shawn Miller's video vow writing course with Young Hip & Married

Unique, personal vows in 60 minutes

It’s not easy to put time into writing vows when you have venues to tour and outfits to try on. It’s hard to write something you have never had to write before. It’s intimidating to put your entire relationship into words.

So with no time and no instructions, you might just resort to copying and pasting vows off the internet. You want to create a personal, beautiful moment with your vows, but you don’t know how.

Luckily, you don’t have to settle for that. You can have the best wedding vows ever with little time, no stress and no professional writing skills!

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What's Included

I’ll outline a proven formula that makes writing your vows simple, easy and fun. During the course, I’ll take you through the formula, explaining each step and providing examples along the way.

Most couples writing their vows wonder, “Where the heck do I start?” Not to worry, I’ve got you covered. I have a step by step formula to help you write the perfect vows, from the first sentence to the closing line.

Every vow you make should align with your love for each other and what you believe about marriage – not just what you think you’re supposed to say at a wedding. My course is specifically designed so that the promises you make to your partner are things you actually mean and believe in.

My course will not only teach you how to write the best wedding vows ever, it will also equip you to deliver them in a seamless way that looks and feels effortless, ensuring that it is the best possible experience for you, your partner and your guests.

The vow course is yours right away and as long as you want!

No one ever plans to flop their wedding vows – they flop because they didn’t take the time to craft wedding vows that express their love in their own unique way and style. I created this course because I saw way too many couples miss their once in a lifetime chance to not only share heartfelt vows with their partner, but also to be on the receiving end of those vows.

Once you are done writing your vows, you can send them to me for review. I’ll read over your vows and provide you with personalized feedback based on my 10 years of experience officiating weddings and crafting vows.

Imagine walking into your ceremony...

Imagine walking into your wedding ceremony, confident that the vows in your pocket perfectly express how you feel about your partner.

Just think about what it would mean to put all of the feelings you have for your person into words; every challenge you’ve overcome, every milestone you’ve celebrated and every dream you have for your future together beautifully captured.

Picture yourself standing at the end of the aisle, holding your partner’s hands, telling your love story in your own words. In front of all of your friends and family, you’re able to express your love in your own unique style.

Imagine coming back to these powerful words, year after year, as your marriage grows. Each anniversary, an opportunity to recommit yourselves to one another and build on the promises you made on your wedding day.

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We would very much recommend the vow writing course. It really gives you a great framework and structure and we heard from many of our guests that our vows were so special and one of their favorite parts of the ceremony. We would highly recommend YH&M for your wedding day!

Scott & Kelsey
Vow Course Graduates, Aug 2022

The vow writing course was everything we needed to make our vows unique and perfect for us.

Kelly & James
Vow Course Graduates, Oct 2023

We took advantage of the vows course from YH&M and found it to be SO helpful! Having a framework allowed us to structure our thoughts and deliver some really great and personal vows to each other.

Nicole & Luke
Vow Course Graduates, Sep 2023

The “how to write your vows” video course was hugely valuable too, and almost all our guests commented on our great vows. Wholeheartedly recommend YH&M and Beth in particular!

Warwick & Isabel
Vow Course Graduates, Jun 2022


You don’t have to be an author, poet or journalist to write incredible wedding vows. You don’t even have to be romantic! My course will help you find the words you need to communicate how you really feel about your partner.

Most couples complete the course in 60-90 mins. It can be completed on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Yes! When you purchase this course, it can be completed by both you and your partner. Most couples choose to go through the course together, however, you can take it separately.

If you take the course together, you can still keep your vows a secret from one another until the wedding day.

If your wedding is tomorrow, next week or next month, do not worry. In 60 mins you can have beautiful personalized wedding vows.

I truly believe that writing your own vows and speaking them out loud at your wedding is one of the most powerful things you can do. When you take my course, consider me a ghost writer helping you along the way!

PS: Need some help writing the rest of your ceremony? Check out The Custom Script.

I have no interest in charging you for a course you get no value out of. If this course does not meet your standards, I’ll gladly refund 100% of your purchase.

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