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Erika Enns (she/her/hers)

I didn’t spend my childhood dreaming about my wedding, but as I have ventured through my own marriage, the importance of the wedding day keeps coming up.  A wedding is so much more than just a good party and a beautiful dress!  The vows a couple speaks to each other are so important.  Twenty years into my own marriage, I think I realize now more than ever the weight of those vows.

My husband, Matt, and I have been married for twenty years. In that time, life has gotten busy and our kids have gotten older so squeezing in dates and time together isn’t always easy. But it’s so important to make that time. Sometimes we have to remember to slow down and just enjoy the small moments together.  Making our marriage a priority is never something we regret.

When I’m not officiating, I can be found working at a small unconventional church in Abbotsford with my husband, dreaming of my next travel destination (Croatia and Greece are at the top of my list!) or just hanging out with my family. My favourite jobs ever are being a wife and a mother.

I absolutely love connecting with people, hearing their stories and finding the gold in them. I want to help couples create a ceremony that is creative, intimate and specific to who they are and what they stand for.  


  • Couldn’t have asked for a smoother process. I got the Elopement & Photography Plus package and everyone from the officiant to our photographer was absolutely wonderful! Highly recommend their services.

    Ashly & Dustin
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We truly can’t thank Erika and YH&M enough for all they have done for our special day! From the moment we got in touch with YH&M, they have been nothing but helpful and professional, and got us in touch with the amazing Erika! Erika truly listened to our story and seemed excited to be able to retell it, and you could see it in her work. She told our love story as if it were that of a movie and engrossed the whole room making them feel as though they were living our story with us rather than listening from a far. Leaving our guests all complimenting her and our romantic, “perfectly you” ceremony! Erika was eager to help and make any additions we had; she was friendly, helpful and professional! And in regards to our ever changing wedding due to COVID, YH&M as well as Erika never wavered in their help and support! We are so happy with our wedding and thank YH&M so much!!

    Angelica & Ryan
  • We had the best day ever and enjoyed every moment of our wedding – even the rain! Thank you so much for your assistance throughout the ups and downs of planning our wedding during a pandemic. We loved having you be a part of our day!

    Brittany & Jeremy
  • We had an excellent experience with Young Hip & Married, who facilitated our intimate ceremony even whilst everything was disrupted by COVID. The communication was great throughout, and our officiant Erika really took the time to get to know us and make our ceremony special. Would definitely recommend!

    Giles & Alecia
  • Callan and I knew that we were looking for something different when it came to our ceremony. Not the traditional wedding officiant style that we had seen at weddings before. When we began our planing, we had not heard of Young Hip & Married until our wedding planner shared their website with us. After reviewing each of the team members videos and bios, we decided to meet Erika. Within 3 minutes of meeting Erika, we felt like we had been friends with her for 20 years and that she had been alongside our journey together the entire time. It was a perfect fit. The ceremony that Erika created was truly beautiful and perfectly us. The entire process was amazing from the first interview to each and every interaction we had with Erika and the YH&M team! I remember the day we got our first draft and I cried when I read it, because she had captured every essence of our relationship and love for one another in a way that was us. Best decision we made by far and would highly recommend them to anyone!!

    Jessica & Callan
  • Erika, you were wonderful! You displayed a genuine interest in our love story and helped us craft a beautiful wedding ceremony that was cherished by all. The rehearsal was great because it gave us a sense of what was going to happen the day of, and everything really came together with your amazing help!
    Your warmth and energy also helped make our special day such a positive one that we will cherish forever. We cannot thank you enough!
    Will & Vikki Greenlaw
  • When we met in person with Erika at YH&M, we knew right away that she was who we wanted there on the big day. We were pleased with her communication, support, and most importantly her execution on the day. So many of our guests were commenting on how beautiful our ceremony was – Erika kept it short, sweet, and personal. She was a calming presence while standing up there and saying “I do”. Forever grateful.

    Jasmine & Dylan
  • Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day! We had the most amazing time and are so grateful for Young Hip and Married because we had such a great experience. There were a lot of things to be nervous about after so much anticipation, but I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

    Rose & Marlon
  • Very helpful with any questions we had up to the day. They were so nice and very patient with us, we would strongly recommend them! Thank you Young Hip and Married!

    Alli & Walter
  • We had easy communication and a great wedding. Our officiant was excellent and our photographer took some beautiful photos. Excellent all around.

    Charlotte & Matthew
  • Erika was extremely patient and professional in planning the whole ceremony process. She always ensured that we’re on the same page and was excellent at telling our story. The rest of her speech was great – perfect length and wording to signify the meaning of marriage and the rings. The ceremony became such a more memorable experience than expected all thanks to Erika!

    Katie & Calvin
  • We used Young Hip & Married for our wedding and couldn’t be happier with the service they provided. Erika worked with us to tailor our ceremony to be personal, funny, and engaging. We won’t need to hire them again, but anyone looking for a company that puts you in the spotlight at your wedding, and does so with care and attention, then look no further!
    Erika, we’re still on cloud nine from it all! It couldn’t have gone any better and we’re still feeling all the love from our family and friends 🙂
    Thank you so much for an awesome ceremony! The words, delivery, planning, everything was spot on and really made us feel like we were part of something special.
    Paul & Keara
  • Young Hip and Married was really accommodating especially during COVID and all of the changes that came with it. Erika was our officiant and we can’t say enough amazing things about her.

    Alecia & Giles
  • Erika made us feel really comfortable from the get go. She is real, understanding, and friendly. We felt like we could truly make the ceremony our own unique experience, and we were blown away with how it all came together. Erika was professional, efficient, and flexible from start to finish!

    Megan & Adam
  • We chose Young Hip & Married based on reviews and we are so happy that we did! From the beginning, they were so amazing to deal with. Erika was our officiant and she exceeded our expectations in every way possible. She gave us the exact ceremony we wanted which included our guests, giving thanks to our parents and was all about us. Erika was in constant contact with us from the very beginning. She was friendly, prompt with her responses and helped us through the entire process. We have had so many people come to us saying they have never seen a ceremony like ours and that Erika was amazing. Thank you so much Young Hip & Married, and an even bigger thanks to Erika for giving us the best ceremony we could have asked for!!

  • We had a great experience with Young Hip and Married. Planning a wedding is so stressful and for us, and I’m sure a lot of other couples, the ceremony takes a bit of a backseat compared to the reception. With Young Hip and Married I didn’t have to worry about the ceremony at all. Our officiant, Erika, began preparing far in advance so there wasn’t any last minute stress. Even though we never met in person, great care was taken to really get to know us and what we wanted. The ceremony was personal and beautiful and flowed exactly how we wanted without us having to put in sweat and blood get it there. What more can you ask for! If only preparing the reception had been that easy…

    Katie & Ben
  • I’m so glad I reached out to Young Hip & Married. They made the whole process very simple and hassle free. Our wedding officiant was Erika and she was so nice to work with. Highly recommended!

    Alvin & Akemi
  • Erika and the team at Young Hip & Married were excellent. Highly recommended.

    Jeremy Clark
  • I’m still dreaming about our wedding day 2 weeks ago. The ceremony was perfect! Erika did an amazing job since the beginning by having great communication with us. Her speech was touching and joyful. I loved it and everyone else did too. 10000% recommended

    Zarela & Dwayne
  • Thank you, Erika. You made our special day even more special with your kindness and professionalism.

    Everything was excellent and Erika is a wonderful person. She made our special day more remarkable and memorable. Punctuality and professionalism but kindness and a lovely person celebrating. Thank you.

    Beverley & Vittorio
  • Erika is so amazing! She took the time to get to know us to understand what we want. She respected our decisions and was always willing to help, which made the process total hassle free. Thank you Erika!

    Echo & Roy
  • Thank you so much for being our officiant! You were so amazing! Everybody was telling us throughout the evening that you were the best officiant they have ever seen at a wedding, and that you spoke so well, the ceremony script was amazing, and also that you just looked so chic and professional. My sister is now considering ditching her officiant for a Young, Hip, and Married officiant 😂 We’re so appreciative! Thank you again!

    Lucie & Spencer
  • Thank you so much for your kind words! Everyone said that you did such a fantastic job and people really got a kick out of the hand fasting. It was different and a little unique, so thank you for making it happen! I’ve enjoyed my experience with you and the company since day 1. If someone were to ask me what legendary customer service is, I’d point at you guys!

    Photo by Katy Mac

    Gina & Brett
  • Erika did a wonderful job as our officiant. She got to know us and put together a wonderful speech on our special day. Very professional, reliable, and a pleasure to work with. We strongly recommend this company.

    Brianne & Bryan
  • We hired YH&M for our wedding on April 25 2021. It was a super small wedding due to covid. We also had to reschedule a couple times due to this as well, but YH&M was understanding with the changes. Erika was a wonderful officiant, super professional, we stumbled on words due to crying through the whole thing, but she kept us on track. Before the wedding she had sent us different examples of vows before we settled on what we wanted. Excellent job all around.

    Janessa & James
  • These guys are the best! They know what great customer service is and they execute on it every single time. I got the rockin wedding package and they let me customize our ceremony 100%. Can’t say enough good things about these guys. I had Erika for my officiant. She’s just the loveliest person and is a truly talented officiant. I love the way she writes.

    Gina & Brett
  • Thank you so much for being our amazing and lovely officiant!! And thank you for being flexible when ceremony got delayed. We received so many compliments from guests about how well you set the mood and the way you spoke and everything was perfect!! We feel so fortunate to have been married by you, Erika!

    Lidia & Edmund
  • I used YOUNG HIP AND MARRIED, to help assign an officiant for my elopement wedding. It was short notice and they were able to assign a wonderful officiant named Erika to come to our wedding. I really liked how efficient the company is; their main contact who organised everything with me always was available for any questions or problems that arose via text. Also being not super religious, I found the marriage vows the officiant wrote for us were perfect and did not focus on any religious aspects. Everything went smoothly, the price we paid for this company was very suitable. I would highly recommend it to young couples who want to take the hassle out of arranging an officiant and a photographer because the YH&M team will arrange it for you as part of their package (Depending on which package you select).

    Tina & Stephen
  • Erika and the team at Young Hip and Married helped us make the most out of our Covid restricted wedding. Right from the start they helped us navigate what we could do and helped make our day special. Would definitely recommend 🙂

    Stephanie & Matthew
  • We were so happy to have you take part in our wedding day! We both really loved the words you spoke. You are so kind and have the perfect demeanour for this. You make everyone feel so comfortable and calm. Thanks again for everything!
    Jess & Raad
  • We used them through our Adventure Elopement package with Will Pursell Photography. She did a great job. And even though we had to change a location about a week or so before our wedding, due to extra covid restrictions about travel within health regions, she was understanding and polite and it all went very smooth! Would recommend them for sure!

    Crystal & Tyler
  • Callan and I cannot thank you enough!!! It was truly a perfect day, and having you be a part of our ceremony was the icing on the cake.  The words you spoke, and the way in which you shared them, made us both feel like you had been a part of our journey together, making it that much more special.  So thank you!  We have received non stop compliments on the uniqueness of the ceremony and everyone is asking where did we find you!

    Jess & Callan
  • From the first virtual meeting with Erika Enns we had an awesome connection and tons of fun laughing. Erika made the whole ceremony clear and easy to understand (for us newbs who had no idea what we were doing). The personalized ceremony and her lovely personality really helped us feel at ease on the Big Day and we were very confident walking down the aisle <3 Young Hip and Married is a fantastic company and Erika is amazing!

    Brittani & Chris
  • Young Hip and Married is an exceptional group of people who we felt genuinely cared that we have the best wedding experience possible, from the very beginning to the big day, and even after! We so appreciated the entire process, and the flexibility for us to be involved in the writing of the ceremony. Both us and our guests were blown away on the execution by Erika on the day of the wedding. Certainly a milestone moment in our lives we will look back on with smiles on our faces.

    Sam & Scott
  • YH&M was exactly the right choice for our elopement. We always knew we wanted to elope, it was just a matter of how. When we decided on a helicopter adventure with Sky and our photographers, Isle and Oak, Young Hip & Married was the perfect next choice. They’ve all worked together before! We love that they are inclusive, modern in all the right ways, and focused on what makes each union unique. Erika met us at the hangar and her kind, calm (while still being excited), professional demeanour shone through. She listened to us about the story of the origin of our rings, and then added it into the ceremony. We are so grateful for her, and the way in which YH&M took care of us through the whole process. 10/10.

    Kim & Chris
  • We have nothing but good things to say about Erika and the staff at YH&M! They were able to work with us and advise on the difficult procedures to do with COVID restrictions. When our original officiant with them had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances, we were set up with a new and also great replacement immediately.

    Erika and the YH&M team were great and helped us with the replanning of our wedding during the COVID pandemic. She tailored a wonderful ceremony for us, and ensured that we were able to have a safe wedding.

    Cierra & Matt
  • I’m so glad that we chose Young Hip and Married to officiate our wedding! Erika was awesome in every way; a great combination of fun, sincerity and professionalism. She took the time to really get to know us and helped make the ceremony exactly as we hoped it would be. We can’t thank you enough, Erika! The day was magical and we truly appreciate all that you did to make it that way!

    Cathy & Doug
  • Young Hip & Married (specifically Erika and Emily) helped me pull off a surprise wedding! There were a lot of moving parts to coordinate and they were both wonderfully supportive and patient. It turned out PERFECTLY. Erika provided us with a unique and heartfelt ceremony, and Emily captured our family perfectly through her lens. HUGE thank you to both of you! I wasn’t sure a surprise wedding was possible, but Young Hip & Married were on board (and excited!) from that first email I sent. So happy with them.

    Sarah & Gary
  • We were planning to do a small yet special ceremony! As we were researching ideas, we came across Young Hip & Married! And I am extremely glad we found them! We did a helicopter elopement with Erika as our officiant and Erica as our photographer. The whole experience was so amazing, and exceeded our expectations by far. We couldn’t be happier with our ceremony. Everybody at Young Hip & Married did a great job! The helicopter ride was very beautiful and we landed by a beautiful lake and got married there! Looking at the photos and videos, it is everything we wanted! We recommend Young Hip & Married to everyone who is looking for a unique and romantic experience for their ceremony.

    Mehrnoosh & Zephyr
  • Dealing with YHM was seamless and easy! We did a last minute (10 days from decision to wedding day) small elopement ceremony and were so thankful that YHM could accommodate our short timeline. Rebecca was so quick and helpful at getting the admin pieces organized and was easy to communicate with. Last minute time changes to our ceremony were accommodated and we were never made to feel like our requests were unreasonable. Erika, our officiant, was responsive, flexible, organized, and patient. We were able to personalize our ceremony to something that felt meaningful to us. Overall, I would definitely recommend YHM to anyone looking for officiant services on their wedding day. Thank you for helping make this wedding happen on a short timeline!

    Joti & Mike
  • Erika officiated our elopement and she was absolutely amazing!! She was so friendly and easygoing, and she tailored our ceremony so that it was exactly what we wanted. If you are looking for an officiant I cannot recommend YHM enough!

    Emily & Matthew
  • Our officiant Erika was on time, professional and very pleasant to talk to. She understood what we wanted really quickly and completed one of the most important pieces of the whole wedding perfectly. Would definitely recommend her.

    Bruce & Amy
  • Erika, thank you so so much!! You are absolutely amazing! It really was the perfect day and all of our friends and family love what you had said and all the special moment you included (the hell yeah!, Rock Paper Scissors and the high five!). I have to say I will be recommending you to all of my friends because you made our day even more special!

    Solana & Justin
  • Erika was awesome 😊 easy going and made everything very comfortable 👌🏼

    Photo by @kaylynbarr

    Nikki & Dennis
  • We had Erika Enns and she was AMAZING!!! She made our ceremony perfect, her words were so beautiful, loved everything about it. Not only does she write the ceremony script but also makes sure all the small details are taken care of when going through the rehearsal. YHM may be more expensive than other officiants or marriage commissioners but it’s worth every penny in my opinion.


    Video by Karl Kimmel of Forever After Studios

    Fatemah & Victor
  • Young Hip and Married was the icing on the cake for our day – they made it simple yet special from the first time I emailed them to the day of the ceremony! Would highly recommended them to anyone!

    Emma & Braeden
  • WOW! Professional, personalized, individualized, and exactly what you want during your ceremony.

    Our wesding officiant, Erika, started with meeting with us. Then she emailed us with a questionnaire to make a personalized script for the ceremony. Not only was it amazing, but she even reached out to the wedding party to gather some words for the ceremony too.

    On the day of, Erika was spot on with presentation and keeping to schedule. She was even flexible with my request for a certain song to be played as the ceremony was coming to a close. Flexible, check!

    And if you are asking for price? Absolutely it was affordable. It is based on what you are looking for and how much time you will take. I would recommend Young Hip & Married over the government officiants anyday.

    Thank you, Erika. You made it a ceremony that guests were raving about and a ceremony that they listened to every word of.

    James Van
  • We got married in our home on Nov 7/21 and Erika Enns was our wedding officiant. She did a great job performing our wedding ceremony in front of our 4 adult children. She was professional and spontaneous and helped make our ceremony a very special and memorable one. I would highly recommend Young Hip & Married if you are looking to tie the knot!

    Jinet & Michael
  • YH&M was so great. The team was super helpful and supportive throughout the pandemic ups and downs, including numerous date changes. We took Shawn’s really beneficial vow writing course, and Erika, our officiant, was so lovely, organized, and helped create a beautiful ceremony. Can’t recommend them enough!

    Kate & Raul
  • Erika at Young Hip and Married went above and beyond to help make our day magical! She got to know us, captured our story and gave our guests a ceremony to remember! Thank you, Erika 🙂

    Kirsten & Brian
  • Super flexible and responsive! We had Erika as our officiant and we had an enjoyable experience from start to finish. She was very responsive the entire process and super flexible with any changes we had, would definitely recommend!

    Alison & Faris
  • I can’t rate them high enough!!! Erika was absolutely incredible!! She made us feel so comfortable on the day and through the entire process. Love this company!!!
    Erika, you were simply magical. Not only were you the right fit for Ryan and I but my guests continually came up to me after the ceremony and said how beautiful your words were and how calm and chilled out you conducted our ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for anything more and are just so happy with how it all turned out. Thank you so much for being apart of our special day. We will never forget it!

    Photo by The Apartment

    Jenna & Ryan
  • You truly made our day special and we really enjoyed working with you. Thanks so much. You will forever be part of our memories of this special day.

    by Olive & Bean Photography

    Scott & Nicole
  • We used Young Hip and Married to plan our small wedding ceremony. They were easy to talk to and very helpful. We had to postpone our wedding once due to covid and they were very accommodating, our photographer has to cancel the day before due to person reasons and they were able to find us a new one right away. Thanks so much, will definitely be recommending this company.

    Sierra & Michael
  • Young Hip & Married are incredible!! We hired them for our elopement in Vancouver last month and they made every aspect of it honestly so enjoyable and easy. Erika Enns was our officiant and she was THE BEST, taking the little details of our relationship and bringing them into the ceremony which made it all the more special. Thank you so much Erika and team for helping us have our dream wedding day and for sharing it with us! If you’re getting married and looking for an incredible officiant, hire these guys!

    by The Apartment Photography

    Mallory & Shane
  • My husband and I were lucky enough to work with Erika as our officiant. Her and the Young, Hip & Married team did such a good job with making the process run smoothly and were so helpful along the way. Erika came up with such a beautiful ceremony speech that was personalized and made it such a memorable moment in our special day to us and our guests.

    Erika made the whole process so comfortable and natural for the both of us. Her communication with us from the very beginning all the way up to the wedding day was great. We feel very lucky to have had her as our officiant on our special day! We can’t thank you enough Erika!

    Mikayla & Max
  • We will recommend Erika from YH&M until the ends of the earth! After only a 2-hour coffee date with (us over a year before our wedding date), she wrote a ceremony script that seemed like she’s known us for years. We were able to collaborate on the script and make any changes we needed, and Erika offered us lots of different options for vows, ring exchanges and readings so that we could pick the ones that suited us the best. Our guests have raved about how personal and special our ceremony was ever since.

    Erika was quick to respond to emails and was super flexible when we had to postpone our wedding due to Covid – she even wrote an abridged version of our ceremony for our elopement! Everything at YH&M was so smooth and stress-free, the team was easy to communicate with, made getting matched with Erika a breeze and were there to support us through the stressful postponement (twice) of our wedding day. The money spent on YH&M was by far the best choice at our wedding and we would do it over and over again.

    Rebecca & Mark
  • This post is long over due, but here it is! I want to give a huge shout out to Erika, our officiant who went above and beyond to make my wedding happen. We were originally meant to get married on March 21, 2020 but that was the week everything was shutting down due to Covid-19. We had to cancel our big events that very week and we were unsure as to whether we could even continue with our smaller events. It was definitely stressful. So we called Erika to ask her if she was available earlier and she said she was. On March 16 (5 days earlier), Erika came to our house and made our ceremony happen. There were only 5 of us (me, my husband, Erika, her mom and friend as two witnesses) in our living room. Now it’s 5 months later and I am so happy that we made the decision that we did. I want to thank Erika for being so professional and so amazing. I would recommend Young Hip & Married and especially Erika!! Thank you again for making one of the most important days so special.

    Sabina & Joe
  • We had the joy of being married by Erika from Young Hip & Married. She made everything so easy and was an absolute doll from the first day we met her. Even leading up to meeting Erika and deciding she was the perfect fit, Young Hip & Married made everything very simple and were so quick to respond to all my questions. Once we met Erika and she began her process of writing our ceremony she went above and beyond everything we imagined to make this so personal. Her words were beautiful and she made everything about us and our love just as we asked. Even after the wedding, Young Hip & Married showed how efficient they are by submitting all of the paperwork so quickly making us receive our marriage license in just under two weeks which we were amazed by. So many thank yous and so much love towards Erika and Young Hip & Married.

    Alisha & Colin
  • Super easy folks to work with at YH&M! Erika married us this autumn, and Amber-Leigh was our photographer. It was a blast. We were laughing until we were in tears. Will highly recommend to anyone I know!

    Lucia & Baron
  • One of the best decisions we made for our wedding (Sept 15th, 2018) was hiring YHM…Erika was professional, thoughtful, kind, patient, generous with her expertise and spirit and powerfully eloquent. Not only was she able to guide us throughout the process but she also found a beautiful way to incorporate our two different cultures and families into the ceremony. She knew exactly how to take our vision and manifest it into action and in such a calm and grounding way. She gave us the peace we needed to just take in our day. Everything was perfect, due in large part to her hard work. We cannot recommend YHM enough.

    Ryna & Sean
  • Shawn and the whole team have been amazing through this whole wedding journey. Everything was so thoroughly planned and executed. We couldn’t have asked for a better team to get us married. Everything from our first meeting to writing out the whole ceremony for our guests was all so wonderful. We wanted a light, simple, funny but sentimental ceremony and it’s exactly what we got. They were always available to answer any questions but text or email. Thank you to the amazing team and Erika for getting us married.

    Angela & Peter
  • The team at Young Hip & Married were such a pleasure to work with! Erika, our officiant, and Rebecca in customer relations were quick to respond to all our questions about the big day and made us feel prepared and at ease! My husband and I loved every second of our special day and we highly recommend Young Hip & Married!!

    Kinga & Nicolas
  • We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Young Hip & Married. Erika performed our ceremony and it was beautiful. She was a pleasure to work with from the start to the finish. The ceremony was personalized and exactly what we wanted. Highly recommend these wonderful people to be a part of your special day!
    Erika, we can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you created for us! We’ve had so many comments about the lovely ceremony and the presence you created.  And you were an absolute pleasure to work with.  Thanks for making it so personal and special.

    by Paige Lorraine Photography

    Justine & Hatem
  • We are so happy that we chose YH&M to perform our wedding ceremony! They were quick to respond and find us an officiant that fit with our needs, and helped us every step of the way with editing our ceremony and writing our own vows. A few days before the wedding, our original officiant was unable to perform our ceremony, but we were quickly put in touch with an alternative officiant and it was a seamless transition with zero panic or stress!

    Molly & Alex
  • I couldn’t be happier with the services we received. Our officiant was amazing and so thorough with us considering we were getting married out of province, and the initial reach out (I guess you could call that our coordinator/customer service rep) was phenomenal in getting us the perfect officiant. 100/10 would recommend this company to everyone I know who is getting married/eloping.

    Selina & Daniel
  • Hitting speed-bumps are a natural and sometimes common occurrence when planning a wedding, but our officiant Erika and the entire team at Young Hip and Married, really went the extra mile to take care of us! Erika was unbelievably amazing! Personable, professional, and prompt. She took the time to really get to know us and made sure that our ceremony was the best representation of us as a couple. The best part was the love our friends and family expressed afterwards for the presentation and delivery of our story – some friends even left with the intention of hiring YH&M as one of their vendors! Our only wish would be to have had Erika stay for the reception for a celebratory drink for making our day perfect! Thank you Erika and YH&M – you’re the best!

    Erika, we wanted to reach out to you to thank you for doing such an amazing job for us and in such a short amount of time! We honestly had multiple friends and family come up to us afterwards and say how great of a job you did and how much they liked you. After the ceremony, one of the couples even took note of YH&M because they thought you did such a good job and so they might want to go with you for their wedding!

    Blush Photography by Angela Ruscheinski

    Blush Photography by Angela Ruscheinski


    Sean & Kelsey
  • I wanted to reach out to you to say a big thank you for officiating our marriage last week. You did a wonderful job and we couldn’t imagine having anyone else there to do it. It was so lovely to finally meet you, we will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family! All the best, and thank you again!
    Emily & Matt
  • We would HIGHLY recommend Young Hip and Married. They set us up with our officiant, Erika Enns, for our wedding at the Fraser River Lodge in Aggasiz. Erika was communicative, asked all the right questions and was flexible when we had to change our date due to COVID restrictions. She created a beautiful ceremony for us that was customized with our love story and worked with us to make us feel comfortable. We received a lot of feedback that the ceremony was so “us” and that it was “perfect.” We agree! Thanks to Erika and Young Hip and Married!

    Keely & Mike
  • Wow! We could not have asked for a better experience for our special day. In a (very) short amount of time Young Hip & Married was able to match us with a great location, photographer, and officiant. We loved working with Erika Enns! Her words were so powerful and we were so happy to have our wedding just the way we wanted it. The day was more than magical. Thank you Erika and Young Hip & Married for the awesome experience!

    Kyle & Laura
  • Such a great experience using YHM for my wedding. Super professional and lovely people – thank you!!

    Michelle & Craig
  • I enjoyed your officiating. I wished that I could have thanked you in person after the ceremony. You were able to give everyone in the room an excellent idea of the relationship between Mark and Rebecca. You described them both so well. Thanks so much for making this event and last summer’s event so wonderful!

    Carolyne (Mother of the Groom)
  • Young Hip and Married was so easy to work with as we planned our elopement only a month and a half out from the event! The staff were all friendly and easy to communicate with. Our officiant Erika wrote a BEAUTIFUL ceremony for us that included our sons, and at the last minute when she was unable to make it due to a family emergency, Jane stepped in immediately and saved the day! She read Erika’s ceremony and helped it all feel incredibly sweet and personal (yes we all cried). Thanks to all of you for making our day that much more special!

    Rhiannon Jones
  • Erika met with us to find out our story. She helped us personalize our ceremony to our comfort levels. It was sweet, personalized and she really made the experience exceptional! I would recommend YH&M to anyone.

    Jessie & Daryl
  • Our experience with Erika was perfect. She was very warm and personable at our first meeting and her calm, attentive demeanor put us at ease. She addressed all of our wishes, had us consider many important points, and made sure that our personal story would be integrated into the ceremony. She also suggested that we include our son, which we loved and did. It truly made it that much more meaningful for us all.

    On the day of the ceremony she saw us through it like a pro, even though she is terrified of birds! The only reason that we mention it is that we had an outdoor ceremony and right in the middle of it a big bird swooped down right at us! Again, Erica handled it like a pro and didn’t miss a beat. She had our guests entertained and crying with joy and laughter all at the same time. Again, she was perfect.

    Overall, our experience was fantastic and our big day was something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Erika to any prospective couple. She is professional, calm and executed the ceremony flawlessly.

    Rosina & Chris
  • Young Hip & Married and our officiant, Erika Enns, made our special day even more special! We had an amazing small ceremony at the Lighthouse Park in Vancouver and everything went fantastic! From our first contact to the moment we got our Marriage Certificate – everything was organized professionally, timely communication and important reminders. Definitely recommend these guys!

    Irina & Curtis
  • We wanted to say a final thank you, for being such a wonderful leader for the most sacred part of our day! Thank you for saying all the important stuff… and making sure us and our brothers were following instructions!

    by Emma Culling Photography

    Matthew & Alessia
  • In the past few years, I’ve been to a lot of weddings. They’ve all been beautiful, but none of the ceremonies felt like something I would want to have for my wedding. Young Hip & Married gave us the most amazing officiant, Erika, who blew us away with the way she was able to really understand us and blow us away with our customized ceremony! I would absolutely recommend them to every couple who wants their unique love story to be incorporated into their marriage ceremony.

    Jennifer & Anthony
  • Young Hip and Married made getting married effortless! They coordinated everything, from booking our helicopter with SKY to confirming our vendors. Erika was available to answer all of our questions and wrote a beautiful ceremony for us to commit our love to each other!

    Tiia & Lewis
  • Very professional and knowledgeable. They guided us through this event and we’d be happy to recommend them to anyone.

    Vanessa & James
  • Strongly recommend! Great experience, very in depth asking lots of questing and really getting to know the couple. Fantastic job!

    Shelby & Chris
  • We worked with Erika from YH&M for our wedding at Camp Fircom on the Sept long weekend. It was great right from the first meeting (we had 2). Her energy was great, we really clicked, and she was open to doing the ceremony different ways if we wanted, which was really comforting and refreshing for us. Before our second meeting she sent us what she had been working on, it was amazing, truly brought tears to our eyes as it touched us so. For the actual event, Erika was awesome. At the beginning of the ceremony, her presence commanded attention but not in an overbearing way at all. As soon as we were there she made us the focal point without us feeling nervous at all. The words she spoke were just as good as when we read them for the first time before that second meeting. She was engaging, she had warmth, and she spoke with meaningfulness. I would recommend YH&M and Erika to anyone, you’ll get a ceremony you’ll remember for all the right reasons!

    The Apartment Photo

    Ashley & Rebecca
  • I was referred to Young Hip & Married by my amazing photographer. YH&M were super friendly, quick & responsive to all of my questions. We got Erika Enns as our officiant & we couldn’t be any happier. She worked with us to make some small tweaks for the script to make it fit ‘us’ better. She even made recommendations for places for our engagement photos & took the time to get to know us on a more personal note.

    On the day of, she met us early in the parking lot & we got to walk down to our ceremony spot together. Erika took her time & let us enjoy the moment knowing that it’s passing by so quickly. Erika was was very loving & personable it really made our ceremony smooth & effortless. Would recommend Erika for sure!

    by Rachel Barkman Photography

    Leslie & Tony
  • We wanted to say a big thank you for officiating such a natural and organic ceremony! It went beautifully with the setting and our personalities. I could tell that our guests had a great time, and you absolutely helped facilitate that!
    Jeremy & Josephine
  • Erika was a wonderful officiant! She spoke warmly and clearly at the ceremony, and working with them up to the day was smooth and they were so accommodating.

    Claire & Mike
  • Thank you so much for celebrating with us! You were wonderful to work with – I think we were both so calm because of you!
    We couldn’t have asked for more – the service was seamless and beautiful and the weather was perfect. Aside from the small blip of stress when we found out they closed the park, it was everything I imagined and more!
    Thanks again for everything – running the service so smoothly and guiding us through the ceremony. We’re so happy you shared that moment with us!
    Mandy & Josef
  • My husband and I were looking for someone special who really understood us to officiate our wedding, and we definitely found that in Young Hip and Married. Our officiant was Erika, and she went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and relaxed with everything, while also having a lot of fun. We would highly recommend them to anyone who are looking at getting an amazing officiant!
    Cassidy & Jack
  • We cannot recommend YH&M enough, and in particular our absolutely amazing officiant Erika Enns. From the administration, to the owners, to our officiant, everyone was quick to respond, invested in our vision, and most importantly kind. We were one of the couples affected by the Sea to Sky Gondola, and they went above and beyond to ensure our officiant could make our new location for both our rehearsal and wedding. Our ceremony was personal and special, with all our guests saying it was the best they had seen!

    Crystal & Dave
  • Cannot recommend YH&M more! We worked with Erika as an officiant for our small elopement, and since we sent our first email reaching out, to the moment we said our “I do”s, the service was so incredibly personal, warm and helpful. They were supportive of us using our own format, including adding in a few extra moments that were not originally in the script. On top of all of this, they also took care of all the paperwork for us, making everything post-elopement a breeze. Despite only ever meeting Erika on the day of our wedding, our guests all felt like we already had an existing relationship with her. Thank you so much for the amazing support and service!

    by Candice M Photography

    Amanda & Blaise
  • Our officiant, Erika, took the time to get to know us as a couple and to truly understand exactly what we wanted out of our wedding ceremony. We were able to have complete control over the script and Erika provided us with a lot of suggestions along the way. We wrote our own vows, combining some provided by Erika and our own words. We thought that the ceremony was the perfect length and tone. I liked that we could communicate by text, phone and email. We would highly recommend Erika and Young Hip & Married to prospective couples.

    Julie & John
  • Erika was incredible, welcoming and attentive to our needs. She really rounded out our ceremony well! Everyone loved her!!

    by Adonia and Kevin Merritt at The Perfect Two Photography

    Jade & Fred
  • Erika, you were amazing! Thank you for making our ceremony classy, trendy, hip, fun, engaging, and as per our expectations. You were engaged throughout the entire process and we truly appreciated that. We received a lot of comments that it was the best ceremony guests had ever been to because it was personal, fun, and I quote, “not ridiculously long or boring.”

    Nancy & James
  • Excellent and amazing service! Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you again for everything!

    Tyler & Stephanie
  • We knew Young Hip and Married would be the best choice after watching my sister have such a positive experience at her own wedding two years previous – we were lucky enough to get the same officiant, Erika! The entire experience from the initial emails, to the video chats with Jackie-Deane and Erika, to our actual wedding was such a delight. Everyone was patient, understanding, and flexible. Our needs were acknowledged and met with the upmost positivity. The day of our wedding was absolutely beautiful – Erika really engaged the guests, and kept the ceremony light and fun, which was the exact atmosphere that we were looking for. We cannot suggest anyone else other than YH&M to do your wedding; you will not regret it as we certainly did not! Thanks again to everyone on the team who ensured we had an amazing day!!!

    Josephine & Jeremy
  • We couldn’t be any happier with Young Hip and Married. Me and my husband got married September 17,2022. We met with Erika Enns prior to our wedding for a free consult. She was so sweet and friendly and asked all the right questions. We instantly knew we needed her for our officiant. She even came to our wedding rehearsal.

    Our ceremony was absolutely perfect. She made it so personal, we got so many compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was. We are both so happy with Erika and so grateful for the service she provided us – thank you again, Erika! We would recommend Young Hip and Married to any couple looking for an officiant.

    Sylvia & Taran
  • Erika was our officiant and I cannot say enough good things about her; she was incredible. She made everything so comfortable and easy for everyone it felt like I had known her forever. She was extremely prompt with communication and any edits I had to the writing were changed immediately without any problems. She was there for the rehearsal which was wonderful and was able to tell everyone where to go and run though it all which was a huge relief. The writing was wonderful – short and sweet but was also packed with a ton of emotion and meaning. She really took our story and made it personal (which was exactly what we asked for). Everyone was laughing and crying and everyone had something good to say about Erika. Highly recommend to anyone.

    Maria & Nigel
  • Ben and I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for the most magical ceremony. It was beautiful. We both keep thinking back to it and reliving parts of it. We got so many comments saying how beautiful it was and how good you were. Thank you for being a part of our special day. Couldn’t have imagined it any better than it went!
    Erin & Ben
  • I discovered Young Hip and Married when I was searching for places and ways to elope! Ironically, the day we decided to get married in Vancouver (the day before we were leaving on an Alaskan cruise), Tara had emailed me to see if I had any questions! It was fate! Our fairytale started right then!! Erika was an amazing officiant, walking us through the whole process!! She did an awesome job, finding a great spot in Stanley Park to marry us!! Victoria was our photographer and she, too, made us feel so comfortable and special!!! Thanks for your professionalism and detail!! We could not have been happier with our “Young, Hip, and Crazy” elopement (7 hours after flying in from Chicago)!!

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

    Barb & Ross
  • We would highly recommend Young Hip & Married to anyone who is looking to elope in BC! Booking was a breeze, the team promptly responded to any questions we had and they were a delight to deal with. We are over the moon with the photos we have received so far, and we received our filed marriage certificate in a few weeks. Due to the weather, we had to change the location we were hoping to get married at multiple times on the day. Both Erica (photographer) and Erika (officiant) dealt with our last minute panic with a smile and showed nothing but professionalism. If you are looking to elope in BC, there isn’t any better option then YH&M… it is as simple as that 🙂

    Kieran & Hannah
  • Our elopement in Vancouver with Erika was perfect! Rebecca helped us to organise it and the whole process was stress free. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you to all involved!
    Lucy & Phil