Do you and your partner want to create the best wedding vows ever but you don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. So many couples love the idea of personal vows but assume they’re not good enough writers to pull it off.

Here’s the truth: Writing heartfelt personal wedding vows is possible, no matter how romantic you think you are or how great a writer you are.

All you need to do is follow a few easy steps. We’ve developed a simple formula to help you express yourself personally and create authentic vows that represent you as individuals and as a couple.

This vow writing formula was born out of our over 10 years of experience officiating weddings and assisting couples with their vows. In fact, our found Shawn Miller, even put together a vow writing course to walk you through it.

Below we’ll share five things to know before you start writing your vows, plus our signature five step formula for writing the best vows ever! 

Kristie and Jo-Ann's outdoor summer wedding at Queen Elizabeth Park, reciting vows to one another
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5 decisions to make before you start writing your wedding vows

1. Decide if you’re writing personal vows or choosing traditional vows

Personal vows are unique vows that you write from scratch (though you’re totally allowed to get a little help or borrow ideas). Traditional vows are pre-written vows that you can select to recite. You could also create hybrid vows where you use some traditional lines and add in some lines of your own.

Traditional vows won’t be in your own words and sometimes have deep religious or cultural ties. You can check out some of the top traditional vows here. You can also opt for pre-written modern vows, if that’s more your style.

As wedding officiants who have been front and centre at thousands of weddings, we have to say that personal vows are the way to go. Not only do personal vows allow you to create a deeper connection with your partner, they’re more memorable for your guests and, best of all, more true to your relationship.

After all, if your vows are supposed to be your promises for marriage, shouldn’t those be unique promises specific to your own marriage and not ones you copy/paste from someone else?

Nervous about writing your own personal vows? Don’t be! That’s what our 5 step formula below is for.

2. Decide if you’ll be writing and saying the same vows or if you’ll each have different vows

If you’ve decided to write personal vows, the next decision you need to make is whether you’ll be writing one shared vow (aka common vows) or two different vows.

Most couples opt for two different vows; you write your own vows and your partner writes their own. But if you’d rather collaborate, you can work on one set of shared, common vows. You’ll write the vows together and both say them at your ceremony.

The nice thing about common vows is the exercise of working together to create your shared promises for your marriage. What are you both committing to? It also takes some of the pressure off, if you’re worried about writing.

The downside is you don’t get that feeling of hearing your partner’s special vows for you for the first time. That’s a pretty hard feeling to beat!

3. Decide if you’ll be writing your vows together or apart

If you’ve decided on two different vows, you now have to decide how you’d like to do the writing. Do you want to write them together or apart?

We recommend writing your vows together, even if you’re not sharing them (more on that in the next decision). It’s a fun exercise to crack open a bottle of wine, press play on our video vow course, and sit down to write your vows together. You can sit at opposite ends of the couch or table so your vows stay secret.

Writing your vows together is also helpful if you’re worried one of you will forget or procrastinate. By setting aside time for you to both work on your vows, you ensure they get ticked off the wedding to-do list.

4. Decide if you’ll be sharing your vows with each other before your wedding day

Whether you’ve written your vows together or apart, you can still decide if you want to show them to each other before the big day.

Most couples opt to keep their vows a secret – and we think that’s the right call. Like we said, it’s hard to beat the feeling of hearing your partner saying those words to you for the very first time.

If you do want a second set of eyes on your vows, ask your wedding officiant! Your officiant is a vow expert and would be happy to offer you feedback, give suggestions or answer any questions.

Importantly, your wedding officiant can also ensure that your vows are similar in length and style. While they don’t have to be identical, you don’t want one person sharing deeply emotional vows for five minutes while the other tells three jokes and calls it a day.

5. Decide how you’ll be delivering your vows

Last, but not least, you have to decide how you want to deliver your vows at your wedding ceremony. There are five different ways to deliver your vows, so you can choose what you’re most comfortable with.

For personal vows, we recommend reading them to your partner like a love letter. This is the most personal and impactful way to deliver your vows, without the pressure of trying to memorize them.

You can choose to read the vows to your partner in private or at your wedding ceremony. We prefer the latter, but some couples like to keep things more intimate.

Need more help writing your wedding vows? Check out our online vow writing course! This video course will walk you through the formula, step by step, for how to write your vows and provide you with examples and guidance along the way.

Couple sharing vows at their wedding ceremony; the groom is reading his vows into a mic while the bride wipes a tear from her eye
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How to write the best personal wedding vows in 5 simple steps

From how to start your vows to how to end your vows, and all the good stuff in between, we’ve developed a simple five step formula that will leave you with heartfelt, beautiful wedding vows.

Step 1: Say your partner’s name and tell them how you feel

Start your wedding vows by addressing your partner by name. Next, give them a compliment and say how this moment makes you feel. (1 line)


  • (Name) I stand here, today, a little nervous and very excited.
  • (Name) you look absolutely beautiful, and I can’t believe the day I get to marry my best friend has finally arrived.
  • (Name) who would have thought when we met that we would be standing here today?
  • (Name) words cannot describe all the emotions I’m feeling right now. I am the luckiest man in the world to be standing here with you today.

Check out our online vow writing course!

Step 2: Share how you met and when you knew they were the one

Talk about how you felt when you met them, what captivated you, and how they’ve changed your life. (1-2 lines)

The section is optional; if you want your wedding vows to be shorter, you can skip this one. However, some people find this part very meaningful. Sometimes it’s nice to take a walk down memory lane!


  • From the moment our paths crossed, you’ve surprised me, distracted me, captivated me, and challenged me in ways I never knew possible.
  • I’ve fallen in love with you again and again, and I still can’t believe that, today, I get to marry you. I am clearly marrying up.
  • We have been through so much together, not all of it easy, but together, we have made it through all that life has thrown at us.
  • Before I knew you, I had no idea what love really was.
A couple reciting their personal wedding vows during their ceremony; the bride is reading from her vow book
photo by Emily Nicole Photos

Step 3: Write your promises into your wedding vows

Share 4-6 things you promise to do or be in your marriage. Remember, this is the main focus of your vows and foundation of your marriage!

You can interchange the words promise/vow/will so this section of your vows doesn’t sound too repetitive. Rather than saying what you think sounds good, be honest and realistic. But don’t be afraid to be a little silly!

Really reflect on who you want to be and how you want to show up in your marriage. The best wedding vows are the ones that come from the heart.


  • I will always remind you how awesome you are at least once a day, especially when you are not believing it for yourself.
  • I promise to be open and honest with you in all things.
  • I will support and protect your freedom, because although our lives are intertwined, your choices are still yours, alone. I will continue to seek a deep understanding of your wishes, your desires, your fears and your dreams.
  • I vow to respect, admire and appreciate you for who you are, as well as for the person you wish to become, and to do my best to meet your needs, not out of obligation, but because it delights me to see you happy.
  • I promise to work together to keep our lives exciting, adventurous, and full of passion, persevering when times get tough, knowing that any challenges we face, we will conquer together.
  • I vow to be there for you, when you need me, and to nurture your goals and ambitions, supporting you through misfortune and celebrating with you in triumph.
  • I vow to love you.
  • I will cook you breakfast for dinner (or other fun, less serious things that are specific to your relationship!).

Step 4: Summarize where you and where you’re going

State what  you know about your relationship. (1 line)

After you’ve made your promises, this is a great way to tie your wedding vows together and focus on the two of you.


  • No matter what life throws our way or how much time has passed, I know our love will never fade, and we will continue to grow side by side.
  • I believe in the truth of what we are.
  • Whatever life throws our way, we will accomplish it together.
  • I know that year after year and wrinkle after wrinkle, our love will just become stronger.
  • I know life will not always be easy, but together, we can make the difficult times a lot more fun.

Step 5: End your wedding vows with style!

You’re almost done! Finish with a closing statement to end your vows. (1 line)

Think of this like the cherry on top of your vows. You’ve made all of your promises and shared everything you wanted about your relationship. Now you just need something short and sweet to close things out.


  • This is my promise, now and forever.
  • This is my sacred vow.
  • I will love you from this moment until my last.
  • You have my heart and my soul, forever.
  • My heart belongs to you, now and forever.
  • Words do not describe how I feel, so I will simply say, I love you – always have and always will.

Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of your own personal, heartfelt wedding vows!

If you still need a hand, get a step by step guide to writing the best wedding vows ever with our vow writing course. Check out the vow course now and enrol today! 

Help me write my dream wedding vows!

We typically think of a wedding ceremony as having a few things: a couple madly in love, a first kiss, a ring exchange and wedding vows. But which of those elements is mandatory? Do you have to say vows at a wedding? Let’s find out!

Do you have to read vows at a wedding?

Yes and no. No, you don’t have to read vows at a wedding or say personal vows to your spouse. But you do need to consent to marriage. This can usually be done by saying “I do” or “I will” after your wedding officiant reads out a declaration of intent to marry.

But before you give up on saying vows at your ceremony, check out a few alternatives and convincing reasons below!

Different ways to say vows at a wedding

Not only are there different types of vows – such as traditional vows, modern vows and personal vows you write yourself – but there are also different ways to deliver your vows at your ceremony. If you don’t want to read vows, you have other options!

Check out 5 different ways to deliver your wedding vows!

If you’re nervous about reading your vows at your ceremony, you may prefer repeating vows. With repeating vows, your officiant will ask you to repeat your vows after them, one line at a time. This way, you don’t have to read or memorize your own vows. Repeat-after-me vows work best when they’re short, as it’ll take twice as long to recite them since both you and your officiant will have to say each line.

saying wedding vows at Vancouver elopement with Young Hip & Married wedding officiants
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Why we believe you should say vows at a wedding

While you don’t have to read or say vows at your wedding ceremony, we really think you should! And sure, as wedding officiants we’re a little biased. But we also have a lot of experience to back up our point of view!

Your wedding vows are an important moment. They are the promises you want to make for your marriage and the reason for the big party afterwards. By skipping them, you are skipping out on a really meaningful moment not just for you and your partner, but for your guests as well. There is something so powerful about declaring your love in front of your friends and family! 

It is incredibly important to take the time to decide what you want your marriage to look like and what promises you want to make to your spouse. Sharing those sacred promises with them and hearing the promises they make to you is a moment like no other!

It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself a romantic person or a great wordsmith. Your vows are allowed to be short, funny or a little imperfect. As long as they’re from the heart, your spouse and your guests will love them. Plus, we have a video vow writing course to walk you through every step so you’re not stuck writing your vows from scratch!

It’s okay if you get nervous or emotional at the thought of sharing your vows out loud. Remember, you are surrounded by people who love you. They will understand if you need to take a moment, wipe your tears, breathe deep or start again. You can also incorporate some grounding exercises to help prepare you for the big moment.

Couples (and their guests!) often tell us the vows were the best part of their wedding day – especially when they are personal vows that the couple wrote themselves. Don’t miss out on this important moment!

Okay, if you really don’t want to say vows at your ceremony… do this instead!

do you have to say vows at a wedding ceremony, private wedding vows
by Pursell Photography

All right, if we still haven’t convinced you to say vows at a wedding ceremony, we do have a few compromises. Even if you’re not sharing your wedding vows in front of your guests, we encourage you to take the time to share vows with each other. Don’t skip this meaningful moment on your wedding day and the foundation of your marriage!

If you’re sharing your vows in private, take the time to write or select your own vows ahead of time. You can write your vows together or separately, but do make sure this isn’t something you just phone in.

On the big day, make time in your schedule to share your vows with one another. Because you aren’t saying your vows at your ceremony, it’s so easy for them to get skipped if you’re running behind or busy with other wedding day tasks. But trust us, you’re going to want to carve out time for this special moment!

You can choose to share your private vows with one another in person – during the first look is a great option! You can even have your photographer and/or videographer on hand to capture footage of the moment. You could also choose to exchange vows in the form of love letters.

personal wedding vows at lgbtq vancouver wedding with young hip and married
by Ryan Funk Photography

Lastly, don’t forget to let your officiant know if you don’t want to say vows at your wedding ceremony! They can work with you to design a custom ceremony that skips the vows, or shortens them, while still acknowledging your commitment and letting your guests know why they’re not hearing vows. For example, your wedding officiant could say:

“Earlier today, Mabel and Alice shared private vows with one another, making promises for the marriage they are building together. Mabel and Alice, do you affirm the promises you have made to one another and declare your intent to enter into marriage together? If so, please say ‘we do.'”

Remember, you can choose to share both vows in private and vows out loud at your ceremony. If you’re worried about getting too emotional or you just want an intimate moment with your partner, why not share personal vows or love letters during your first look? You can then reaffirm your commitment by exchanging more standard vows at your ceremony. The best of both worlds!

No matter when you say your vows, we believe your wedding ceremony should reflect who you two are and what you consider most important. That’s why our Custom & Creative Ceremony Package is all about designing a custom ceremony personalized to YOU! Get in touch to book your ceremony package and wedding officiant today!

On your wedding day, you probably expect to say vows to your partner, committing to love and support them. And you probably expect them to say similar vows to you. But what about your guests? That’s where community vows of support come in!

Community vows of support at a wedding are a chance for your guests to join in on your meaningful ceremony and for you to feel the love of your community as you start your married life together. Keep reading to learn more about community vows, what they are, how to say them and 15 examples for your wedding day!

What are community vows of support at a wedding?

Community vows of support at a wedding are an opportunity for the couple’s loved ones to show their support for the new union. Just like the couple getting married will vow to love one another, a community vow gives their guests a chance to do the same thing.

A community vow of support is a great creative addition to a ceremony. It’s a wonderful way to make your ceremony interactive, giving your guests a role and involving them in this special part of your wedding.

This type of vow also brings a new layer of meaning to your ceremony by highlighting the importance of community in your lives and marriage. Plus, it feels pretty wonderful to hear your guests declare their love and support for you out loud!

community vows of support at wedding ceremony with young hip & married vancouver
by Bowline Photography

When do community vows happen?

A community vow of support at a wedding typically happens right after the couple makes their declaration of intent (i.e. when the couple says “I do”). As you’ll see below, the best way to do a community vow is to have your guests respond to an officiant’s question by answering “We do!” Therefore, it makes sense to have their vow happen right after you say, “I do.”

You could also have the community vow of support happen after you say your personal vows. This could be a nice way to wrap up all the lovely things you promised to one another, with one more supportive promise from your guests. Alternatively, you may choose to keep the focus on your own commitment, moving from your personal vows to the ring exchange.

What is the structure? The best community vow wedding script

Here’s the best structure for a community vow of support at a wedding ceremony. After the couple has said their I do’s, the officiant will turn to the guests and ask:

“And do you, the loved ones of Partner 1 and Partner 2, vow to [insert community vow here]? If so, please answer with a resounding, ‘We do!'”

To which all of your guests will happily shout, “We do!” 

Alternatively, you may ask your guests to read or recite a community vow. For example, instead of having the officiant ask, “Do you, the loved ones of Partner 1 and Partner 2, vow to love and support them today and every day of their marriage?” You could ask your guests to read or recite the line, “We vow to love and support you today and every day of your marriage.”

The problem with this is that getting the line to your guests may be a bit clunky. You could have it printed in your wedding ceremony programs, but you’ll still need to have your officiant cue your guests to get out their programs, find the line, etc. There will be a few moments of rustling paper and it’s unlikely everyone will be ready to read at the same time.

You could have your officiant read the line, a few words at a time, and ask your guests to repeat the vow after them. However, depending on how long your community vow is, this could take a long time. It also may sound a bit garbled with 50+ people all speaking at the same time. Plus, now you’re asking your guests to do the hard work of remembering.

That’s why we prefer the community vow script method above where your officiant says the vow and your guests say ‘we do.’ It’s quick, you don’t lose the meaningful words you’ve chosen for the vows, and your guests are involved without having to do much work!

family hug after community vows of support at wedding ceremony
above & feature image by Erica Miller Photography

15 community vows of support examples

Below we’re sharing 15 examples of community vows of support you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. Since these are just examples, feel free to mix and match them. You can add a few together, change up the words or use them to inspire your own, unique community vow.

Here’s the structure: For each of the examples below, add “Do you, the loved ones of Partner 1 and Partner 2, (insert example here)? If so, please respond with a resounding, ‘We do!'”

  1. …vow to celebrate their love and union wholeheartedly, showering them with joy and blessings on this special day and all the days of their marriage to come?
  2. …promise to be their unwavering support system, through the highs and lows of their journey as a married couple?
  3. …commit to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, where this couple will always feel valued and appreciated?
  4. …pledge to dance, laugh, and make lasting memories together with the couple, creating a tapestry of love and happiness that will last a lifetime?
  5. …vow to offer your shoulders for them to lean on, your ears to listen, and your hearts to understand, no matter what challenges this couple will face?
  6. …promise to honour and respect this couple, and to always encourage their personal growth and happiness?
  7. …commit to nourishing their love with kindness and compassion, being a source of inspiration, mediation and support?
  8. …pledge to lift their spirits when they’re down, to share in their triumphs, and to be their cheerleaders in all of life’s endeavours?
  9. …vow to treasure the memories you will create with the couple today, and to continue offering your love and support for their future together?
  10. …promise to be there for them not only in times of joy but also in times of sorrow, offering solace, strength and support?
  11. …commit to creating a safe and judgment-free space where this couple can always be their true selves without fear of rejection?
  12. …pledge to offer your time, skills, and resources to help them thrive as a couple and as individuals?
  13. …vow to uphold the values of love, respect, and understanding that their marriage represents?
  14. …promise to stand by their sides as they navigate the unpredictable journey of life, together as one?
  15. …commit to being a part of their ongoing love story, as a reminder that we are never alone in this beautiful adventure called marriage?
couple and their wedding party toasting glasses
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Which one of the community vows of support do you like best? Add this and more creative elements to your ceremony when you work with a Young Hip & Married to design a custom ceremony just for you. Learn more about our custom ceremony package and meet our team of officiants!

Weddings are a time of joy, so what better way to start this new chapter in your lives than with a touch of humour? Whether you’re a traditional couple, partners with unique personalities, or a modern duo embarking on this journey together, we’ve curated a delightful selection of funny wedding vows that will not only tickle your funny bone but also warm your hearts.

Get ready to exchange giggles, chuckles, and a whole lot of love as we share these humorous promises for your big day!

Everything you need to know about wedding vows

Before we try to add in any humour, let’s start with the basics. What are wedding vows? When do you say them? How do you deliver them and, more importantly, how do you write them? As wedding vow experts, we’re happy to share everything you need to know about wedding vows. Start there and then proceed with the comedy!

Should we write our own vows?

Not sure if you should write your own vows or repeat ones that are already written, watch Officiant Shawn answer that question! While traditional vows can be right for some couples, we strongly encourage all couples to consider writing their own personal vows. Your vows are the promises you’re making for your marriage; they should be unique to your relationship and meaningful to you. You should spend time thinking about what you want your vows – and your marriage – to look like.

Not sure where to start? Check out our FREE guide for writing kick-ass wedding vows! 

calgary wedding ceremony with young hip and married wedding officiants, funny wedding vows
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Can wedding vows be funny?

Yes, wedding vows are allowed to be funny. While wedding vows are serious promises, there’s no reason for them to be stiff or boring. If your relationship is one where you value humour, joke with each other and make each other laugh, why wouldn’t you want to bring that into your vows and marriage? A few personal jokes can show your partner how much you understand them and put all of your guests in a good mood.

But it’s easy to take funny vows too far. Remember, this isn’t a roast of your partner or a chance to practice your comedy set; this is your wedding. The goal of your vows is to convey to your partner how much they mean to you and what you want for your marriage together. The goal is not to get a laugh at the end of every sentence. You’ll also want to avoid any jokes that might be offensive, controversial or embarrassing to your partner. Like most things, less is more when it comes to funny vows.

You want to make sure your wedding vows match the overall tone of your wedding and the importance of this milestone in your relationship. Do this by keeping the purpose of vows in mind while writing. Don’t be afraid to add in a few inside jokes or funny lines but be sure to balance them with heartfelt sentiment and sincere promises.

funny wedding vows at vancouver wedding ceremony
by Clint Bargen Photography

Funny wedding vows for him, her & them!

Below we’re sharing our favourite funny wedding vows that you can add to your wedding ceremony. Remember, the best funny wedding vows are ones that are personal to your relationship. Don’t forget to customize these example vows with inside jokes and specific references that will make them even more special to your partner!

“I promise to love and cherish you even while you binge-watch your favourite show for the hundredth time, knowing we’ve both memorized every line.”

“I vow to be your partner in crime, whether that’s eating ice cream for dinner or plotting epic pranks on our friends and family.”

“I will share my popcorn at the movies, but I can’t guarantee I won’t accidentally spill it all over you during a scary scene.”

“I vow to be your personal comedian, even if it means occasionally resorting to dad jokes and puns to make you smile.”

“I promise to love you unconditionally, even if you can never seem to decide where you want to eat for dinner.”

“As your personal GPS, know I might occasionally lead us on scenic detours just to add some excitement to our journeys.”

“I promise to always be your biggest cheerleader, especially when you attempt to fix things around the house without calling a professional.”

“I will love you even when you forget to put the toilet seat down.”

“I promise to share my fries with you, even though I always say I won’t, because what’s mine is yours… except for the last slice of pizza.”

“I will always laugh at your jokes, no matter how many times I’ve heard them before.”

“I promise to love you in sickness and in health, as long as you don’t use my favourite mug when you’re sick.”

“I vow to be your personal handyman, although my definition of ‘fixing’ might sometimes involve duct tape.”

“I swear to never mention your weird collection of action figures and superhero memorabilia…except for right now!”

“I vow to be your #1 fan in everything you do, except when you’re singing in the shower. Let’s leave that to the professionals.”

victoria wedding ceremony with young hip and married wedding officiants
by Jades Photography

Not into these funny wedding vows? Check out some other wedding vow examples!

If none of the funny vows above seem like a good fit for your relationship, that’s okay! You can always make up your own jokes or skip the funny vows altogether. We’ve found that most couples naturally add an inside joke or funny moment to their personal vows simply due to the fact that most couples enjoy making each other laugh and smile. So there’s a good chance that your personal wedding vows will already include a humourous story or punchline. No need to force a joke.

Need more vow inspiration? Check out some more example vows below!

We hope you’ve been inspired to infuse your special day with laughter and lightheartedness. These funny wedding vows not only bring smiles to faces but also serve as a reminder that love doesn’t always have to be serious; it can be fun, quirky, and filled with laughter. As long as you’re serious about your commitment to one another, there’s no need to be stiff and serious in every line of your vows. Keep the sincerity, skip the seriousness and add a dose of humour!

PS: Not sure how to write your own vows? Download our FREE vow writing guide! And get in touch to customize a wedding ceremony that is equal parts hilarious and heartfelt!

Whether you’re standing at the altar for the first time or renewing your vows to reaffirm your enduring commitment, finding the right words can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Below we’re sharing 12 touching and heartfelt wedding vow renewal examples that will inspire you to declare your love in the most unforgettable way.

From classic promises to adventurous pledges, family-focused commitments to vows of growth, let these beautiful wedding vow renewal examples serve as your guide to penning the perfect promises to your spouse all over again. Plus, we’re sharing tips for planning the best vow renewal and writing your renewal ceremony script.

What is a vow renewal ceremony?

A vow renewal is a ceremony where a couple who is already married recommits to one another. They do this by reaffirming their love, reflecting on their shared past and making promises for their continued future together. Because they already exchanged vows at their first wedding, this ceremony is known as a vow renewal, renewing the promises they’ve made to one anther.

A vow renewal ceremony is not a legal wedding ceremony. Because the couple is already married, there’s no need to do any legal paperwork. It’s simply a commitment ceremony focused on a couple’s love and devotion, rather than a change in marital status.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be big or small, casual or formal, taking any style or shape that the couple desires. Some couples treat their vow renewal like another wedding, planning a full ceremony and reception, inviting all their friends and family, buying special outfits, taking photos, etc. Others choose to simply stand in their backyard and share new promises together. There’s no right or wrong way to renew your vows, just like there’s no right or wrong way to get married!

couple exchanging vows at young hip & married wedding
by Clint Bargen Photo

Should you renew your vows?

Not sure if a vow renewal is for you? Luckily, we’ve got a blog post for that! Read this if you’re wondering if you should renew your vows.

Any married couple can renew their vows whenever they want to. Because this isn’t a legal ceremony, no paperwork has to be filed and the renewal can be whatever you want it to be. Many couples will choose to renew their vows when they hit a milestone in their marriage, such as a 10 or 20 year anniversary. Other couples choose to renew their vows after a big life change, such as starting a family, or after overcoming challenges in their marriage.

Do you need a vow renewal script and officiant for a vow renewal?

Technically, you don’t need a wedding officiant for your vow renewal because you’re not having a legal ceremony. Therefore you don’t need a licensed officiant to complete the paperwork. However, that’s not the only reason why couples hire officiants!

While a wedding officiant does take care of the legal paperwork, they do so much more than that for a commitment ceremony. They can work with a couple to craft a custom ceremony that reflects who they are. This ceremony can talk about the couple’s years of marriage, include special family and friends, and incorporate important traditional, religious or cultural elements.

A professional wedding officiant brings their expertise to a ceremony, something a friendor (friend + vendor) doesn’t have. Officiants are experienced in leading events, managing crowds and working with other vendors. Their presence may also make your vow renewal feel more meaningful, delivering a ceremony that truly honours your marriage.

wedding vow renewal, renewing wedding vows
above & feature image by Erica Miller Photography

What goes into a renewing vows script?

A renewing vows script can look very much like a traditional wedding ceremony script, following the same ceremony outline and order of events, just minus the legal part. That being said, because this isn’t a legal ceremony, you have a lot more flexibility to make your vow renewal your own.

For example, you can choose to remove the ring exchange, re-exchange your current wedding rings, or exchange brand new rings in your vow renewal script. Instead of signing a marriage licence, you could sign a printed version of your vows to demonstrate your recommitment to one another. You could also simplify the ceremony, choosing to only exchange vows and seal your renewed promises with a kiss.

Your vows will be the most important part of your renewal ceremony. After all, they’re the whole reason why you’re having this ceremony! More than just an excuse to party, your vows are your chance to put into words why you want to recommit yourself to your partner, what you love most about them, what this marriage has meant to you, and what you want it to look like going forward.

Make sure you’re dedicating time to putting together the perfect renewal vows for your celebration. Get inspired by our wedding vow renewal examples below and check out our FREE guide to writing the best vows

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12 wedding vow renewal examples

Below you’ll find 12 wedding vow renewal examples perfect for any kind of commitment ceremony. Remember, these examples are just a starting point. Feel free to personalize and adapt these vow renewal examples to make them unique and meaningful for you and your partner. Or use them to inspire you to write your own vows!

Classic vow renewal

“I, [Name], take you, [Name], to be my beloved spouse once again. I promise to continue cherishing and honouring you, through all the ups and downs of life. With this vow, I reaffirm my eternal love and devotion to you.”

Adventure-themed vow renewal

“As we embark on another journey of love, I, [Name], pledge to continue exploring the world by your side. I promise to be your constant companion, your partner in adventure, and your rock in times of uncertainty. Let’s continue making unforgettable memories together.”

Promise of growth

“I stand before you, [Name], grateful for the years we’ve shared and excited for the ones to come. Today, I vow to support your dreams and aspirations, to grow alongside you, and to always encourage your personal development. Together, we will become the best versions of ourselves.”

Beach vow renewal examples

“Like the ocean’s tides, our love has weathered storms and danced with joy. I promise to stand with you through every wave of life. With sandy toes and a full heart, I renew my commitment to you and our beautiful journey.”

Family-focused vows

“I renew my vows to you, [Name], not only as your spouse but also as a devoted parent to our children. I promise to love and guide them with you, creating a home filled with laughter, understanding, and unconditional love.”

Through thick and thin

“To my beloved [Name], we’ve faced challenges and celebrated triumphs together. I promise to be your unwavering support, your confidant, and your biggest cheerleader. As we renew our vows, I recommit to loving you fiercely in good times and bad.”

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Laughter and joy

“I vow to keep laughter alive in our relationship and to cherish every moment of joy we share. I promise to find humour in life’s little quirks and to never let a day go by without making you smile.”

Vow of forgiveness

“As we renew our commitment to one another, I acknowledge that we’re not perfect, but our love is worth the effort. I promise to forgive you, as I hope you’ll forgive me, and to work through any challenges that come our way with patience, understanding, and compassion.”

Shared dreams

“To my beloved [Name], today and every day, I promise to dream with you, to support your aspirations, and to work together to make our shared dreams a reality. Your happiness will always be my happiness.”

Soulmates vow

“I knew from the moment we met that our souls were connected. Today, I reaffirm my belief in destiny and promise to honour the sacred bond we share. You are my soulmate, and I am forever grateful for your love.”

Gratitude and appreciation

“In the presence of our loved ones, I express my deep gratitude for the love you’ve brought into my life. I promise to show appreciation for you and our relationship every day, celebrating the unique qualities that make us a perfect match.”

Timeless love

“As we stand here today, I am reminded of the timeless nature of true love. I promise to continue loving you with the same passion and devotion as the day we first said ‘I do.’ You are my forever love, and I am yours.”

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How to celebrate: 10 year vow renewal ideas

So you’re coming up on 10 years of marriage? Congratulations! One of the best ways to celebrate your love and look forward to the next 10 years is with a vow renewal. Here are some 10 year vow renewal ideas to ensure your celebration is as memorable and meaningful as possible.

(PS: Renewing your vows at 5 years, 20 years or some other milestone? Awesome! These ideas work for any kind of vow renewal.)

  • Display photos from each year of your marriage. Bonus points if you can line it up with the number of tables (i.e. 10 tables for your 10 year vow renewal) and display photos from each year at their corresponding table.
  • Theme your 10 year vow renewal. Celebrate your decade of marriage by throwing it back to 2013! Hang posters from popular 2013 movies (like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”), listen to 2013 music (like “What Does The Fox Say?”) and rock some 2013 fashion (like space leggings and peplum skirts!).
  • Involve friends and family members who have been a big part of your marriage in your renewal. You can ask these special loved ones to give toasts, do readings or even join you in a family vow.
  • Have the wedding you never could. Maybe you’ve always wanted to say your vows on the beach but it rained in 2013, forcing your wedding indoors. Well, now is the time to plan the wedding of your dreams!
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a vow renewal. Get rid of all of the expectations of a traditional wedding and mix things up with your vow renewal. There’s no reason to wear a white dress or black suit if you don’t want to; rock that bright pink jumpsuit you’ve been dying to wear!
  • Memorialize the event. Hire a photographer and videographer to capture all the best moments of your vow renewal. Frame your recommitment vows and hang them in your home where you can read them every day. Or create a time capsule from the day to open on your 20th anniversary!

Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to celebrate your years of marriage and commit to many more years together. Get started by writing personal renewal vows with our FREE vow writing guide and get in touch to create a custom ceremony with your officiant. May your vow renewal ceremony be filled with love and joy, celebrating your past years and your bright future together!

Planning a wedding ceremony and looking for some fresh, modern ideas to make your special day truly unforgettable? Then let’s dive into the world of modern wedding vows for brides, grooms and everyone else!

Gone are the days when vows had to be stuffy, formal and full of cookie-cutter promises. Today, couples are infusing their vows with their own unique personalities, adding a casual twist to traditional declarations of love, and choosing words that truly represent who they are and what they want their marriage to be.

After reading this blog post, we hope you’re inspired to craft heartfelt, modern wedding vows that perfectly reflect your relationship and that will leave your guests smiling from ear to ear!

Should I write my own wedding vows?

First things first: Should you write your own wedding vows? When it comes to vows, you have a few options: You can choose to write your own, select pre-written vows, or do a combination of the two, adding your own words to pre-written vows. Even if you want to totally DIY your vows, it never hurts to get some inspiration from vows online.

So many couples want to write their own vows but have no idea where to start. That’s why Young Hip & Married founder and officiant Shawn Miller created his online video vow course, Best Wedding Vows Ever! This course gives you step by step instructions and a format for writing your own vows, with tons of examples and helpful hints. Check out the course here and get started with our FREE vow writing guide.

What makes wedding vows modern?

Most modern couples opt for modern wedding vows. Unlike traditional vows that are often heteronormative, religious and patriarchal (if not outright sexist!), modern vows reflect modern values. They usually focus on a partnership between two people – regardless of their sex, gender, orientation, religion, etc. – and the shared life they are building together as equals.

It’s easier for couples to personalize modern wedding vows because they don’t follow strict rules. Since there’s not a set script, couples can write their own vows or add things that are important to them into pre-written vows. This makes the vow writing and sharing experience so much more meaningful because the vows truly reflect your unique partnership.

Modern vows make sense for many modern couples, especially LGBTQ+ couples who may not feel represented by traditional, heteronormative vows. Modern wedding vows are often more inclusive, making them a better fit for a diverse couple in 2023 and beyond!

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10 modern wedding vows for brides, grooms and everyone else!

Below we’re sharing 10 modern wedding vows that you can use in your wedding ceremony. Allow these vows to inspire you and help you craft the perfect vows for your marriage. If you love a line or a sentence in one of these vows, you can copy it word for word. Or you can personalize them to reflect your unique relationship and values by adding some of your own words.

Partner in adventure

I promise to be your partner in adventure, to support you in chasing your dreams, and to celebrate every milestone with you. Today, I choose you as my teammate, my confidant, and my best friend.

Who you will become

I vow to love and cherish you, not only for who you are now but for who you will become. I promise to grow alongside you, to embrace change, and to nurture our relationship through every season of life.

My equal

Today, I take you as my equal, my partner in building a life of love, respect, and understanding. I promise to stand by your side through the ups and downs, to face challenges together, and to create a home filled with laughter and warmth.

Open heart

I promise to listen to you with an open heart, to support your passions and dreams, and to hold your hand in times of uncertainty. Together, we will create a sanctuary of love, where we can always find solace in each other’s arms.

Support system

I vow to be your unwavering support system, your shoulder to lean on, and your cheerleader in life. I promise to honour your individuality, to respect your independence, and to encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

modern wedding vows at young hip & married vancouver wedding ceremony
by Lumina Weddings

Shared dreams

Today, I choose you as my partner in building a future of shared dreams and aspirations. I promise to prioritize our love above all else, to communicate honestly and openly, and to foster a relationship that is grounded in trust and kindness

The vows we keep to be present

I promise to be present in every moment we share, to cherish the little things, and to find joy in the ordinary. Together, we will create a life that is filled with laughter, adventure, and a love that grows deeper with each passing day.

Whole heart and soul

Today, I give you my whole heart and soul, entrusting you with my dreams, fears, and vulnerabilities. I promise to support you in becoming the best version of yourself, to love you unconditionally, and to build a foundation of love that withstands the test of time.

Your rock

I vow to be your rock in times of uncertainty, your shelter in the storm, and your comfort in moments of sorrow. Together, we will navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace, knowing that we are stronger together than apart.

A life of balance

I promise to be your partner in creating a life of balance, where love, laughter, and personal growth intertwine. I vow to celebrate your individuality, to respect your boundaries, and to love you fiercely, today and every day.

For more inspiration to craft your wedding vows, check out these resources:

Plus, don’t miss our FREE guide to writing your own kick-ass wedding vows! 

So you’re working on your wedding vows when you realize…you need somewhere to put them! While you could read off a piece of paper, many couples prefer to put their vows into vow books. Vow books not only look great in your wedding photos but they also give you a safe place to keep your vows and can be a keepsake for years to come.

Below we’re sharing 10 of our favourite vow books that you can buy on Etsy, allowing you to support a creator and order your books today. No matter what your style or budget, you’ll find a great vow book option on Etsy!

PS: Still need help writing those vows? Check out our FREE wedding vow guide! 

Custom leather vow books

leather vow books on Etsy

If you’re looking for a timeless, compact and sophisticated option for your vows, we are loving the look of these leather vow books! These 20-page, soft leather books are handmade and offer personalization options such as choosing the colour of the covers and adding your wedding date.

Check them out on Etsy here!

Simple custom foil vow books

foil letter vow books on Etsy

Want a simple, yet personalized, vow book option? Then you’ll love this set by Copper & Blush Paper. Choose your favourite foil colour and customize the books with your pronouns, wedding date and names. Plus, there’s free shipping to Canada and the US!

Shop this book set on Etsy here!

Hard cover wedding ceremony vow booklets

hard cover wedding ceremony vow booklet

The ultimate vow keepsake might be these hard cover wedding ceremony vow booklets! Not only are these hard cover books going to be long-lasting mementos from your wedding day, but you also have the option to completely personalize the cover with words of your choice and choose the cover colour/material you like best.

Get these vow books on Etsy here!

Handmade cotton paper & ribbon vow book

Handmade cotton paper & ribbon vow book

This handmade vow book is perfect for art lovers and those looking for a book with texture and unique features. The cover is made of cotton paper while the inside pages are made of heavyweight text paper. The ribbon is hand-dyed and hand-torn, giving your book an authentic look and feel. Plus there are 19 ribbon colours to choose from!

Find this vow book on Etsy here!

Custom wooden vow books

Custom wooden vow book for wedding ceremony

Speaking of unique, why not read your vows from a wooden book? These wooden vow books are definitely one of a kind, allowing you to choose the wood finish, vegan leather binding and screw colour, as well as personalize the book with your names and date. You can even buy a matching wooden guest book!

Buy these vow books on Etsy here!

Sweet and simple black and white vow booklets

simple wedding vow books

If you’re looking for a simple (and non-gendered!) vow book option, check out these vow books by Wild Confetti Workshop. With a basic, yet pretty, foil title on uncomplicated black and white backgrounds, these vow books could be perfect for your special day. You also have the option to customize the books with your names and date.

Check out these books on Etsy here!

Monogrammed custom vow book set

Monogrammed custom vow book set

Another option is to monogram your vow books with your initials, like in these vow books by Ivory and Sage Co. These books are incredibly customizable – there are 35 cover colours to choose from or they will match your wedding colours! You can choose foil, font type, additional personalization, and you can even buy a matching guest book and officiant book.

Buy this vow book set on Etsy here!

Modern, minimal vow books

Modern, minimal vow books

If you’re into a more modern, minimal vibe, then these are the vow books for you! We love the simple gold foil at the bottom corner of the cover and eight beautiful colours to choose from. These books are handmade and can be personalized if you get in touch with the shop.

Shop these vow books here!

Elegant, embossed vow books

Elegant, embossed vow books

Another minimal option for vows are these beautiful embossed books by Studio Hartsuiker. The titles are embossed on 111 lb premium cotton paper, giving these books a very elegant and subtle look. You can also personalize the books with your names and wedding date on the backside.

Find these vow books on Etsy here!

Window wedding vow books – add your own photos!

Window wedding vow books - add your own photos!

Want the ultimate personalization for your wedding vow books? With these vow books, you can not only choose the cover colour and font colour, plus personalize the book with your names and date, but you can also include your own photo. Add the photo yourself or have the Etsy shop print the photo in the book for you. Such a unique way to share your vows!

Get these vow books on Etsy here!

Now that you have your perfect vow book, you need the perfect vows to put in them! Check out our FREE vow writing guide to get started with your personal wedding vows. 

When it comes to choosing or writing wedding vows, many couples panic. They worry that they’re not romantic enough or a good enough writer to pull it off. They think, “Do wedding vows have to be long and poetic? Can’t we just have simple wedding vows?”

It turns out, you can 😉

What are simple wedding vows? 

Simple wedding vows are just that – simple! They’re short, easy to read and understand, and straight to the point. They don’t have lots of flowery language or go on for pages and pages.

But just because wedding vows are simple doesn’t mean they are not heartfelt. In fact, sometimes the simplest wedding vows are the most meaningful because they come straight from the heart. Your partner – and your guests – would rather hear two sincere sentences from you than paragraphs of fluff!

simple wedding vows, vancouver wedding with young hip and married
by Tyshawnna Reann Collective

Can wedding vows really be short and simple?

Absolutely! Your wedding vows can be as short and simple as you want. If you want to say, “I vow to love you today and for the rest of my days” that works! Of course, you may want to add a few more sentences. But there’s no rule saying that your vows have to be poetic, serious, or multiple pages long.

You may want to keep in mind what kind of wedding vows your partner is going to write. It can be awkward if Partner 1 pours their heart out in a 10 minute love story while Partner 2 cracks a joke and calls it a day. Avoid this by deciding with your partner ahead of time approximately how long your vows will be and what kind of vibe you’re going for. You can also ask your wedding officiant to look at both of your vows to make sure they are in line.

Your wedding vows should be true to you. If you’re the kind of couple who tells jokes all the time, add a few funny lines to your vows. If you’re the kind of couple who reads each other love poems, add a few stanzas to your vows. The best wedding vows are always ones that feel authentically YOU!

How do I write my own simple wedding vows? 

We’re glad you asked! Writing your own wedding vows is one of the most meaningful parts of wedding planning. Get started with our FREE wedding vow writing guide. You can also check out sample vows and more vow resources below.

Remember: Wedding vows are the promises you want to make to your spouse for your marriage ahead. They’re not just a walk down memory lane, a romantic speech, or a chance to compliment your partner. While simple wedding vows can include those things, don’t lose sight of their purpose. Your vows should answer the question: What do I want to promise my spouse about our marriage together?

21 simple wedding vow examples

Check out our simple wedding vow samples below and get inspired for your ceremony! If you love any of these vows, go ahead and copy/paste them directly into your wedding day. Or, use them as inspiration to write your own unique vows.

Together in Marriage

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be my wedded spouse, and to live together in marriage. I promise to love you, comfort you, honour and keep you for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, and forsaking all others, be faithful only to you, so long as we both shall live.

The Vows We Keep Always

(NAME), I want to be with you always just as you are. I choose you above all others to share my life in marriage. I love you for yourself, and I want you to become all that you can be. I promise to honour this pledge as long as I live. I ask everyone present to witness that I take you as my partner in marriage.

Companion of Your Life

Today I join my life to yours, not simply as your spouse, but as your friend, your lover, and your biggest supporter. Let me be the shoulder you lean on and the companion of your life.

Covenant Before God

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be my spouse, and I do promise and covenant, before God and these witnesses, to be your loving and faithful spouse in plenty and in want, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.

I Promise

I promise to be there to catch you if you should stumble, carry you over every threshold, and fall in love with you every day.

vow book, wedding vows, vancouver wedding
by Olive & Bean Photography

We May Be One

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be my wedded spouse. With deepest joy I receive you into my life that together we may be one. I promise you my love, my fullest devotion and my tenderest care. I pledge to you my life as a loving and faithful partner.

Together, Forever

On this day, I give you my heart. My promise, that I will walk with you, hand in hand, wherever our journey leads us; living, learning, loving, together, forever.

Until Death Parts Us

I take you, (NAME), to be my spouse from this day forward, to join with you and share all that is to come. I promise to be faithful to you until death parts us.

In Honesty and Sincerity

I pledge, in honesty and sincerity, to be for you a faithful and helpful partner for all of our days.

Abiding Love

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be no other than yourself. Loving what I know of you, trusting what I do not yet know, I will respect your integrity and have faith in your abiding love for me, through all our years, and in all that life may bring us.

bride saying simple wedding vows at Love in the Khat 2022 with young hip and married
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Partner for Life

I take you to be my partner for life. I promise above all else to live in truth with you and to communicate fully and fearlessly. I give you my hand and my heart as a sanctuary of warmth and peace. And pledge my love, devotion, faith and honour as I join my life to yours.

Grow Together

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know. I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the person you will become, and falling in love a little more every day. I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us.

My Solemn Vow

In the presence of God, I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be my spouse, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until parted by death. This is my solemn vow.

All the Days of My Life

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), to be my partner. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love and honour you all the days of my life.

Biggest Adventure

Today I stand before you, ready to start the biggest adventure of our lives. I know it will be really hard, and some days will take a lot of work. But I also know that there will be days filled with love, laughter, and pure bliss. I can’t imagine sharing this adventure with anyone else but you. You’re my best friend, the love of my life, and my soul mate. Today I promise to stand by your side and to love you always.

simple wedding vows, vancouver elopement with young hip & married
by Clint Bargen Photography

I Choose You

(NAME), I take you as my partner, with your faults and your strengths, as I offer myself to you with my faults and my strengths. I will help you when you need help, and turn to you when I need help. I choose you as the person with whom I will spend my life.

Best Friend for Life

(Name), you are my best friend for life. I pledge to honour, encourage, and support you through our walk together. When our way becomes difficult, I promise to stand by you and uplift you, so that through our bond we can accomplish more than we could alone. I promise to work at our love, and always make you a priority in my life. With every beat of my heart, I will love you.

Life with You Forevermore

Before our friends and those so special to us here, on this wonderful day of gladness and good fortune, I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), as my partner in friendship and in love, in strength and weakness, to share the good times and misfortune, in achievement and failure, to celebrate life with you forevermore.

Your Navigator

I promise to be your navigator, best friend, and partner in life. I promise to honour, love, and cherish you through all life’s adventures. Wherever we go, we’ll go together.

Lawful Spouse

I, (NAME), take you, (NAME), for my lawful spouse, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. I will love and honour you all the days of my life.

In Your Corner

(NAME), I invite you to share my life. You are the most loving, clever, and kind individual I have ever known, and I promise to always be in your corner. Together, I know we can do anything. I can’t wait to work hand in hand to build a beautiful life together.

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More wedding vow resources! 

The best resource for simple wedding vows is someone who has seen them up close hundreds of times – your wedding officiant! Meet our team of wedding officiants and book your ceremony package today!


written by Riana Ang-Canning
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