On your wedding day, you probably expect to say vows to your partner, committing to love and support them. And you probably expect them to say similar vows to you. But what about your guests? That’s where community vows of support come in!

Community vows of support at a wedding are a chance for your guests to join in on your meaningful ceremony and for you to feel the love of your community as you start your married life together. Keep reading to learn more about community vows, what they are, how to say them and 15 examples for your wedding day!

What are community vows of support at a wedding?

Community vows of support at a wedding are an opportunity for the couple’s loved ones to show their support for the new union. Just like the couple getting married will vow to love one another, a community vow gives their guests a chance to do the same thing.

A community vow of support is a great creative addition to a ceremony. It’s a wonderful way to make your ceremony interactive, giving your guests a role and involving them in this special part of your wedding.

This type of vow also brings a new layer of meaning to your ceremony by highlighting the importance of community in your lives and marriage. Plus, it feels pretty wonderful to hear your guests declare their love and support for you out loud!

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When do community vows happen?

A community vow of support at a wedding typically happens right after the couple makes their declaration of intent (i.e. when the couple says “I do”). As you’ll see below, the best way to do a community vow is to have your guests respond to an officiant’s question by answering “We do!” Therefore, it makes sense to have their vow happen right after you say, “I do.”

You could also have the community vow of support happen after you say your personal vows. This could be a nice way to wrap up all the lovely things you promised to one another, with one more supportive promise from your guests. Alternatively, you may choose to keep the focus on your own commitment, moving from your personal vows to the ring exchange.

What is the structure? The best community vow wedding script

Here’s the best structure for a community vow of support at a wedding ceremony. After the couple has said their I do’s, the officiant will turn to the guests and ask:

“And do you, the loved ones of Partner 1 and Partner 2, vow to [insert community vow here]? If so, please answer with a resounding, ‘We do!'”

To which all of your guests will happily shout, “We do!” 

Alternatively, you may ask your guests to read or recite a community vow. For example, instead of having the officiant ask, “Do you, the loved ones of Partner 1 and Partner 2, vow to love and support them today and every day of their marriage?” You could ask your guests to read or recite the line, “We vow to love and support you today and every day of your marriage.”

The problem with this is that getting the line to your guests may be a bit clunky. You could have it printed in your wedding ceremony programs, but you’ll still need to have your officiant cue your guests to get out their programs, find the line, etc. There will be a few moments of rustling paper and it’s unlikely everyone will be ready to read at the same time.

You could have your officiant read the line, a few words at a time, and ask your guests to repeat the vow after them. However, depending on how long your community vow is, this could take a long time. It also may sound a bit garbled with 50+ people all speaking at the same time. Plus, now you’re asking your guests to do the hard work of remembering.

That’s why we prefer the community vow script method above where your officiant says the vow and your guests say ‘we do.’ It’s quick, you don’t lose the meaningful words you’ve chosen for the vows, and your guests are involved without having to do much work!

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15 community vows of support examples

Below we’re sharing 15 examples of community vows of support you can incorporate into your wedding ceremony. Since these are just examples, feel free to mix and match them. You can add a few together, change up the words or use them to inspire your own, unique community vow.

Here’s the structure: For each of the examples below, add “Do you, the loved ones of Partner 1 and Partner 2, (insert example here)? If so, please respond with a resounding, ‘We do!'”

  1. …vow to celebrate their love and union wholeheartedly, showering them with joy and blessings on this special day and all the days of their marriage to come?
  2. …promise to be their unwavering support system, through the highs and lows of their journey as a married couple?
  3. …commit to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, where this couple will always feel valued and appreciated?
  4. …pledge to dance, laugh, and make lasting memories together with the couple, creating a tapestry of love and happiness that will last a lifetime?
  5. …vow to offer your shoulders for them to lean on, your ears to listen, and your hearts to understand, no matter what challenges this couple will face?
  6. …promise to honour and respect this couple, and to always encourage their personal growth and happiness?
  7. …commit to nourishing their love with kindness and compassion, being a source of inspiration, mediation and support?
  8. …pledge to lift their spirits when they’re down, to share in their triumphs, and to be their cheerleaders in all of life’s endeavours?
  9. …vow to treasure the memories you will create with the couple today, and to continue offering your love and support for their future together?
  10. …promise to be there for them not only in times of joy but also in times of sorrow, offering solace, strength and support?
  11. …commit to creating a safe and judgment-free space where this couple can always be their true selves without fear of rejection?
  12. …pledge to offer your time, skills, and resources to help them thrive as a couple and as individuals?
  13. …vow to uphold the values of love, respect, and understanding that their marriage represents?
  14. …promise to stand by their sides as they navigate the unpredictable journey of life, together as one?
  15. …commit to being a part of their ongoing love story, as a reminder that we are never alone in this beautiful adventure called marriage?
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Which one of the community vows of support do you like best? Add this and more creative elements to your ceremony when you work with a Young Hip & Married to design a custom ceremony just for you. Learn more about our custom ceremony package and meet our team of officiants!