Planning a wedding ceremony and looking for some fresh, modern ideas to make your special day truly unforgettable? Then let’s dive into the world of modern wedding vows for brides, grooms and everyone else!

Gone are the days when vows had to be stuffy, formal and full of cookie-cutter promises. Today, couples are infusing their vows with their own unique personalities, adding a casual twist to traditional declarations of love, and choosing words that truly represent who they are and what they want their marriage to be.

After reading this blog post, we hope you’re inspired to craft heartfelt, modern wedding vows that perfectly reflect your relationship and that will leave your guests smiling from ear to ear!

Should I write my own wedding vows?

First things first: Should you write your own wedding vows? When it comes to vows, you have a few options: You can choose to write your own, select pre-written vows, or do a combination of the two, adding your own words to pre-written vows. Even if you want to totally DIY your vows, it never hurts to get some inspiration from vows online.

So many couples want to write their own vows but have no idea where to start. That’s why Young Hip & Married founder and officiant Shawn Miller created his online video vow course, Best Wedding Vows Ever! This course gives you step by step instructions and a format for writing your own vows, with tons of examples and helpful hints. Check out the course here and get started with our FREE vow writing guide.

What makes wedding vows modern?

Most modern couples opt for modern wedding vows. Unlike traditional vows that are often heteronormative, religious and patriarchal (if not outright sexist!), modern vows reflect modern values. They usually focus on a partnership between two people – regardless of their sex, gender, orientation, religion, etc. – and the shared life they are building together as equals.

It’s easier for couples to personalize modern wedding vows because they don’t follow strict rules. Since there’s not a set script, couples can write their own vows or add things that are important to them into pre-written vows. This makes the vow writing and sharing experience so much more meaningful because the vows truly reflect your unique partnership.

Modern vows make sense for many modern couples, especially LGBTQ+ couples who may not feel represented by traditional, heteronormative vows. Modern wedding vows are often more inclusive, making them a better fit for a diverse couple in 2023 and beyond!

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10 modern wedding vows for brides, grooms and everyone else!

Below we’re sharing 10 modern wedding vows that you can use in your wedding ceremony. Allow these vows to inspire you and help you craft the perfect vows for your marriage. If you love a line or a sentence in one of these vows, you can copy it word for word. Or you can personalize them to reflect your unique relationship and values by adding some of your own words.

Partner in adventure

I promise to be your partner in adventure, to support you in chasing your dreams, and to celebrate every milestone with you. Today, I choose you as my teammate, my confidant, and my best friend.

Who you will become

I vow to love and cherish you, not only for who you are now but for who you will become. I promise to grow alongside you, to embrace change, and to nurture our relationship through every season of life.

My equal

Today, I take you as my equal, my partner in building a life of love, respect, and understanding. I promise to stand by your side through the ups and downs, to face challenges together, and to create a home filled with laughter and warmth.

Open heart

I promise to listen to you with an open heart, to support your passions and dreams, and to hold your hand in times of uncertainty. Together, we will create a sanctuary of love, where we can always find solace in each other’s arms.

Support system

I vow to be your unwavering support system, your shoulder to lean on, and your cheerleader in life. I promise to honour your individuality, to respect your independence, and to encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

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Shared dreams

Today, I choose you as my partner in building a future of shared dreams and aspirations. I promise to prioritize our love above all else, to communicate honestly and openly, and to foster a relationship that is grounded in trust and kindness

The vows we keep to be present

I promise to be present in every moment we share, to cherish the little things, and to find joy in the ordinary. Together, we will create a life that is filled with laughter, adventure, and a love that grows deeper with each passing day.

Whole heart and soul

Today, I give you my whole heart and soul, entrusting you with my dreams, fears, and vulnerabilities. I promise to support you in becoming the best version of yourself, to love you unconditionally, and to build a foundation of love that withstands the test of time.

Your rock

I vow to be your rock in times of uncertainty, your shelter in the storm, and your comfort in moments of sorrow. Together, we will navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace, knowing that we are stronger together than apart.

A life of balance

I promise to be your partner in creating a life of balance, where love, laughter, and personal growth intertwine. I vow to celebrate your individuality, to respect your boundaries, and to love you fiercely, today and every day.

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