Whether you’re standing at the altar for the first time or renewing your vows to reaffirm your enduring commitment, finding the right words can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Below we’re sharing 12 touching and heartfelt wedding vow renewal examples that will inspire you to declare your love in the most unforgettable way.

From classic promises to adventurous pledges, family-focused commitments to vows of growth, let these beautiful wedding vow renewal examples serve as your guide to penning the perfect promises to your spouse all over again. Plus, we’re sharing tips for planning the best vow renewal and writing your renewal ceremony script.

What is a vow renewal ceremony?

A vow renewal is a ceremony where a couple who is already married recommits to one another. They do this by reaffirming their love, reflecting on their shared past and making promises for their continued future together. Because they already exchanged vows at their first wedding, this ceremony is known as a vow renewal, renewing the promises they’ve made to one anther.

A vow renewal ceremony is not a legal wedding ceremony. Because the couple is already married, there’s no need to do any legal paperwork. It’s simply a commitment ceremony focused on a couple’s love and devotion, rather than a change in marital status.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be big or small, casual or formal, taking any style or shape that the couple desires. Some couples treat their vow renewal like another wedding, planning a full ceremony and reception, inviting all their friends and family, buying special outfits, taking photos, etc. Others choose to simply stand in their backyard and share new promises together. There’s no right or wrong way to renew your vows, just like there’s no right or wrong way to get married!

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Should you renew your vows?

Not sure if a vow renewal is for you? Luckily, we’ve got a blog post for that! Read this if you’re wondering if you should renew your vows.

Any married couple can renew their vows whenever they want to. Because this isn’t a legal ceremony, no paperwork has to be filed and the renewal can be whatever you want it to be. Many couples will choose to renew their vows when they hit a milestone in their marriage, such as a 10 or 20 year anniversary. Other couples choose to renew their vows after a big life change, such as starting a family, or after overcoming challenges in their marriage.

Do you need a vow renewal script and officiant for a vow renewal?

Technically, you don’t need a wedding officiant for your vow renewal because you’re not having a legal ceremony. Therefore you don’t need a licensed officiant to complete the paperwork. However, that’s not the only reason why couples hire officiants!

While a wedding officiant does take care of the legal paperwork, they do so much more than that for a commitment ceremony. They can work with a couple to craft a custom ceremony that reflects who they are. This ceremony can talk about the couple’s years of marriage, include special family and friends, and incorporate important traditional, religious or cultural elements.

A professional wedding officiant brings their expertise to a ceremony, something a friendor (friend + vendor) doesn’t have. Officiants are experienced in leading events, managing crowds and working with other vendors. Their presence may also make your vow renewal feel more meaningful, delivering a ceremony that truly honours your marriage.

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What goes into a renewing vows script?

A renewing vows script can look very much like a traditional wedding ceremony script, following the same ceremony outline and order of events, just minus the legal part. That being said, because this isn’t a legal ceremony, you have a lot more flexibility to make your vow renewal your own.

For example, you can choose to remove the ring exchange, re-exchange your current wedding rings, or exchange brand new rings in your vow renewal script. Instead of signing a marriage licence, you could sign a printed version of your vows to demonstrate your recommitment to one another. You could also simplify the ceremony, choosing to only exchange vows and seal your renewed promises with a kiss.

Your vows will be the most important part of your renewal ceremony. After all, they’re the whole reason why you’re having this ceremony! More than just an excuse to party, your vows are your chance to put into words why you want to recommit yourself to your partner, what you love most about them, what this marriage has meant to you, and what you want it to look like going forward.

Make sure you’re dedicating time to putting together the perfect renewal vows for your celebration. Get inspired by our wedding vow renewal examples below and check out our FREE guide to writing the best vows

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12 wedding vow renewal examples

Below you’ll find 12 wedding vow renewal examples perfect for any kind of commitment ceremony. Remember, these examples are just a starting point. Feel free to personalize and adapt these vow renewal examples to make them unique and meaningful for you and your partner. Or use them to inspire you to write your own vows!

Classic vow renewal

“I, [Name], take you, [Name], to be my beloved spouse once again. I promise to continue cherishing and honouring you, through all the ups and downs of life. With this vow, I reaffirm my eternal love and devotion to you.”

Adventure-themed vow renewal

“As we embark on another journey of love, I, [Name], pledge to continue exploring the world by your side. I promise to be your constant companion, your partner in adventure, and your rock in times of uncertainty. Let’s continue making unforgettable memories together.”

Promise of growth

“I stand before you, [Name], grateful for the years we’ve shared and excited for the ones to come. Today, I vow to support your dreams and aspirations, to grow alongside you, and to always encourage your personal development. Together, we will become the best versions of ourselves.”

Beach vow renewal examples

“Like the ocean’s tides, our love has weathered storms and danced with joy. I promise to stand with you through every wave of life. With sandy toes and a full heart, I renew my commitment to you and our beautiful journey.”

Family-focused vows

“I renew my vows to you, [Name], not only as your spouse but also as a devoted parent to our children. I promise to love and guide them with you, creating a home filled with laughter, understanding, and unconditional love.”

Through thick and thin

“To my beloved [Name], we’ve faced challenges and celebrated triumphs together. I promise to be your unwavering support, your confidant, and your biggest cheerleader. As we renew our vows, I recommit to loving you fiercely in good times and bad.”

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Laughter and joy

“I vow to keep laughter alive in our relationship and to cherish every moment of joy we share. I promise to find humour in life’s little quirks and to never let a day go by without making you smile.”

Vow of forgiveness

“As we renew our commitment to one another, I acknowledge that we’re not perfect, but our love is worth the effort. I promise to forgive you, as I hope you’ll forgive me, and to work through any challenges that come our way with patience, understanding, and compassion.”

Shared dreams

“To my beloved [Name], today and every day, I promise to dream with you, to support your aspirations, and to work together to make our shared dreams a reality. Your happiness will always be my happiness.”

Soulmates vow

“I knew from the moment we met that our souls were connected. Today, I reaffirm my belief in destiny and promise to honour the sacred bond we share. You are my soulmate, and I am forever grateful for your love.”

Gratitude and appreciation

“In the presence of our loved ones, I express my deep gratitude for the love you’ve brought into my life. I promise to show appreciation for you and our relationship every day, celebrating the unique qualities that make us a perfect match.”

Timeless love

“As we stand here today, I am reminded of the timeless nature of true love. I promise to continue loving you with the same passion and devotion as the day we first said ‘I do.’ You are my forever love, and I am yours.”

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How to celebrate: 10 year vow renewal ideas

So you’re coming up on 10 years of marriage? Congratulations! One of the best ways to celebrate your love and look forward to the next 10 years is with a vow renewal. Here are some 10 year vow renewal ideas to ensure your celebration is as memorable and meaningful as possible.

(PS: Renewing your vows at 5 years, 20 years or some other milestone? Awesome! These ideas work for any kind of vow renewal.)

  • Display photos from each year of your marriage. Bonus points if you can line it up with the number of tables (i.e. 10 tables for your 10 year vow renewal) and display photos from each year at their corresponding table.
  • Theme your 10 year vow renewal. Celebrate your decade of marriage by throwing it back to 2013! Hang posters from popular 2013 movies (like “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”), listen to 2013 music (like “What Does The Fox Say?”) and rock some 2013 fashion (like space leggings and peplum skirts!).
  • Involve friends and family members who have been a big part of your marriage in your renewal. You can ask these special loved ones to give toasts, do readings or even join you in a family vow.
  • Have the wedding you never could. Maybe you’ve always wanted to say your vows on the beach but it rained in 2013, forcing your wedding indoors. Well, now is the time to plan the wedding of your dreams!
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a vow renewal. Get rid of all of the expectations of a traditional wedding and mix things up with your vow renewal. There’s no reason to wear a white dress or black suit if you don’t want to; rock that bright pink jumpsuit you’ve been dying to wear!
  • Memorialize the event. Hire a photographer and videographer to capture all the best moments of your vow renewal. Frame your recommitment vows and hang them in your home where you can read them every day. Or create a time capsule from the day to open on your 20th anniversary!

Renewing your vows is a beautiful way to celebrate your years of marriage and commit to many more years together. Get started by writing personal renewal vows with our FREE vow writing guide and get in touch to create a custom ceremony with your officiant. May your vow renewal ceremony be filled with love and joy, celebrating your past years and your bright future together!