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  • Engagement ring in red box with florals around

    How to Announce Your Engagement

    Congratulations, you’re engaged! Whether on bended knee with big shiny rock or a meaningful conversation on your couch, you and…

  • wedding ceremony guests celebrating with newlyweds

    The Do’s & Don’ts of Wedding Ceremony Guest Behaviour

    When it comes to wedding ceremony guest behaviour, there are a few rules we believe all guests should follow. As…

  • do you have to say vows at a wedding, read vows at wedding ceremony, personal vows

    Do You Have to Say Vows at a Wedding?

    We typically think of a wedding ceremony as having a few things: a couple madly in love, a first kiss,…

  • young hip and married vancouver elopement

    Where Does Everyone Stand During a Wedding Ceremony?

    Places, everyone! The wedding ceremony is about to start. But where does everyone stand during a wedding ceremony? Is everyone…

  • how to choose your wedding date, open calendar

    How to Choose Your Wedding Date

    They say timing is everything and that’s certainly true when it comes to your wedding date! Rather than blindly pointing…

  • clinking glasses, cheering at wedding rehearsal dinner

    7 Fun Things to Do at Your Rehearsal Dinner

    Leading up to the big day, the rehearsal dinner provides the perfect opportunity for friends and family to gather, celebrate,…

  • How to write wedding vows, I believe statement

    Wedding Vows: Writing Your Knowing Statements

    Are you getting married this year? Do you want to know how to write your wedding vows? In the below…

  • How to honor passed loved ones at your wedding ceremony

    The Best Way to Honour Passed Loved Ones at Your Wedding Ceremony

    Are you getting married this year? If you have loved ones that may have passed on or can’t make the…

  • How long should wedding vows be, wedding officiant advice

    How Long Should Your Wedding Vows Be?

    If you’re getting married this year and wondering how long your wedding vows should be, you’re not alone. Wedding vows…

  • Get to Know Victoria Elopement Photographer Jade!

    We’re so excited to introduce you to one of the newest members of our Intimate Elopement + Photography team, Victoria…