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  • fun wedding officiant script with young hip and married vancouver wedding

    How to Create a Fun Wedding Officiant Script

    At Young Hip & Married, we’re on a mission to eradicate boring wedding ceremonies from the face of the planet.…

  • wedding processional with two brides, couple walks into ceremony together

    What Is a Wedding Processional?

    Unless you’re planning a wedding, you may not have given too much thought to the wedding processional. Somehow, the couple…

  • modern and cool wedding officiant outfits, young hip and married officiant

    Your Guide to Wedding Officiant Outfits

    Choosing outfits for a wedding – from ballgowns and tuxes to jumpsuits and leather jackets – is no easy task.…

  • why you need to see your ceremony script before your wedding, young hip and married

    Why You Need to See Your Ceremony Script Before the Wedding

    As wedding officiants, we spend a lot of time writing ceremony scripts, editing them and saying them out loud on…

  • repeating wedding vows

    What to Know About Repeating Wedding Vows + 10 Wedding Vow Examples!

    If you’ve watched a movie with a wedding scene or been to a few weddings, you’ve probably heard repeating wedding…

  • Your Guide to Wedding Officiant Gifts

    Below we’re talking all about wedding officiant gifts, tips and more. Do you have to tip your wedding officiant? Do…

  • kissing at a wedding, porteau cove elopement, first kiss, lgbtq wedding

    Everything to Know About Kissing at a Wedding

    You and your partner sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! We all know the song, but even years after singing it…

  • How to Change Your Last Name in Oregon After Marriage

    Did you just have a wedding or elopement in Oregon? Congratulations! Now that you’re married, you may be wondering how…

  • how to find a wedding officiant

    How to Find a Wedding Officiant

    Many couples start wedding planning by setting a budget, booking a venue and sitting down to find their vendors. But…

  • perform a marriage in BC with Young Hip & Married helicopter elopement photo by Erica Miller Photography

    Who Can Perform a Marriage in BC?

    Who can perform a marriage in BC? Who can officiate a wedding? Who can legally marry us? If your head…