One of the most beautiful places in all of Canada to tie the knot is Vancouver Island. Home to picturesque coastlines, stunning hilltops, scenic wineries and, yes, even fairytale castles, it’s no wonder so many of our couples choose to get married in and around Victoria, BC.

We recently chatted with Young Hip & Married Officiant Melinda all about marrying couples on the Island. She was so passionate about Vancouver Island weddings that we had to invite Melinda back to share some of her favourite elopement locations around the Island.

Keep reading to learn why Melinda loves officiating for couples on Vancouver Island and her top Vancouver Island wedding locations! 

A very special thank you to Melinda for not only filling us in on her favourite spots but also providing photos! 

Vancouver Island wedding with Young Hip & Married officiant Melinda
by Jayme Lang Photography

Why should couples get married on Vancouver Island?

Melinda: Vancouver Island is a stunning place to get married. There are endless options for wedding venues, including beaches, forests, gardens, resorts, and even castles.

What are some of your favourite Vancouver Island wedding locations?

Melinda: Vancouver Island has so many incredible places that will suit every kind of wedding adventure.

It’s always fun to see it through the eyes of people who don’t live here. They are always in awe of the beauty of the island. I’m so grateful to live and work in this magical place.

Melinda’s top recommendations for where to get married on Vancouver Island

1. Francis/King Regional Park (Saanich, BC)

Francis King Park upper area with boardwalk through the forest
Francis King Park (upper)
Francis King Park lower area with forest of trees
Francis King Park (lower)

The park features ancient trees up to 600 years old and is perfect for a magical forest elopement. There’s the lower part of Francis King Park where I actually officiated my first wedding under the “Miracle Tree.”

There’s also the upper part of Francis King Park with trails running through the forest. There’s a boardwalk, which makes this location more accessible for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

2. Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse (Saanichton, BC)

Wedding ceremony set up at Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse

Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse, Vancouver Island wedding locations

Sea Cider Farm is a great place for a wedding or elopement on Vancouver Island. They’ve got great staff, a beautiful forested venue for the ceremony, and a chic-rustic reception hall.

3. Horticultural Centre of the Pacific (Victoria, BC)

I love Horticultural Centre of the Pacific as a Victoria wedding venue because it has so many options!

There is a dedicated ceremony space overlooking a small lake, a classy west coast themed pavilion, and my personal favourite, the Japanese Garden.

Envision yourself getting married on the bridge in a lush fern grotto, with a flowing creek and gorgeous flowers all around you. It’s absolutely magical!

4. East Sooke Park: Aylard Farm and Iron Mine Bay (Sooke, BC)

Aylard Farm in East Sooke Park, Victoria elopement location
Aylard Farm
Iron Mine Bay in East Sooke Park, beach with two dogs on the sand
Iron Mine Bay

East Sooke Park is the ultimate west coast experience, perfect for couples looking to elope on the beach. Two of my favourite spots in the park for elopements are Aylard Farm and Iron Mine Bay. Just remember to bring your hiking boots!

5. Cordova Bay Beach (Victoria, BC)

Floral arch set up at Cordova Bay Beach, Vancouver Island wedding location

Cordova Bay Beach offers white sand, driftwood, and a stunning view of Mount Baker and the San Juan Islands. What more could you need from a Vancouver Island elopement spot?

6. Hatley Castle (Victoria, BC)

Hatley Castle in Victoria, Vancouver Island wedding locations

For the superhero movie fans, what could be better than getting married at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters or Lex Luthor’s lair? Both of those were shot at Hatley Castle in Victoria, BC.

Even if you’re not a superhero fan, Hatley Castle is still a magical place on the Island to get married and bring all of your fairytale visions to life.

More Victoria & Vancouver Island elopement inspiration

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Thanks again to Officiant Melinda for sharing her favourite Vancouver Island wedding and elopement locations with us!

If you’d like Melinda to officiate your wedding on the Island, you can learn more about her here. You can also check out our ceremony packages and get in touch to book yours today!