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A Great Outdoor Option for Weddings in the Rain: Umbrellas!

A Great Outdoor Option for Weddings in the Rain: Umbrellas!
August 12, 2016 jane

While there are lots of Vancouver elopement locations perfect for a rainy day, sometimes the simplest option is the best one. What better option for an outdoor wedding in the rain is there than umbrellas?

If you know it’s going to rain on your wedding day and you’d really rather not deal with the downpour, it makes sense to book an indoor venue or make plans for a covered location. But if the weather report is uncertain or you don’t mind getting a little wet, we’re totally with you! Umbrellas are an awesome option for a rainy day elopement.

Not only will umbrellas keep you dry, allowing you to get married in any of Vancouver’s beautiful elopement locations, but they also add a bit of magic to your wedding ceremony. There’s something so cozy and romantic about snuggling underneath an umbrella.

Pro tip: Opt for a white or clear umbrella. Not only do white or clear umbrellas look fancier (and more appropriate for a Vancouver elopement), but they also photograph better. Black or dark coloured umbrellas can cast a dark shadow on your face and block the lighting.

photo by Karizma Photography

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Photo by Erica Miller Photography

4 reasons to bring umbrellas to your Vancouver elopement

  • In case you’re new around here, it rains A LOT in Vancouver. Even if your wedding day isn’t calling for rain, knowing you have umbrellas on standby can help ease your nerves.
  • Umbrellas mean you have to lean in nice and close to stay dry. We love the magical, cozy and romantic vibes that umbrellas provide.
  • With an umbrella, you can go anywhere! You’re not restricted to areas with cover or indoor locations. This allows you to be more spontaneous and not compromise on your photos.
  • Umbrellas can be a lot of fun! Our photographers are very experienced at capturing elopement photos with umbrellas and have some great ideas up their sleeves. The sense of playfulness you’ll feel while holding an umbrella can also lead to some awesome shots.
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Photo by Erica Miller Photography