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About Young Hip & Married

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Young Hip & Married exists for two reasons: to help couples get married and have a fantastic marriage.

As wedding officiants, we’re on a mission to eradicate dull and boring wedding ceremonies from the face of the planet and to help couples create a sweet lifelong union that gets better with age. If every couple is different then why have we all been to the same boring ceremony so many times? Young Hip & Married officiants will marry you YOUR way—creative and personalized ceremonies are our specialty.

We don’t just want you to have an amazing personal ceremony, we also want your marriage to be fun and exciting and to last forever. Our partner company, Thrive Couples Coaching, is designed to equip couples with the necessary knowledge, resources, and skills to not just stay married, but also love the journey. Your marriage is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have—we want to help you start off strong and thrive for life.

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The history of Young Hip & Married

The story of Young Hip & Married starts back in 2004—with a wedding of course. After just over a year of knowing each other, Shawn and Erica Miller got hitched! Their journey inspired them to want to help others get married and have the tools to invest in their marriage.

Here’s Shawn telling their story:

I have always been a BIG FAN of personal development and as I became an adult I knew I wanted to help people succeed in life. This led me to pursue a career in personal development and coaching.

In 2008 after having our first baby, I started my own company. As much as I liked being my own boss, my business didn’t do so hot, so I headed back into the corporate world and landed a job with a bank.

Now let’s just say, the banking industry and I didn’t mix too well. So while still at the bank, Erica and I decided to try that whole entrepreneurship thing again. We both wanted a creative outlet that would make a difference in people’s lives. With my coach training, Erica’s psychology background, and our own journey in marriage, coaching couples seemed like a great fit.

We initially started out as a relationship coaching company but quickly teamed up with a friend who was a wedding officiant and began to offer both coaching and officiating to engaged couples.

Shortly after, it was clear that we were onto something. I left my boring bank job (thank God), and took a job serving tables at The Keg (slightly better than the bank) because when you are just starting a business something has to pay the bills!

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More Young Hip & Married history:

Requests for weddings kept rolling in and Erica and I had a steady stream of relationship coaching clients. We grew the business over the next few years, nearly doubling our client base year after year, and adding a bunch of new marriage commissioners and wedding officiants.

Up until the end of our second wedding season, Erica and I had been running the company and doing pre-marital coaching but I was not involved in weddings yet.

I never thought I would end up officiating weddings, but due to the number of requests I was getting at the end of our second wedding season (summer 2012), I officiated my first wedding and loved it!

During this time Erica’s photography business was really taking off, as well as my officiating, and it became clear that we would no longer have the capacity to run the company and coach clients by ourselves.

So we began to bring on more great wedding officiants, elopement photographers, coaches and staff.

In 2013, our business gained more recognition when I was a runner up for the Best Wedding Officiant in BC. And in 2014 and 2015, I was awarded Best Wedding Officiant in BC—something I am very proud of. Young Hip & Married has gone on to win Best Wedding Officiant in BC every year since!

Over the next several years Young Hip & Married exploded and we expanded all across BC as well as into Alberta, Ontario and the United States. In 2022 the company booked over 800 weddings across Canada and the US —with almost 30 wedding officiants and photographers on the team.

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The Young Hip & Married Staff Team

Although the bulk of Young Hip & Married is made up of our awesome team of wedding officiants across North America, there are a few of us that keep things moving from Metro Vancouver. We manage the officiant and photographer teams, do the technical stuff, blog, gram, tweet, post, email, and photograph. We work together so that our awesome couples can have the wedding ceremony of their dreams and keep their marriage going strong for life.

Shawn Miller – Co-owner/Founder/Officiant

Erica Miller – Co-owner/Head Photographer

Jane Halton – Head Officiant/Renaissance Woman

Rebecca Lobel – Director of Customer Service

Danya Pidlisetska – Customer Relations Representative

Riana Ang-Canning – Content Queen

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Our mission at Young Hip & Married is simple: to help you get married and have a fantastic marriage.

Our team of wedding officiants would love to design a creative and personalized ceremony that is true to you—whether that is a fancy hotel affair, a quaint backyard picnic, or you and your fiancé on a mountaintop!

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