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Looking Back at Our First Date Night

Looking Back at Our First Date Night
May 26, 2017 Riana Ang-Canning

On March 30th we hosted our first Young Hip & Married date night…

THRIVE: Better Together

…and it was awesome! We invited Vancouver couples to join us at the Anza Club for a fun night out and an opportunity to intentionally focus on their relationship. We feasted on delicious appetizers, enjoyed beer and wine, and totally raided the candy bar. We posed for hilarious photobooth pictures and we mingled with new friends and old.

Then we all took a seat while Shawn Miller, our founder, shared some relationship¬†wisdom with us. He told hilarious tales of his children at Disneyland and reminded us all that our partners aren’t mind readers. After his talk, we handed out pens and paper and invited our friends to write some good ol’ fashioned love letters to their partners which we mailed out after the event.

We gave a last call for drinks, hit up the candy bar one more time and went home happy, sugar-fueled and ready to do life with our partners because we’re better together.

Here are some awesome photos by Erica Miller Photography (yes, Shawn’s wife!) of the night along with reviews from our friends who joined us:


“I thought it was great. Venue, great! Candy bar, great!, Talk by Shawn, Great!, Photobooth, Great! Appetizers, I thought they were delicious.”



“Wonderful event! We had a great evening with our friends. We look forward to hearing about future events you do!! Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!”


“We really enjoyed all aspects – venue, food, drinks, decorations, the talk, and the general mood/vibe. Loved that there was no pressure to “share” with the group. The letter writing was a really nice touch. Well done! We would attend another event – a low key venue, good drink prices, tasty food, and just the right length of a talk to give us something to think about. Thanks!”



“We really enjoyed ourselves! Shawn is a fantastic speaker (and now we want him to officiate our wedding – success, guys! ;)) and we thought his talk was great. The letter writing was super fun (as was the candy bar).”


“We really liked the letters to each other. Thanks for a fun event!”


“Glad there was no group sharing! Love the candy, of course. Thanks!”


“Overall good event, and looking forward to attending another with another speaker!”

written by Riana Ang-Canning

Our first THRIVE Date Night was a huge success! And we can’t wait to do it all over again…

So join us on Thursday, June 8th for THRIVE: Serious Fun.
This time, we’re taking the fun level up a notch by hosting our date night at West Coast Flying Trapeze. Enjoy circus activities with your partner, drinks, candy and a short talk on how to keep the fun in your relationship.
We’ve only got room for 15 couples so be sure to get your tickets ASAP:¬†