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Shawn Miller

My wife, Erica and I are the Founders and the Owners here at Young Hip & Married—I also happen to be one of our officiants. But first and foremost, I am husband to my beautiful wife Erica whom I married in 2004, and the father to our four incredible kids: Zion (2008), Vannden (2010), Onyx (2012) and our ‘baby’ girl Emmanuella (2014).

I love to cook (thank goodness for that because cooking for 6 everyday is no small feat). YH&M is my passion but when I’m not working I love being outside: hiking, running, jumping off cliffs, racing dune buggies across Mexico—you know the normal stuff. I also love doing anything outdoors with my kiddos—biking, skiing, camping, we love it all.

Erica and the kids are my inspiration for all the work I do here at YH&M and I really love love love helping people get married and stay married!

Every love story is so unique, and I have yet to hear a love story that is not worth celebrating.  My goal when I do a wedding is to represent my couples in the truest form to who they are as individuals and as a couple.

I want your wedding to FEEL like you. I want your guests to walk out saying, “Wow, that was so them!” I also want your guests to learn about why you work so well together, and why they have come to this big party in the first place.

If you have found that special someone to spend your life with, that is a remarkable thing and chances are it didn’t just happen. I want to share your story with the people that mean most to you. Let’s tell them a love story they will never forget.

Although I keep very busy running the company, and being a dad to my 4 kids, I still officiate quite a few weddings every year. If you’re interested in having me do your wedding, just click here!



  • We knew from the very first email that YH&M would be our vendor of choice! Shawn and the rest of the team were so accommodating and welcoming, we instantly felt we were in the right hands. They have guided us through the whole process (including writing our wedding vows!) and Shawn was awesome during our ceremony! It was so personal and heartfelt. We can really feel the dedication and passion he put into his craft. A handful of couples were actually inspired to renew their vows because of the ceremony Shawn has put together. Thank you to the team behind YH&M. May you continue to officiate more happy beginnings, just like you did with ours.

    Janice & Andrew
  • Working with Shawn and the Young Hip and Married team was a dream come true. We had a good feeling about it from the beginning based on the feedback from other couples so we didn’t think twice. Shawn’s enthusiasm was contagious and inspired us to think about taking a modern approach to our ceremony (like doing a cocktail hour before), infusing our personal story with a little bit of humour, and writing the most heartfelt vows (their guideline to writing vows was super helpful). We also appreciated the extra care when our officiant phoned on the day before our wedding just to check in on how we were feeling. Our wedding was truly beautiful, but one of the best compliments we get from our guests are that they absolutely LOVED the ceremony, and some even say that it was the best part of our wedding. Young Hip and Married is for anyone who thinks that their wedding ceremony should be unique, on-brand and fun. They are dedicated to celebrating not only weddings but LOVE as a whole!

    Elena Sarasom
  • Exceeded expectations at every turn! We cannot recommend Young Hip and Married highly enough. Every single person we interacted with was amazing. Their customer service is top notch and the officiants are incredible. We received so many compliments on our officiant and it’s such an unexpected thing for guests to actually be awake and engaged during a wedding ceremony (ha!). Thank you so much to Shawn and the team for being a part of our big day and making it such a fun and enjoyable experience! 10/10 all around!

    Erin & Mike
  • We wanted to express our sincere thanks for the most wonderful, exclusive wedding anyone could wish for. Thank you Erica and Shawn for sharing our special moment.

    Neena & Harjinder
  • We had a very quick elopement (15min + 45min photo shoot) on a local beach outside of Vancouver. Shawn, our officiant, and Erica the photographer were awesome. Everything went smoothly, Shawn was a great speaker even though he had never met us, and Erica was very casual to work with afterwards for our photo shoot. We were lucky enough to have both of them available for our date with only about 2 months notice. Thanks guys!

    by Erica Miller Photography

    Andrew & Tara
  • From the very first day we met Shawn, we knew our ceremony was going to be prefect! He listened and understood what we wanted and made it so personal. He was patient with us on editing the draft and was super helpful at explaining why he did certain things, but changed it if we wanted to. Yes, they are more expensive than a government marriage commissioner, but it is well worth it. All my guests said they LOVED the ceremony (and so did we)!!!!

    Jennifer & Joshua
  • I was one of the many couples at Robson’s Square on Valentine’s. I just wanted to say again how thankful I am for what you guys did there. I am sure that all those involved are still exhausted and horse from that days events, but I sincerely hope that your views of that day were not changed! I must confess when I woke up that morning I had no idea I was going to get married, but even if I had known I couldn’t have pictured a more beautiful ceremony, or have found more perfect vows! Thank you so much Shawn Miller for marrying us! Though we had not met before, you spoke to us as old friends, easing our nerves, and even making us laugh. We were by know means the first couple you married that day, but you performed our ceremony as though we were. When you spoke the crowd around us melted away and there was only us three. It was absolute perfection! My only wish now is that I had a copy of those beautiful vows you helped us recite. In the moment I knew what I was saying was right with all my heart! Now that the moment has passed however, I can’t seem to remember them as eloquently as I should. I know it may seem silly seeing as you probably said the same words to every couple there that day but to me those words were meant for us and they are the words I would like to tell my grandchildren I said to their grandpa however many Valentine’s Days ago. My deepest and sincerest thanks to Shawn and everyone involved at Young Hip and Married. I really do hope you can continue this tradition though I do understand the event surely has taken off. In any case I will be sure to recommend Young Hip and Married to anyone getting married! You guys have started our lives together on the best note possible!

  • Our first meeting with Shawn from Young Hip & Married confirmed that we were working with a caring and professional officiant. We went with the Rocking Wedding package and were so happy with the level of detail and the way that our personal story was told throughout the ceremony. Shawn was easy to get a hold of and always responded quickly to our questions. Our wedding hit a major hiccup when our venue was vandalized and we had to find a new location for our ceremony and reception. Shawn did everything to make sure that his part in our wedding caused no additional stress. He was flexible with the location and timeline for the day, assured us that he would adjust his intro to suit our new location, and took in stride that our wedding took place outside in a downpour of rain. Our ceremony went smoothly, beautifully, and was so meaningful to us both! We couldn’t recommend Shawn more!

    Nicole & Alexander
  • Shawn Miller crafted an amazing ceremony for my wife and I and he was incredible to work with throughout the entire process!

    Travis Harrison
  • Shawn really made our day amazing! He had great energy and we are so happy we had him be a part of our wedding day! Both my wife and I were pretty nervous to be the center of attention and Shawn took charge! I would recommend Shawn and his team over and over again. He’s a professional, easy to deal with and anyone would be lucky to have him at their wedding! Thank you Shawn for all of your help and for being a huge part of our wedding day!
    Duane & Tessa
  • My husband and I were recommended to check out Young, Hip & Married for our officiant services and we had a great experience. From the moment we met Shawn, we knew that we could trust him to be nothing but perfect for our day and he absolutely was. We have been married now for three weeks and our guests are still talking about how fabulous the ceremony was and how much a part of it they felt they were. We highly recommend Young Hip & Married to all future couples; you won’t be disappointed!

    Ashley Douglas
  • From start to finish the experience with Young Hip & Married was great! Everyone was so nice and really helped to make us feel stress free 🙂

    Hayle & Jeremy
  • Shawn Miller was the perfect officiant for our wedding. Not only did he hike up the mountain with us, but he provided us with the most beautiful ceremony filled with touching sentiments and made the experience very personal for us. I highly recommend him.

    Shana & Kevin
  • Shawn from Young, Hip, and Married was the officiant for our wedding in October 2016. Communication leading up to the wedding was prompt, the script he produced was fantastic and wonderfully tailored to us, and he made sure that everything went incredibly smoothly. YHM are paragons of professionalism, right down to the wedding rehearsal (which I highly recommend you take advantage of). I have literally no complaints about them and, were I to do it all over again, I’d still go with YHM. They’re not the cheapest, but you absolutely get what you pay for.

    Geoff Fisher
  • My husband and I had a wonderful experience with our officiant Shawn. A lovely and dedicated person who made our day so much easier and enjoyable for everyone!

    Harry & Toby
  • We were SO pleased with YHM! Shawn was our officiant and was great to work with. He collaborated with us to customize our ceremony. He also did a fantastic job facilitating and taking charge of our rehearsal. On our wedding day day, Shawn was fantastic. His kind energy put everyone at ease and he was very charismatic and engaging. Our guests were blown away by our ceremony and I would recommend Shawn to any couple needing an officiant!

  • We were extremely happy and fortunate to have you marry us. It was unfortunate with all the rain, however it was still a beautiful day and everything turned out fantastic – best day ever!

    Henry & Mel
  • We were blessed to have Shawn officiate our marriage! The whole journey from meeting them via zoom, and going through the process of writing vows and planning the coordinates was so hassle free! We are very grateful to have them to be part of our wedding journey! Shawn was early in the location making sure everyone feels welcome. He is very professional and very kind. Before the event starts, he came out to find me and re-assure me that everything is perfect and that everything is right on time. 5/5 star is not enough, should be 10/10 🙂

    Reyanna & Gerard
  • Thank you so much for everything you have done for us – you truly were AMAZING and it not only was such a memorable experience for us but for all of our guests as well! Everyone have continuously been telling us that they have never been a part of such an amazing, beautiful and personal ceremony. It really was our favorite part of the day and we couldn’t be any happier than choosing you to be our officiant! We will forever recommend you as an officiant to family and friends getting married and will definitely follow your blog to hopefully join in on some of the events and workshops you have!

    Karly & Wade
  • We had Shawn Miller as our wedding officiant and it was the best decision we could of made for our wedding!! Shawn won us over with his refreshing positive outlook on marriage and after meeting with him, he had us even more excited for our wedding day (which we didn’t think was possible). From beginning to end, Shawn had us covered and left us feeling relaxed and eager for our day. He was extremely accommodating and created the perfect ceremony catered to us. Throughout the evening we had so many compliments about our ceremony.Weeks after the wedding, we are still receiving so many compliments on how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how amazing Shawn was. Thank you to Young Hip and Married for making our day even more perfect. Thank you Shawn for everything!!!

    Chelsea Brittany
  • Our officiant, Shawn, was so supportive and inspiring leading up to and during our elopement! He made our ceremony so fun and easy going! Until today all of our guests keep commenting on how much they enjoyed Shawn’s words and the energy he brought into our special day! Thank you so much again!!! My husband and I would highly recommend this organization to anyone getting married! You won’t regret it 🙂

    Daniella & Mark
  • Shawn officiated our wedding. We couldn’t be happier with our experience. Shawn was very professional throughout the process and took the time to get to know us so that he could tailor our ceremony to suit our personalities. The ceremony was perfect and it felt “very us.” We had numerous people come to us after the wedding and ask if Shawn was a friend of ours because the ceremony felt that personal. I would highly recommend using this company for your wedding.

    Stacy Shields
  • We couldn’t have been happier with our decision to pick Shawn Miller from YH&M as our wedding officiant! If we had a penny for every time a wedding guest came up to us at the reception and said that that was the best wedding ceremony they’d ever been to, we’d be rich! Shawn was so professional and fun right from our first meeting. He crafted a beautiful, personal ceremony that was the perfect mix of sweet, funny and sentimental. He even helped us write our own vows! Shawn brought such lovely energy and enthusiasm to the whole ceremony (and even the rehearsal), our guests (and of course ourselves!) were delighted and excited. We cannot recommend him enough!

    Margaret & Nathan
  • Thank you Shawn for making our day extra special. The process was seamless, classy, and laid back. Exactly what we wanted. Thank you!

    Christy & Brian
  • Shawn Miller was the officiant at my wedding and he was phenomenal. He was easy to communicate with leading up to the wedding and he prepared a thoughtful and energetic ‘script’ for the wedding ceremony. We received so many compliments from wedding guests on the back of our wedding. Young Hip & Married was worth every penny.
    Brett & Jennifer
  • We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with a wedding officiant. Shawn from YH&M was absolutely amazing. Highly recommend this company. Not only will they marry you however you want, they are great, down to earth people. The best of the best!
    Sophia Milette
  • I can’t express how much I recommend this company. From the first email to the wedding itself and everything in between, they have been friendly, helpful and all around amazing. My husband and I wanted to do something absolutely different and wild, asking 9 of our close friends to hike Dog Mountain on Seymour at sunrise to witness us get married. When I wrote the email to Young Hip & Married about what we envisioned our wedding day to look like, they didn’t even hesitate to accommodate our insane request. Our wedding was perfect! I can’t thank Shawn enough for waking up at 3:00am, meeting us on the mountain at 4:15am and hiking to the lookout with all of us. This gratitude we feel can’t be put into words. Good on you for creating such an amazing company! Obviously our crazy wedding has caught some attention amongst our peers and I’ve been singing the highest praises about Young Hip & Married! Use them! They’re the best!

    Caitlin & Christophe
  • Our officiant, Shawn, was so supportive and inspiring leading up to and during our elopement! He made our ceremony so fun and easy going! Until today all of our guests keep commenting on how much they enjoyed Shawn’s words and the energy he brought into our special day! Thank you so much again!!! My husband and I would highly recommend this organization to anyone getting married! You won’t regret it 🙂

    Daniella & Mark
  • We had Shawn as our officiant. Shawn was awesome – we loved the ceremony draft he made for us and he really made the day about my husband and I. Our family mentioned that Shawn did a phenomenal job and they really enjoyed his personality. Some family members even said they wish they had somebody like him for their wedding. Shawn helped us with our vows. When he double booked himself he apologised and sent a co-worker in his place for the rehearsal. Shawn’s coworker Denise did so good and was so helpful. The company is awesome and has many choices for officiants and we loved how they personalized everything around my husband and I. Definitely recommend them.

    Samantha & Sean
  • My husband and I tied the knot on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 and Shawn Miller was our wedding officiant. We both knew Shawn prior to getting engaged. Once we got engaged we knew immediately who we wanted to marry us. Shawn made our wedding all about us– plain and simple. He took the time and effort to really get to know us (aside from what he already knew), who we are as individuals, who we are as a couple, our values, our view on marriage, what kind of wedding we want – everything! He compiled all of this into a draft, which we got to read and edit. We tossed the draft around a few times over the months until it was just what we wanted. He assisted us with the writing of our vows, he tossed around new ideas (wine box ceremony – which we ended up having at our ceremony!), and he incorporated the story of my husband and I and how we met into our ceremony. Our guests kept coming up to us at the reception inquiring about Shawn and commenting on how incredible, beautiful, personal, and unique our ceremony was. They mentioned they had never been to a ceremony like ours before and that it was just outstanding. We highly recommend Shawn of Young, Hip, and Married as your wedding officiant!

    Brad & Anita
  • Shawn was so helpful and encouraging and kind, which helped so much because we were both pretty nervous. He helped us make our ceremony so unique and specific to us as a couple, and many guests complimented us for not going with a traditional or religious ceremony. He kept both of us and all of our guests engaged in the ceremony and the reason we were there. Thank you, Shawn! We’ll remember you forever!

  • Shawn Miller was our officiant for our small ceremony on May 12, 2017. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to be part of the one of the biggest days of our lives! Not only was the experience a memorable one for us, it was special and unique. Shawn spoke with warmth and sincerity. He brought smiles to our faces and our hearts. If anyone is looking for a wonderful, professional, charismatic and all around awesome person to officiant your wedding, I would highly recommend it! In fact, I insist it!

    Tina Do-An
  • Shawn, we wanted to thank you for being our officiant; you were absolutely amazing. We could not have asked for a better ceremony. Even though we had just met, you made it so personal and it was fantastic! We were so happy with how our day went; we wouldn’t have changed a thing! Thank you for being a part of our special day.

    Katrina & Scott
  • Shawn from Young Hip & Married managed to pull off a ceremony that all our parents (and us!) truly loved and we weren’t really sure if that would even be​ remotely possible! My husband and I grew up with different cultures and traditions and Shawn helped us find the perfect balance creating a custom ceremony that was so special and meaningful for us and our families. We got so many compliments from our guests on the ceremony, they loved being involved and a few people even asked if Shawn was a friend of ours! It was exactly what we wanted! We highly recommend Shawn if you’re looking for an excellent officiant​. The whole process was easy and professional.

    Ashley & Simon
  • A moment of huge appreciation and joy for the people at Young Hip & Married that were so accommodating, kind, and well spoken for our COVID-19 ceremony. Our friends and family who watched the video were all like “Wow the guy who married you guys was such a great speaker!” or some variation, and honestly, I just really enjoyed working with them! I’m not planning on getting married again, so I can’t say that I would use them again for, you know, another marriage ceremony. But we are planning on doing a vow renewal or something once COVID is under wraps and we can actually, you know, hug our friends and family without fear of giving them (or receiving) a virus; and for that we are definitely planning on going back to Young Hip & Married to see if that’d be cool!

    Nicholas & Kim
  • Shawn from Young, Hip, and Married was the officiant for our wedding last October (2016). Communication leading up to the wedding was prompt, the script he produced was fantastic and wonderfully tailored to us, and he made sure that everything went incredibly smoothly. YHM are paragons of professionalism, right down to the wedding rehearsal (which I highly recommend you take advantage of). I have literally no complaints about them and, were I to do it all over again, I’d still go with YHM. They’re not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for.

    Geoff & Kat Fisher
  • When we decided to elope, our expectations (when it came to finding an officiant and photographer) did not include anything close to the level of expertise we experienced with Shawn and Erica. It’s impossible to describe, except to say that they put such beautiful human touches on so many moments. We are extremely grateful to have been joined by Shawn and Erica on this day!

    Grover & Helen
  • Young Hip and Married had already been recommended to us for their amazing officiants, but when we decided to elope this summer, we chose an elopement and photography package and couldn’t have been happier. We knew we wanted a mountaintop elopement, and were open to a hike, but didn’t have a specific location in mind. YHM were quick to help us figure out a location, and when that trail was closed on the date of our wedding, it was Erica and Shawn who came up with an excellent backup plan. Shawn’s ceremony was exactly what we didn’t know we were looking for, and Erica’s photography is stunning. They were both so warm, friendly and professional. They made our small, intimate wedding feel so special.

    Kirsten & Cameron
  • We had an amazing experience with YH&M who were the officiants for our ceremony. When we were at the very early stages of planning our wedding we had come across the YH&M team and immediately knew that we wanted them to be a part of our special day. We were so happy when the planners that found (Pop Up Weddings) used them as the officiants for the ceremonies that they organize. Shawn was so helpful from the very beginning and every step of the way even helping the groom with his boutonnière just before the ceremony! All of the correspondence we had with him was fun and made us even more excited! All of our guests raved to us about how great and perfect he was for our ceremony. We felt so at ease knowing we were in great hands. He was so supportive, professional, and welcoming. We will be recommending Shawn and his Young Hip and Married team to everyone! (Also, Shawn’s wife Erica is a fantastic photographer who we were so lucky to have capture the special moments of our day). Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

    The Carigrens
  • Absolutely amazing! We booked Shawn for out August 2018 wedding- and are so pleased that we did! Shawn was easy to work with, gave great advice and was a complete pro the day of. We wanted a lighthearted ceremony and we wanted people to enjoy themselves. I work in the wedding industry and have seen many a boring ceremony that seemed like the officiant was using a generic template. Shawn made a personalized wedding just for us, and gave great tips for writing our own vows. Great communication over the TWO YEARS that we waited from booking until our wedding (haha!). Both the day of, and in the following weeks, we have had so many guests raving about what an awesome ceremony it was and how great the officiant was (and what rad shoes he wore!). I strongly believe the ceremony can set the tone for the entire wedding day, and Shawn did exactly this for us- we had an amazing wedding that was so much fun (the best in my mind- but I may be a bit biased!).

    Gabrielle & Joel
  • Working with Shawn and Erica of Young Hip & Married was so awesome! There was so much excitement and high energy right before the ceremony and it was Shawn’s impromptu introduction that really brought us into the moment, setting the soulful intention and deep connected feeling for our ceremony. Even though he had never met us, it was like Shawn really knew us and got what we were all about. The ceremony was so personal and it was really reflective of our values and wants as a couple. We could not be more thrilled. Working with Erica for the photography was equally as awesome. She put us totally at ease and was up for all the silly photo ideas we had. She even walked over to the Olympic stage to take photos of us having our “first dance” at a public concert. Seriously, we can’t say enough good things about Shawn, Erica, and the YH&M Team. We are so happy that they were a part of our joy and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and personal wedding experience.

  • The best decision I have ever made was to get married. The second best decision ever was using Young Hip and Married. Erica, Shawn, and staff were all very helpful, efficient, and super friendly. Needs felt like they were matched above and beyond. Communication was usually within 2 days if not prompt. Highly suggested service, with A+ photography. Well worth it for couples of any age getting married. Thank you for everything guys; the wife and I are really happy.

    Thadius & Sarah
  • We couldn’t have been happier with Young hip and Married as our officiants! Shawn Miller made our day extra special, our ceremony was light, beautiful and filled with love. Our families were especially impressed with Shawn and how he made everyone feel like this day was as special to him as it was to us.

    Thank you for EVERYTHING Shawn. We have already been recommending you to our friends for their future ceremonies. 🙂

    Angela + Martin
  • One of the best choices we made for our wedding was booking Shawn! He was absolutely phenomenal!!! He created an incredible ceremony for us – it was unique and fit us perfectly. Not only were we blown away by him but all of our guests spoke so highly of the ceremony! We highly recommend Shawn to anyone considering Young Hip & Married for their wedding!

    Kaetlyn Ratzlaff
  • I couldn’t have asked for a better day! The Young Hip and Married team took care of everything for our small heli-elopement. It was the no stress wedding we were dreaming of. Shawn did a great job officiating and made us both feel comfortable and we were touched by his words. Erica’s photos turned out so beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for anything more !

    Megan & Kyle
  • We couldn’t be happier with booking Young Hip & Married. Shawn was the officiant for us and he was amazing. He really was able to capture us and have our ceremony reflect who we are. We had so many compliments from our guests about how much they enjoyed listening to him. He was able to really capture our guests and make the ceremony fun. Thank you so much for all the hard would you put in to making it a special time for us.

    Tamara Turner
  • We decide to do a Covid year wedding since we had no idea when things will get back to normal again. However, this choice came with a lot of changes along the way during our planning phase. Young Hip & Married went above and beyond accommodating all our date, time, and location changes. We bombarded them with a ton of e-mails, and was all answered with kindness and patience. Shawn was beyond amazing marrying us. He was so genuine, and his bubbly personality and wonderful speech really made the day even better than it was. Emily delivered us wonderful pictures that told our story of that morning, and she delivered sneak peaks to us immediately just because I needed to share it with family overseas. I would definitely recommend them to couples seeking to get married with little hassle!

    by Emily Nicole Photos

    Ginny & Jason
  • My wife and I could not have been happier with our experience with YH&M over the course of planning our wedding and the day itself. They were exceptionally accommodating as our plans changed with COVID, and Jackie-Deane provided fantastic customer service throughout. Shawn provided the perfect energy and feeling we had hoped for during the ceremony itself, which was personalized to us as a couple and our story. Could not more highly recommend YH&M as a great addition to your wedding day.

    Tom & Katherine
  • We had the best experience with them. They helped us to create the perfect wedding even during these difficult times. We are really grateful.

    Maria & Peter
  • We had an amazing experience with Young Hip and Married. We had Shawn Miller as our officiant, and we couldn’t be happier! He was kind, personable, communicative and attentive. YHM created a unique ceremony tailored to our personalities and hobbies, and Shawn did an amazing job telling “our story”. Our ceremony was funny, entertaining, romantic all in one, and people thought that Shawn had known us for years! It wasn’t the “boring” ceremony you hear at weddings, and I love that he gave us a script and asked us questions along the way. I love the fact that we also have a copy of it; I will print it out and put it in a wedding book 🙂 If you are thinking of hiring YHM for your wedding, DO IT! You won’t regret it! Thank you so so much Shawn 🙂

    Melissa & Steven
  • We feel very lucky to have had the one and only Shawn Miller marry us! Oh and did we mention award winner!

    We eloped from Australia and we found YH&M on Google, before watching Shawn and Erica’s early vlogs about the business and marriage. There was one helicopter elopement they both did by a stream, the words Shawn said, made the ceremony unique and moving in a way we have never seen before.

    Needless to say, we were desperate to book YH&M, both Shawn and his beautiful wife for our elopement. We were so lucky to get them both.

    Our elopement was at sunrise on a very cold, windy and rainy Saturday morning in late October. The day was perfect, Shawn’s words were relevant and real to us, even without having ever spoken with him in person. We were both overwhelmed by how he speaks from his heart. Even our one guest and witness, Tim from Landsea Tours & Adventures, commented on how beautiful the ceremony was.

    I could write for hours about our time with YH&M, but I would just say, experience it for yourself.

    And if you are on the fence about eloping, and want something very personal and intimate, you couldn’t find a better vendor.

    Photo by Erica Miller Photography

  • For our intimate, Covid19 wedding, Shawn made the experience feel comfortable and special. We really appreciated his words and manner. From booking, to wedding it was an easy process, and we were very happy with the outcome.

    by Erica Miller Photography

    Kaity & Andrew
  • We had Shawn officiate our wedding and it was amazing. We had so many compliments on the ceremony and people asking where we got him from. Some people complain about the costs for this company on the wedding groups I am in but they are worth every penny. The ceremony was personal and felt like he really knew us. He got our drafts to us in a timely manner, showed up for the rehearsal dinner (even though we forgot to confirm and we booked the rehearsal almost a year in advance, it gave me comfort for the wedding day knowing they had their schedule organized). Shawn was running about 30 minutes late on the day of the wedding but that was due to the people before us running behind so it was out of his control but he did call and let us know so we just made an announcement to our guests so they knew what was happening and could grab a drink while they were waiting. I would highly recommend Young Hip and Married.

    Lindsey Noble
  • We had such an amazing experience with Young Hip and Married. We had Shawn as our Officiant, and Erica as our photographer, they both made our elopement so comfortable and easy. We were able to enjoy every moment of our special day and we can’t thank them enough. We highly reccomend Young Hip and married; our day was perfect! Thank you Shawn and Erica!

    Pam & Rich
  • Shawn was awesome. He matched the feeling of our wedding perfectly. He was super engaging and fun to work with, and the ceremony was perfect. Thanks guys!

    Alijah & Eve
  • Shawn was genuine, sincere, and more than willing and flexible to help us out on our big day! We hit a big bump in the road with our original plans due to COVID-19 but Shawn pulled through for us at the last minute and made it so magical. He walked us through the entire process and was available to us every step of the way. His wife, Erica, even photographed us during and after the ceremony and they are both truly such an awesome team. Thank you Shawn and Erica!

    Michael & Crystal
  • We were beyond happy with the service provided, it felt like our officiant was someone who knew us well and wrote such special words. We had the 10 person elopement package and would 100% recommend this company/package to anyone looking to get married!

    Sarah & Benjamin
  • Young Hip and Married is an amazing service. Their ceremonies are completely 100% customizable, Shawn is an amazing officiant. He pinned me and my husband within 10 min, and we couldn’t have been happier with the service. We were even his first beer blending couple! How exciting! (It was a blast). Thank you so much for helping to make our day perfect!

    Emily & Luke
  • Shawn Miller performed our ceremony and he executed it perfectly – exactly what we wanted for our big day! He customised our ceremony to suit our personalities and it was very fun and engaging but captured the importance of the decision we were making to spend our lives together. Our guests commented over and over again on how much they enjoyed our ceremony! I would recommend Young Hip and married to anyone getting married – especially if you want something a little bit extraordinary! Thank you so much Shawn!

    Megan Hyams
  • We couldn’t have chosen a better officiant. Shawn was so eloquent and fun and really made the ceremony special. You’re in amazing hands with YHM.

    Lorenzo & Laura
  • My husband and I hired Shawn from Young Hip and Married to officiate our wedding this past August and are so glad we did! We had such an amazing experience working with Shawn. He has such a great positive energy and was so easy to work with. We loved how our personal love story was able to be shared with our guests and we received so many compliments on how enjoyable our ceremony was. Our sister and her husband to be were even lucky enough to hire Shawn for their wedding next year! It makes it so special to be able to have Shawn be a part of another wedding in the family and we can’t wait! We cannot say enough good things about Young Hip and Married. Thank you so much for officiating our wedding Shawn!! 🙂

    Darlene & Shane
  • Planning a wedding is stressful but during a pandemic is on a whole new level of stress. Working with Shawn from Young, Hip & Married made the ceremony easy and relaxing. Shawn was professional and helped keep my wife and I at ease. As a result, our socially distanced and covid friendly ceremony was perfect. My wife and I will be recommending YH&M to everyone.

    Marc & Eojin
  • Wonderful people, very relaxed! Made my small, chill wedding very fun with no stress as they were both knowledgeable about their art while being open to our ideas as well. Would definitely recommend for people who are looking for an officiant and photographer for a laid-back ceremony without any added stress. Thank you Shawn and Erica!

    Taylor Henkel
  • From creation to delivery, Shawn was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process! We were so thrilled to have had a ceremony so meaningful and beautifully written for the two of us. Even Shawn’s quirky, unique style was a true reflection of the two of us – something a little bit off the beaten path and totally unique! The only unfortunate issue we had was that the microphone cut out near the end of the ceremony… without missing a beat, Shawn handled it like a true pro and carried on. Thank you Shawn for helping to make this extra special day so memorable – it truly was magical!

  • Thank you SO SO much to everyone at Young Hip & Married! My new husband and I were visiting Canada from the UK and had always wanted something simple, stress free and intimate for our wedding. We certainly got that with YH&M! From the first email, right up to receiving the papers, everything was a breeze! We had the ‘Photography and Elopment Package’ with the wonderful Emily as our photographer and the fabulous Shawn as our officiant. We wrote our own vows, with helpful suggestions from Shawn, and loved every word Shawn said throughout our ceremony. He made us feel totally at ease, as did Emily! Emily made a camera shy couple feel totally confident, like no one was even there! We couldn’t be happier with our beautiful photos! Our day was just amazing. Thank you YH&M for marrying us!

    Joanna & Mat
  • We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Young, Hip & Married. Shawn is extremely thorough and professional. He is easy to communicate with and perfectly captured the tone we wanted to set for our ceremony. Highly, highly recommended!

    Jillian Oliver
  • When my husband and I started to think about what we wanted out of our wedding ceremony we thought about how we wanted our guests to feel like they were involved in the ceremony. We wanted them to feel like for a moment they were a part of our love story and learned a little more about why we came together to join our lives. Shawn at Young Hip and Married was the only choice for us. He spent so much time getting to know us, getting to know why we fell in love, why we were perfect for one another. He truly captured our essence in the ceremony. He created amazing sections that included our family and friends, getting them to pass around our wedding bands putting their love into them and then a amazing group vow with us. It was so special. We had so many guests coming up to us at our reception saying that the ceremony made them cry and laugh, and made them feel like we brought them into our love story, that was exactly what we wanted and Shawn gave us that. Everyone was telling us how he was so cool, funny and how he really captured us. We wanted our ceremony to be one of the most memorable parts of our wedding, and our guests mirrored that back to us. I will be recommending Shawn to everyone we know because he really married us, our way. Thanks so much Shawn!!

  • Young Hip & Married was amazing from the start to finish. We went with the elopement/photography package and it was perfect. We eloped in West Vancouver at Whytecliff Park; had Shawn & Erica Miller as our officiant/photographer. They are both extremely professional, friendly & HIP! They made our day very special, laid back, but most of all- they customized it to exactly what we wanted for our special day. Wouldn’t change one thing about our wedding day & highly recommend this company!!!

    Brooke & Curtis
  • I would highly reccomend Shawn and YH&M for your ceremony. It was deeply personal and our story was the focal point of the ceremony. We have received countless compliments about our ceremony and many wondered how many years Shawn had known us. Beautifully done and we would choose them every time.

  • We had an amazing experience with Young Hip & Married and cannot recommend them enough. Shawn was very communicative and made everything stress free. He gave us tips on how to write our own vows and a step by step guide of what to expect on the day. Shawn is absolutely terrific! He made our ceremony absolutely perfect and we can’t thank him enough; especially for calming us with the deep breaths and the beautiful words he spoke at our ceremony. All our guests were ranting and raving about how incredible our officiant was and if they were to get married that’s who they would want officiating it.

    Chelsea & Kyle
  • There simply isn’t enough space to say all the great things I want to say! Shawn was fantastic to work with – the process of creating our ceremony was fun and collaborative and on the wedding day, it showed. We were both thrilled with how it all came together, and our guests are still telling us how much they loved our ceremony and how honest & true it felt to us as a couple. Thank you Shawn for helping make our wedding ceremony a moment to remember.

  • We can’t begin to explain how truly amazing every aspect of our helicopter elopement was. Young Hip & Married were incredibly helpful, accommodating and responded promptly. We were ecstatic to have Shawn as our officiant and Erica as our photographer. They were both very personable. Thank you Shawn and Erica for making our day so special and for being such sweethearts! We couldn’t have been happier with our decision! Truly top notch, highly recommend!

    Tara & Isaiah
  • We could not be happier that we hired Shawn to be our wedding officiant! The whole process of working with him was a dream and he created the most amazing, personalized ceremony that we could have asked for. All of our guests couldn’t stop talking about how awesome he was and how they enjoyed the ceremony very much. Shawn genuinely cares about the couples he works with and is a true professional who is easy to work with, fun, and stylish. We highly recommend him for any wedding! Thank you Shawn!

    Johnnie & Justin
  • I knew when we were planning our wedding that I did not want a cookie cutter wedding ceremony where you regurgitate words that you ‘have to say.’ I contacted YH&M and in walked SHAWN. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions we made!!! He was AMAZING!! We worked together to create a ceremony that was personal and heartfelt and that is exactly what our guests felt. We received so much positive feedback about our ceremony saying how ‘US’ it was and how great SHAWN was. Shawn was open to all the suggestions I made (even if that meant letting the best man read some lines in French 🙂 I cannot recommend YH&M and SHAWN enough!!! Seriously, it is soooo WORTH IT!!!

    Chelsea & Julien
  • Absolutely recommend this amazing company. They were incredibly flexible, helpful, responsive during a stressful time to make wedding plans. We had to change dates due to COVID19 and they accommodated with understanding and professionalism. Our officiant Shawn was perfect, and his ceremony style is very comfortable and authentic. He adjusted his speech on the fly, as we had a few hiccups the day of our wedding. His words were so heartfelt. Shawn and his wife Erica (who provided photography for our wedding day) were the perfect dynamic duo to celebrate our day with us. Our photos are incredible and we couldn’t be happier to have them to look back on for the rest of our lives! The Young Hip & Married team was great from the initial planning phase all the way through to finally signing the papers. We couldn’t be more thankful for finding this company to be with us for our day!

    Delaney & Samara
  • Shawn was amazing! He showed up on time and knew exactly what to do. I hadn’t spoken to him on the phone or in person but he said our vows like he knew us for years. I couldn’t stop saying to my guests how thankful we were that he was our officiant. Our guests loved him too. Shawn helped make our day amazing! Thank you, Young Hip & Married.

    Kirsten Kostyniuk
  • Shawn made the process so simple and easy. We received nothing but compliments with his services, everyone loved it. He told a story, our story and it meant a lot to family and friends. Thanks for everything Shawn!

    by Kristina Dean Photography

    Miles & Nicole
  • YH&M made the whole process of eloping so easy! They were quick to respond and worked with us to make our wedding exactly how we wanted it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a fun, relaxed elopement.

    Kim & Kevin
  • It was a wonderful experience! They were professional and eager to please! Amazing pictures and memories! Highly recommend!

    David & AJ
  • We were completely thrilled to learn Shawn would officiate our wedding when we first contacted Young Hip and Married! My fiancé and I knew we wanted something a little different, more personal and completely unique for our ceremony and Shawn definitely delivered! We are so pleased with how the whole ceremony went; he created a personalized “story” to start off the ceremony and encouraged and helped us both write out own vows. I will admit I was hesitant with this at first but with Shawn’s guidance and support, I am so happy we did! Shawn helped us make this ceremony our own by helping us arrange a cask tapping – accentuating it with a personalized message relating love, partnership and family…to beer!! He truly was a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend him and this organization enough. Thank you so much Shawn for helping our wedding visions come to life!!

  • The team at Young Hip & Married was so wonderful to work with. We were a bit last minute in choosing an officiant and they were very prompt in responding and so accommodating. We chose Shawn as our officiant and he was so considerate and attentive to what we wanted. He was very professional, collaborative and mindful of what we wanted. We also had a small emergency on the day of our rehearsal and he was so kind while we sorted it out. Once we got the rehearsal going, he was so helpful and everyone knew exactly what they had to do on the day of. He put together such a beautiful ceremony and loved what everything he said. We received so many compliments from our guests! Highly recommend Shawn and the team at YH&M!

    by Ronnie Lee Hill Photography

    Travis & Diane
  • Our parents thought we were crazy when we said we wanted to fly Shawn up to Powell River to officiate our wedding. Within moments of Shawn running through the rehearsal, they understood why and were happy we did! Shawn was DEFINITELY the highlight of our day! The ceremony was more than we could have imagined or even come close to constructing ourselves. Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding, Shawn. You are doing amazing work and our only hope is that you’re still around in 10 years to renew our vows (hopefully next time in Hawaii).

    Jess & Chris
  • Choosing Shawn to officiate our wedding was the best choice we made. He makes the ceremony so personal; it feels like he knew us forever. We had so many compliments on what a great job he did!

    Eric & Michelle
  • I highly recommend the Young Hip and Married team. We chose to do the elopement package with the hour of photography. Shawn was our officiant and Erica was our photographer. Both were very professional and did an excellent job!

    by Erica Miller Photography

    Brianna & Antony
  • Like everyone else this year, we had to cancel the big wedding and wanted to elope in a special way with just the two us. We couldn’t have picked a better company to help us through with that! Our helicopter elopement was everything we could have ever hoped for and it was a perfect (and SUPER romantic!) way to tie the knot. Daniel and I want to send our warmest thank you to Shawn & Erica. We couldn’t recommend you more! <3

    Gia & Daniel
  • Great experience right from the start! I am so happy we went with this company. Our day was so intimate and special. Shawn is amazing at what he does and I am so happy we found him.

    Kiley & Alex
  • Young Hip and Married made our special day an amazing one! We were to be wed on May 30, 2020, but Covid hit and all was cancelled. This year we were going to get married no matter what! So May the fourth be with you 2021 was our day in the park with some family and the rest is bliss. Thank you YH&M

    Adam & Shawna
  • We were thrilled with the service from Young Hip and Married for our small, intimate wedding. We contacted them on quite short notice and they were extremely accommodating. They were thoughtful, caring, and easy to communicate with. On the day of our wedding, Shawn was organized, expert, and relaxed. We had an incredibly special and memorable ceremony, without going through great pains to explain ahead of time what we were looking for. Would HIGHLY recommend if you want a clear, professional planning process, and an intimate, meaningful day-of!

  • Hubby and I decided to get married in a private and intimate ceremony instead of waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted. We contacted YH&M as we had no idea where to start. They helped us from start to end. They coordinated everything; we even got guidance on how to write our vows. Our ceremony was very intimate and beautiful. Shawn Miller was our officiant and Emily Nicole our photographer; I cannot stress enough how amazing they are. We are more than happy with our decision to marry during COVID times and incredibly thankful with YH&M for making it happen, in such an intimate, romantic and lovely way.

    Eva & Peter
  • Positive and warm people who will tailor your wedding day to however you want. Shawn and Erica were so great in making us feel comfortable, excited and special on our wedding day.

    Lucy & Morgan
  • We really liked the concept of this company and definitely wanted to stay away from a long, boring, templated wedding ceremony. We hired Shawn as our officiant and he was excellent! He met with us a couple of times to get to know us and what we were looking for in our ceremony. He also gave us separate forms to fill out to find out about our personal thoughts on our relationship. In the end, he came up with a very nice, unique story of our relationship to share with our wedding guests. Our guests got to learn more about us as a couple. He also directed our rehearsal ceremony in a very fun, but organized and structured way which is difficult when there are so many people involved. We wrote our own vows and Shawn gave us a lot of advice on how to create them. Shawn was very good at communicating with us and provided the perfect ambiance for our young, hip wedding ceremony. We strongly recommend looking into this company for a similar experience. Shawn met all of our expectations.

    Jillian & TJ
  • I would highly recommend choosing Shawn to officiate your wedding! He was so personable and relaxed, yet super professional at the same time; it’s clear he has done this many times before. I was especially grateful for this at our wedding rehearsal, where I was feeling a bit lost and nervous about our upcoming ceremony. Shawn came in and, in tandem with our week-of wedding coordinator (who he knew because he knows many people in this industry! Definitely a huge benefit.), totally took charge and told us exactly what we needed to do. I also appreciated Shawn’s words of encouragement, shared quietly with us in free moments, during the actual ceremony itself.

    Speaking of the ceremony, Shawn delivered a heartfelt and nicely-written speech. He delivered it like a family friend- and several guests thought we’d known him for a long time. While Shawn provided the bulk of the writing, he encouraged us to change, add, or subtract anything we felt necessary. Although it is never a comfortable feeling being critical of a person’s work, my partner and I felt that Shawn truly wanted our honest feedback. And, as a result, people loved our ceremony and felt like it suited us perfectly.

    The last thing I’d like to say is, Shawn is passionate about relationships and the people within them. We could tell from the outset that Shawn was a different personality type from either of us; but, just as you make friends who are different from you, it is absolutely possible to have the same thing in your wedding officiant. I didn’t know that until we met Shawn and decided that he would be a good match for us (and vice versa). We are so glad that we made the right choice!

    Scotti Gibson
  • Shawn officiated our wedding ceremony and we were blessed with his bright and positive energy, as well as the depth of feeling in his words. He shared from his heart and touched everyone in a way that made us feel very connected to each other and to the land on which we were married. We have so much gratitude for having Shawn and his beautiful wife Erica be a part of our special day – many thanks now and forever!

  • Roshan and I want to express our sincere gratitude to Shawn Miller for being our wedding officiant on Friday, September 28, 2018 at Furry Creek Golf & Country Club. Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so special and entertaining! We wanted a different wedding ceremony that people would enjoy and have fun at and it’s exactly what people felt. Everyone said that they felt engaged and part of the wedding instead of just a spectator in the stands. Everyone had fun, laughed, cried and for ONCE weren’t consumed by their cellular phones and enjoyed the moment! Thank you Shawn for making our day so special!

    Heather & Roshan
  • We chose Young Hip & Married based on the positive feedback from other couples and they did not disappoint. Shawn was our officiant and he was extremely supportive, encouraging and helpful. From our first meeting to our wedding day, Shawn was always there to see everything through. We loved how the ceremony was tailored for us and reflected us as a couple. We got many compliments from our family and friends and were asked more than a dozen times who Shawn works for! Thank you Young Hip & Married for a wonderful day. Thank you Shawn for making the journey to our big day an easy one. We really couldn’t have done it without you. You’ve left quite an impression with our wedding guests filling them with laughter and tears of joy!

    Samantha Aeron
  • My husband Al and I were lucky enough to have Shawn and Erica as our officiant and photographer! I have leukemia and my treatment is not going so well, and my biggest wish was to marry my fiance Al. The generosity of Young Hip & Married, Shawn, Erica and Rebecca made this happen for us and in really short notice too! We did a helicopter elopement, and Shawn and Erica were so much fun and we had the best experience imaginable. We highly, highly recommend Young Hip & Married!!!

    Ffion & Al
  • We had a small ceremony in Vancouver, and had so many people comment on how great Shawn was as our officiant! Highly recommended.

    Philip Ware
  • Shawn Miller was our marriage officiant this past weekend. He was communicative, personable, and professional. For our wedding ceremony, he created a unique and authentic ceremony that truly represented us. We received compliments from our family and friends! If you’re looking for a marriage officiant, I recommend Shawn at Young Hip & Married for your wedding.

    Batya Wan
  • My wife and I had a great experience with Young Hip and Married for our wedding in September. We had the pleasure to work with Shawn to prepare for our day. Shawn’s process is very collaborative, with online meetings, document sharing the ceremony text, and he helped us create our vows. On the day of, Shawn made our day very special. He was very fun for our guests, and he has a clear and strong voice that all our guests could hear. Shawn helped guide my wife and I through the ceremony, helped keep us relaxed and made us look good. Shawn also looked Young and Hip 🙂 Thank you Shawn and I highly recommend Young Hip and Married to officiate your ceremony.


    Paolo & Stephanie
  • Amazing. From start to finish it was exactly what we were looking for. Erica and Shawn were fun professional, knowledgeable and a dream to work with. Worth every penny and a memory to last. Did I mention we were married in a helicopter orbiting above Vancouver? Yep, they made that happen. Thank you very much you cooky kids; you did awesome.