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Thrive: A Couples Coaching Workshop

I’m hosting a special event for you!

Typically, our coaching involves couples coming to my office for five sessions to learn and practice important skills for a great marriage. Coaching topics include things like: money, budgeting, how to handle your inlaws, conflict resolution etc.  However, I wanted to invite you (my 2019 couples) to a very special event, Thrive: A Couples Coaching Workshop, hosted by me – Jane, your wedding officiant!

Couples coaching is about learning and practicing the skills that will help you avoid and get through future problems – unlike counselling, where you focus on current problems you’re dealing with. Also, this workshop is not about your wedding (no “what colour should this be?” decisions!!), it’s about your marriage.

Here’s what will happen:

You, your partner and 4 or 5 other couples will meet up with me at a sweet (open only to us) restaurant.  Because we want to keep things simple and costs low, dinner will not be served. There will be an opportunity to buy a drink if you’d like!

At a table with your partner, I’ll guide you through some exercises and talking prompts.

You’ll discuss your strength and growth areas as a couple, and practice great communication techniques.  You’ll leave with small homework assignments to practice your skills, as well as, ideas to make sure the homework happens. You may think “we’re great! – no need for this.”

However, this is your chance to gain some great skills and have intentional and guided conversations with your partner while things are going well! This is the best time to talk about communication, conflict resolution, money, etc. I promise there will be no awkward group sharing (in fact, you won’t be asked to share with the group at all).

You are investing so much in your wedding, why not invest a little in your marriage?

The next couples workshop will be:

When: Monday March 4th, 2019

Time: 7:00 – 9:30 pm

Where: Whiskey Six BBQ

826 Renfrew St.

Typically I do five 1-hour sessions with couples for $547.00. But as a way to make coaching more accessible and perhaps less intimidating (and way more affordable), I am offering group coaching.  We’ll keep it limited to six couples, and it will never be this cheap again – only $97! There will also be an opportunity to sign up for private couples coaching if you’d like to do more sessions with me.

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