Planning an intimate wedding in Victoria or on Vancouver Island? We’ve got you covered with our Vancouver Island Elopement & Photography Package. It’s everything you need for a beautiful micro wedding in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

Our Vancouver Island Elopement & Photography Package includes: 

  • Simple legalization of your marriage in a short and sweet ceremony with up to 20 guests
  • Facilitation of a reading and/or vows
  • All of the paperwork required to register your marriage after the fact
  • 1 hour of professional photography
  • 50+ fully-retouched high-resolution images displayed in an online gallery with instant downloads available
  • The full support of our office staff to help you find the perfect place to elope and pull it off without a hitch!

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The Vancouver Island Elopement & Photography Package is perfect for the couple who wants their day to be small, but incredibly special. With an elopement, you can make things as casual or as formal as you want, choosing to get married in jeans and t-shirts or tuxes and ball gowns. You can create memories of your special day now, while still having a large reception or party in the future if you want to.

With an elopement, you can put the focus back where it should be, on your marriage, knowing that we have the meaningful, legal ceremony and photography to capture your memories totally under control.

At Young Hip & Married, we are passionate about weddings big and small, but we have a soft spot for intimate elopements. We love the chance for couples to be themselves and to focus on just their love, without anything else getting in the way.

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Below we’re chatting with two members of the Young Hip & Married Vancouver Island team all about the awesome elopement package! 

Young Hip & Married Vancouver Island and Victoria elopement and photography package with photographer and officiant
Officiant Chris-Ann (Charlie) & Photographer Taylor

Please introduce yourselves! 

Charlie: Hi, I’m Chris-Ann (otherwise known as Charlie). She/her are my pronouns. I am a licensed wedding officiant working with Young Hip & Married. I have been creating and officiating wedding ceremonies all over Vancouver Island for over a decade.

Taylor: My name is Taylor Roades and I am a full time  photographer based in Victoria BC; originally from Toronto, ON. Over the past ten years, photography has taken me all over the world, from Cambodia to the Scottish highlands, and at home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Travel is what is what sparked my interest in photography, but a love for life’s small joys is what brought me to weddings.

To learn more about Charlie, click here and to learn more about Taylor, click here

Charlie, why do you love officiating elopements?

Charlie: I LOVE officiating elopements with couples because it is such a relaxing and intimate experience for everyone involved. Smaller groups naturally mean people feel more comfortable to be themselves which often produces the BEST unscripted heartfelt and humorous moments.

Vancouver Island elopement and photography package with Young Hip & Married officiant
by Kim Jay Weddings

And Taylor, what do you love about working with Charlie? 

Taylor: Charlie’s ceremony and my photography style really compliment each other; we are both laid back and take the time to get to know the people we are working for. This personalized approach to elopements really matters when there are only a few people in attendance.

Why should couples consider eloping instead of a big wedding? 

Charlie: Couples should consider eloping during COVID (or anytime) because it is a huge load off from the regular amount of planning that goes into weddings. I have yet to have a couple say they regret calling off their original ceremony date and instead doing an elopement, even if they do decide to postpone their reception to a later time.

What makes Vancouver Island the perfect place for couples to elope?

Charlie: Have you been here? Vancouver Island is brag worthy! It’s a destination wedding hotspot, and to the rest of us, it’s home. Whether it’s stone churches or castles, ocean waves along sandy beaches, rainforest canopies, snow capped mountains, crystal clear lakes or famous flower gardens, Vancouver Island has it all!

Taylor: Check out my list of favourite spots to elope in and around Victoria if you’re not convinced!

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Victoria elopement
by Taylor Roades Photography
Vancouver Island elopement and photography package
by Taylor Roades Photography
Vancouver Island elopement couple
by Taylor Roades Photography

Any final tips for couples eloping on Vancouver Island?

Both: Book the elopement photography package with us. We’re a great team and we’d be stoked to work with you!

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