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You Got Married… Now What?

You Got Married… Now What?
July 24, 2019 Riana Ang-Canning

Congratulations! You did it; you got married! The knot has been tied and you are officially newlyweds.

But now what?

After months (or even years) of touring venues, trying on outfits, creating timelines, scheduling appointments, gathering addresses and rewriting vows, the big day has come and gone. So where do you go from here?

The come down

After a wedding comes the Post Wedding Blues. This is a real thing and happens to many newlyweds. It only makes sense that after months of planning for this big event, you’ll feel a little blue when it’s all over. Accept that it’s totally normal to feel sad, empty or down after your big day.

Be kind to yourself and give yourself what you need to move through a time that isn’t rainbows and sunshine. For some people, that might mean carving out some alone time to journal, meditate, go to the spa or cozy up with a book. For others, you may prefer to work through your blues by surrounding yourself with friends or discussing things with your new partner. If you don’t think you can handle your feelings alone, do not be afraid or embarrassed to reach out for professional help.

by Erica Miller Photography

by Emily Nicole Photos

Keep the celebration going

Not ready to stop the party? Great, keep it going! You can keep your wedding going to avoid the big come down. You can do this by hosting post-wedding events, like a morning after brunch or a full out wedding weekend of activities. This is also a great opportunity to spend time with out of town guests who came in for the wedding. Host a BBQ on the beach, a picnic in the park or a bar crawl to spend more time with your far-away loved ones.

Of course, you can also keep the celebration going in your daily life. Think of the things you loved most about your wedding – how can you incorporate those things into your everyday life? Maybe you had the best time on the dance floor at your reception, so you can sign up for ballroom lessons with your new spouse to keep your dancing feet from getting cold. Or maybe the food blew you away, so you resolve to start trying out new recipes at home and checking out your local food scene. Or perhaps it was the moments with loved ones that meant the most to you, and so you start hosting dinner parties to see more of your favourite people.

by Emily Nicole Photos

Things to look forward to

Your wedding was awesome but surely there’s a lot more in your life and your marriage that you can start looking forward to. Maybe you’re heading off on an awesome honeymoon, putting a down payment on a house, moving to a new city, adopting a pet, planning to grow your family or getting a big promotion at work. All of these milestones will give you something wonderful to look forward to post-wedding.

Of course, there are small things to look forward to as well. Look forward to your weekly date night, a new movie coming out and getting all of the photos back from your wedding photographer. And definitely look forward to all of the wedding chores you don’t have to do anymore. No more squeezing into uncomfortable fancy wedding shoes, no more emails with countless vendors, and no more annoying phone calls about napkins colours or guest lists with your nosy Aunt Vicky.

by Emily Nicole Photos

by Erica Miller Photography

What comes next? Your marriage!

Your wedding was one day. Hopefully, it was a great day. But it was still one day in your entire lifelong marriage.

It shouldn’t be that your wedding is this great highlight and everything else is downhill from there. Your lifelong marriage is the exciting part! Remember, the whole point of your amazing, incredible wedding is your marriage. That’s the reason for the party.

So what comes next? Making your marriage even more incredible than your wedding. All of that time, money and energy you spent on your wedding – put that into your epic marriage. Your relationship is worth it. Sure, it might not be dressing up, dancing and fancy gifts every day.

It will be so much better!

written by Riana Ang-Canning