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Welcome New YH&M Vancouver Wedding Officiant: Jane Halton!

Welcome New YH&M Vancouver Wedding Officiant: Jane Halton!
February 20, 2015 admin


I’ve been doing weddings since 2001 and as unique as they have each been, I’ve enjoyed them all. A few fun examples: a beach wedding in California to a fancy wedding at the Sutton Place Hotel to a casual outdoor wedding…in Calgary…in October! Once I remarried a couple after a seven-year divorce and have even rode in a canoe instead of walking down the aisle. I’ve been married since 2005 and we have two young boys to keep us busy.

I love helping couples design their ceremony so that it feels like them. I am a trained coach ( so I know how to ask the good questions to help couples uncover what they really want and why.

What I really want is YOU to have a wedding that is really YOU! I have lots of great ideas and suggestions but in the end I will help you design a ceremony that fits your unique personalities. I’ve been told I have a light and calming presence which is often appreciated by the somewhat nervous and excited couple. 


“Jane is an excellent wedding officiant. We were so happy with the service that she provided. She personalized our ceremony, made us feel at ease, and spoke from the heart. One of the things that I appreciated the most was how she helped us plan the details of the ceremony, and how she took charge at our rehearsal. Throughout all, she was professional yet warm and personable. She was incredibly open to aspects of our ceremony that were “non-traditional”, such as my husband’s nephews walking down the aisle, his sister escorting him, and my brother walking down the aisle and standing alongside my bridesmaids. She had a beautiful, organized plan for a series of hugs to take place as soon as all of the wedding party had finished walking down the aisle. She had a clear rationale for all of the suggestions that she made, but was also flexible when I had my own ideas. Overall, she inspired a lot of confidence in me, and I am glad she was a part of our ceremony.”