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Shawn Gieselman (he/him)

Do you want to reflect back on your wedding as a cookie-cutter, impersonal experience or do you want wedding flashbacks for the rest of your life that make you smile and inspire you to do great things with and for your partner? I know what my choice would be. 

In fact, that was my choice. Almost 20 years later, I’m still bragging about my own wedding. We did some cool things, like serving a pinata cake, but, of course, not everything went right (like forgetting the burger meat in a freezer 45 minutes away!). 

Regardless of what went right or what went wrong, the details of our wedding that we were intentional about are the memories we reflect on and laugh about the most – usually at my expense! 

I was very lucky to find a partner who is aligned with me, who laughs at my jokes and who is committed to working hard on our relationship. I have never believed more in my wife than I do today and I am tasked with the continued work of growing myself so that I can be the best partner to her.

As you enter your own marriage, I wish for you happiness and learned wisdom. Remember that uncommunicated expectations lead to resentment, so communicate the sh*t out of that marriage! 

I find purpose in the giving of myself in service of others, which is how I found my way to officiating. Being able to witness someone who struggles to communicate their feelings open up and share their vows in a moment of vulnerability is an honour. Standing by a couple’s side as they take their first jubilant step into marriage will never get old. 

When I’m not officiating weddings, I work as a personal and professional coach. I’m passionate about seeing couples succeed in their relationships and as an officiant, lucky to be a part of a couple’s marriage story right from the beginning. 

Outside of work, you may find me coaching my daughter’s softball team, gardening in our front yard or starting on my next woodworking project. Whether I make more wood art or firewood is up for debate! 

As your wedding officiant, I will honour what you want in your ceremony experience and help turn your ideas into reality. My goal is to cultivate anchoring memories that keep you reflecting on your love story for many years to come – and that make other couples jealous 😉