Today we’re sitting down with Young Hip & Married Officiant Beth Carlson-Malena for the next in our series “Ask an Officiant.” Beth is new to the YH&M team but grew up watching her father officiate weddings. She is currently available to officiate weddings in the Greater Vancouver area and the Fraser Valley.

Describe yourself in 5 words

I’m a queer, nerdy, musical, redheaded pastor.

What’s your most memorable wedding moment?

I officiated a wedding in partnership with a Vedic priest where we were all seated on pillows in a yoga studio with someone playing singing bowls in the background. In that wedding I also had to say a prayer in Spanish as requested by the groom’s mother… but I don’t speak Spanish! I hope I didn’t butcher it too badly!

What one piece of advice do you have for couples choosing an officiant and planning a wedding?

For my own wedding, we chose an officiant who works for YH&M (and also happens to be a friend) and she crafted an incredibly unique and beautiful ceremony. As a satisfied customer, I don’t really think you can go wrong by starting here.
For wedding planning in general, I think it’s always a good idea to find a wedding planner (or a really Type-A, detail-oriented friend) and ask them to “hold the clipboard” during your ceremony and reception, making sure every task gets delegated.  That will free you up to relax and be more present on your wedding day.

What is your favourite part of a wedding ceremony?

My favourite part is the vows.  I believe something sacred happens when we make promises to the one we love, surrounded by all the people who support us, and often it feels to me like time slows down to hold the weight of those beautiful words.

And finally, what song always gets you on the dance floor at weddings?

R Kelly’s “Remix to Ignition.” And pretty much any 90s R&B or hip hop.

For more information about Beth and to inquire about her officiating your wedding, visit Beth’s page here.