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Jodi Spargur

Jodi Spargur

Did you know that participating in pre-marital coaching significantly increases your chances of staying together as a couple? There are even cities that have required pre-marital counseling before they will issue wedding licences and states in the U.S. that reduce the cost of your marriage licence if you get coaching first. Failed marriages are costly for everyone—the couple, families, the legal system, and society. Thriving marriages are good for everyone and pre-marital coaching helps marriages thrive.

Coaching gives you a foundational set of skills for whatever storms may come your way. Some people are afraid that coaching will raise issues that will cause tensions, and it may. But tensions are a part of life together—the question is whether you can learn to navigate your way through those tensions. The earlier in your relationship you learn those skills the higher your success rate.

It’s not all about hard conversations either. Coaching helps you identify the strengths in your relationship and teaches you how to leverage them to tackle growth areas before they have a chance to erode your marriage. Prepare/Enrich is a fantastic tool for customizing sessions to your unique make-up as a couple. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I have been coaching couples since 2000 and really enjoy the fun it is to help couples know themselves better and walk with more confidence into their life together. Don’t just have a hip wedding—commit to an off-the-hook marriage.

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