If you’re tying the knot in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, one thing you have to consider is the weather. We’re definitely not known for our sunny blue skies! But don’t worry. You can still have a beautiful elopement, rain or shine. And that’s because we know some of the best rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver.

Before we jump into things, we want to stress that there’s a difference between planning ahead for a rainy elopement and having a last minute rainy elopement back-up plan. Some of the locations below need to be booked in advance.

So if you’re worried about rain, getting married in the rainy season (aka not summer) or just want to plan ahead, consider making plan A one of these rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver. And if the weather does turn out to be nice, many of these spots are right next to beautiful outdoor areas!

We always cross our fingers for sun but when Mother Nature is not on our side, we head to one of these rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver. Read on to check out our favourites!

PS: These aren’t just rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver. We’ve got options for the entire Lower Mainland! Check out some of our favourite spots in Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and beyond!

Check out the rest of our favourite spots to elope in the city of Vancouver and elopement spots off the beaten path. Once you’ve found your spot, get in touch to book your elopement today!

Vancouver Public Library

Young Hip & Married elopement in front of the Vancouver Public Library, rainy day vancouver wedding venue
By Emily Nicole Photos
Newlywed kissing under the covered arch of the Vancouver Library
By Emily Nicole Photos
Elopement couple laughing and embracing in the stacks at the Vancouver Library
By Emily Nicole Photos

The Vancouver Public Library is an awesome spot for a rainy day elopement in downtown Vancouver. Even better if you and your boo are big readers!

Under Capilano Bridge

Getting married in North Vancouver? Check out this epic spot under the Capilano Bridge – a great way to stay dry and still elope outdoors.

Outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre


outdoor space with overhang at the Vancouver Convention Centre, perfect for an outdoor elopement on a rainy day

Of course, you could rent out the entire Vancouver Convention Centre for your elopement. But that might be a bit much. So we’re suggesting you check out the upper west outside of the building. Officiant Lani shares, “The covered part is much wider than it looks, there are rarely many people around (especially when it’s raining), there’s a covered walkway from parking and you still get gorgeous views.” She snapped the pics above to prove it!

Portal Park

Young Hip & Married elopement with queer couple in bow ties, toasting with shots with their guests, in Portal Park
By Tyshawnna Reann Photography
Portal Park elopement in Vancouver, rain proof elopement location
By Emily Nicole Photos

Portal Park is one of our favourite rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver. It’s right downtown and a perfect mix of urban vibes and greenery.

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West Vancouver Community Centre

The West Vancouver Community Centre is a beautiful spot in West Vancouver and perfect for a rainy day back up plan. The building has huge glass walls, interesting architecture and overhangs that provide great rain coverage.

The Aquabus

newlywed couple smiling on the Aquabus in Vancouver, BC
By Erica Miller Photography
Bride and groom posing on the Aquabus, a covered Vancouver wedding venue perfect for rainy day elopements
By Emily Nicole Photos

If you’re getting married on Granville Island or along the Seawall and it starts to pour, jump onto the Aquabus for a totally dry and totally awesome place to tie the knot!

Waterfall Building

The Waterfall Building is pretty much as cool as it sounds. It’s a gorgeous glass building right next to Granville Island that features an outdoor waterfall and covered areas perfect for a rainy day elopement.

Granville Island

Bride and groom holding hands and posing in front of the Love sign at Granville Island in Vancouver
By Erica Miller Photography
Newlyweds kissing under the Granville Street Bridge in front of the Granville Island sign
By Emily Nicole Photos

Granville Island is an amazing place to elope, rain or shine! If the clouds get dark, you’ll still have great spots to choose from like under the Granville Street Bridge, under awnings and overhangs, and even inside the Public Market!

King George Blvd Overpass

One of our awesome elopement photographers, Clint Bargen, recommends this secret spot for a rainy day elopement in Surrey. Head to the King George Blvd Overpass at the end of Colebrook Road to hide out from a downpour.

Lonsdale Quay

Newlywed couple holding hands during their elopement at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver
By Erica Miller Photography
Covered section of Lonsdale Quay, perfect for a rainy day elopement in Vancouver
By Erica Miller Photography

In North Vancouver, you’ll find lots of beautiful covered spots on Lonsdale Quay. We love this little gazebo as well as right inside or around the Public Market!

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Stewart Farm

If you’re looking for some old school charm and a stunning house, check out historic Stewart Farm in Surrey. If you’re wanting to have your elopement inside the house or on private grounds, be sure to call ahead!

Vancouver Art Gallery

Newlywed couple posing inside the Vancouver Art Gallery
By Emily Nicole Photos

One of the most beautiful indoor elopement and wedding locations in Vancouver is the Vancouver Art Gallery. Use of this space usually requires a fee and advanced booking, so be sure to call ahead.

Richmond City Hall

Eloping in Richmond? Check out the Richmond City Hall for a beautiful space perfect for rained out intimate weddings.

A hotel room

Bride and groom posing on the balcony of Opus Hotel, a Vancouver hotel wedding venue
By Emily Nicole Photos
Young Hip & Married Vancouver elopement inside the Opus Hotel
By Emily Nicole Photos

Another one of our favourite rainy day elopement locations is a hotel room. It’s a great way to stay dry, enjoy beautiful views of the city, and still get married in style. The photos above are from an elopement at the Opus Hotel.

The Richmond Library

Another awesome spot for a Richmond elopement is the Richmond Library. Ensure you call ahead if you’d like to take photos inside of the building.

Bloedel Conservatory

Young Hip & Married elopement at Bloedel Conservatory, an tropical paradise inside a glass dome perfect for rainy wedding days
By Emily Nicole Photos
So you want to get married amongst the trees but it’s too rainy to elope outside? You can get the best of both worlds at the Bloedel Conservatory. This indoor space is completely covered and filled to the brim with greenery. Heads up that this location does require a fee and advanced booking.

SFU Campus

If you’re getting married in Burnaby, check out the Simon Fraser University campus for some beautiful spaces to elope. There are lots of little spots that offer coverage from the rain.

Stanley Park

Newlywed couple posing inside the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
By Erica Miller Photography
Young Hip & Married elopement ceremony, couple exchanging vows in the Cathedral of Trees in Stanley Park
By Erica Miller Photography

You might be thinking that Stanley Park would be an awful place for a rainy day elopement, but hear us out! There are a few spots we love in Stanley Park that provide a ton of beauty and lots of natural rain coverage: the Cathedral of Trees and the Hollow Tree. Perfect for the couple who wants to get married in a forest setting!

Newlywed couple posing on the stairs of the Brockton Point Lighthouse in Stanley Park
by Erica Miller Photography
Couple poses after their Stanley Park elopement at the bottom of the Brockton Point Lighthouse
by Erica Miller Photography

Another great rain-proof elopement location in Stanley Park is the Brockton Point Lighthouse. If you head down the stairs at the back of the lighthouse, you’ll be able to hide out from the rain. You’ll also be tying the knot in a historic place right on the water, with a chance to spot seals!

Glass Roof Gazebo

Another secret spot is the glass roof gazebo along the Seawall in Yaletown. Check it out here.

Hycroft Manor

Bride and groom posing outside Hycroft Manor, Vancouver
By The Apartment Photography

Hycroft Manor is a gorgeous wedding venue with both indoor and outdoor options. We particularly like their patio for a covered intimate elopement. As this is a private venue, you will need to book ahead and pay a fee.

Vancouver Aquarium

Who wouldn’t want to get married among the fish? The Vancouver Aquarium has a number of indoor and outdoor wedding venue options. Visit their website to learn more about their fees and booking the space for your elopement.

By the fountain at QE Park

A rainy day family elopement at the covered area of Queen Elizabeth Park with Young Hip & Married
by Amber Leigh Photography
Officiant Jane has found an awesome secret spot at Queen Elizabeth Park. She shares, “There is an undercover area at QE Park by the fountain that I often use because if it isn’t raining you have the whole park!”
We love rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver that still allow you to enjoy the rest of the space if the weather happens to brighten up.

Seasons in the Park

Young Hip & Married ceremony with bride and groom at Seasons in the Park
By Emily Nicole Photos
Newlywed couple kissing outside Seasons in the Park, Vancouver
By Emily Nicole Photos

Another great spot in Queen Elizabeth Park is Seasons in the Park, a restaurant with great views and dishes. Elopement photographer Emily Nicole recommends the downstairs room with an old cupboard for a unique backdrop. Ensure you book ahead!

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Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens

Young Hip & Married elopement ceremony at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Classical Garden, rainy day Vancouver elopement location
by Clint Bargen Photography

Newlywed couple posing at Dr Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden in Vancouver By Modern Romance Weddings

The Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Gardens offer many gorgeous locations for couples to elope. There are both paid and free parts of the park, and both offer some coverings. If you have a specific spot in mind, call ahead to see about paying for a booking.

Dundarave Park

Dundarave Park in West Vancouver is a beautiful spot for an outdoor elopement. And luckily, when the rain comes, you can head to the covered gazebo!

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Newlywed couple embracing at Golden Ears in Vancouver
By Erica Miller Photography
Young Hip & Married elopement at Golden Ears Provincial Park
By Erica Miller Photography
Golden Ears Provincial Park in Langley is another one of our favourite spots for a stunning outdoor elopement. If it begins to rain, you can head under the bridge for some covered shots. And if the rain holds out, you have the entire park to explore!

Deer Lake Park

Another great elopement spot in Burnaby is Deer Lake Park. There are lots of covered areas, perfect for when the rain starts to pour!

Fort Langley

Newlywed couple sitting on a bench in a house in Fort Langley Historic Park
By Erica Miller Photography
Newlywed couple posing in Fort Langley Historic Site
By Erica Miller Photography

Fort Langley is one of the coolest areas to tie the knot. And luckily, many of the buildings and structures provide lots of rain coverage. Be sure to call ahead if you’re planning to elope at Fort Langley.


If you’re eloping in Mission, BC, Officiant Denise has an awesome rain-proof suggestion for you. She shares, “There is a new and hip art collective called “Spark” in Mission. The place has three gallery areas with cool lighting that would be sweet to do an elopement in.” Be sure to call ahead to book this cool new space.

UBC Campus

Bride and groom kissing after their wedding at UBC, Vancouver
By Aileen Choi Photo

Like SFU campus in Burnaby, UBC campus in Vancouver is full of places where you can hide out from the rain. You can roam around campus looking for the best spot or book venues like the UBC Farm or Cecil Green Park House.

Fieldhouse Brewing

Another sweet rainy day elopement spot for you, courtesy of Officiant Denise. She suggests you check out Fieldhouse Brewing in Abbotsford. Denise shares, “There is an outdoor wooden stage with a cover and an indoor ambience that is rustic and trendy. There is an enormous stone fireplace inside that would be great for a focal point.” Sounds perfect!

Rocky Point Park

Young Hip & Married Officiant Lani marrying a couple under the gazebo at Rocky Point Park, a perfect rainy wedding day location in Vancouver
by Hannah Cummins Photography
A newlywed couple walks on the covered boardwalk at Rocky Point Parkwhile their guests throw flower petals
by Hannah Cummins Photography

Rocky Point Park in Port Moody is a beautiful place to elope in the Lower Mainland with water views, grassy knolls and delicious ice cream right near by. There’s a gazebo in the park, making it perfect for a rainy wedding day or as cover from the hot sun. The dock leading out over the water also has a few covered sections.

But the best of all of the rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver?

Anywhere with umbrellas!

Young Hip & Married elopement couple under a white umbrella on a rainy wedding day
By Erica Miller Photography
Young Hip & Married elopement ceremony at a park under a clear umbrella
Photo by Emily Nicole Photos
Newlywed couple in the park under an umbrella
Photo by Erica Miller Photography
Young Hip & Married ceremony on the beach on a rainy day
Photo by Erica Miller Photography
Young Hip & Married rainy day elopement, posing with big smiles and an umbrella
Photo by Erica Miller Photography

Out of all of the rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver, our favourite rainy day plan is to head out wherever you want with umbrellas in hand! Don’t let bad weather discourage you from getting married where and when you want. An elopement under an umbrella always happens to be more romantic and intimate – exactly what our elopement couples are looking for!

Which of our rainy day elopement locations in Vancouver is your favourite? 

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