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Young Hip & Married


  • There was so much excitement and high energy right before the ceremony and it was Shawn's impromptu introduction that really brought us into the moment, setting the soulful intention and deep connected feeling for our ceremony.Seriously, we can't say enough good things about Shawn, Erica, and the YH&M team. We are so happy that they were a part of our joy and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and personal wedding experience.
  • Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony! We feel so fortunate to have had you there to walk us through it and you made it very special for us. It was exactly what we had hoped for, it felt very "us". It was wonderful to meet you and a pleasure to have you join us in celebration!  We will never forget it!
  • When planning our wedding we knew early on that we wanted to put a focus on the ceremony, and really have the opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the evening. Finding an officiant that did not just read out one of five set ceremonies was a huge deal, thankfully we found Young Hip & Married. We were able to customize the ceremony to engage our guests, instead of generic thoughts of love and marriage, we were able to share and laugh about how we met, talk about how we fell in love and really connect. Our officiant Shawn was so easy to work with, he was fun and engaging with us getting us ready for the big day. As well despite the fact he was always jumping from wedding to wedding when he was there helping us with our rehearsal and patiently waiting for late guests to arrive before we walked down the aisle he was always present and invested. The actual ceremony was wonderful, it could not have gone any better, it felt genuine and truly helped show our guests who we were as a couple. I have been told many times in the 4 weeks since our wedding by guests that they had never actually enjoyed a wedding ceremony that much, it is defiantly my favourite memory from the day! I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!! Thank you Shawn and Young Hip & Married.
    Alex & Kyle
  • We had Randy as our officiant at Young Hip and Married, and he was absolutely amazing! We had quite a fusion wedding and ceremony, (western and Indian) and Randy was so amazing and helping us bring our cultures together in our ceremony. He has so many amazing ideas, and really helped us plan out our ceremony. Everyone at our wedding gave us compliments on our ceremony saying it was heartfelt and romantic, as well as light and fun, which is what we wanted! He is completely capable to create any ceremony you want! Randy was such a great person to work with, and I would recommend him, and Young Hip and Married to anyone getting married! Thank you again, Randy!
    Nathan & Andrea
  • My husband and I put a lot of effort into finding the right officiant for our wedding.  We knew we didn't want a little old lady who does the same weddings every weekend for the last 20 years. . I was so intrigued when I discovered Young, Hip & Married!  We were put in contact with Cory and we hit it off from the first meeting.  Cory was such an amazing officiant and made our wedding much much more than I had hoped for.  We had high expectations but they were blown away.  My husband and I each sent Cory our love story but from our own perspective and allowed Cory to surprise us at the wedding by melting our stories together.  That allowed us to be surprised and deeply touched at the same time our guests were.  I feel this made the ceremony more genuine and not too rehearsed. Cory is so kind and we have enjoyed getting to know him.  He made our dreams come true and I can't thank him enough for that.  We have received so many compliments that our wedding was so personal and touching.  I believe we owe that to Cory! Don't think twice, book Young, Hip & Married.
  • Thanks for EVERYTHING Jason.  So many people told us that this was one of the best ceremonies they had ever been to.  We couldn't be happier with it ourselves!
    Justine & Blake
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