Young, Hip & Married & The Rise of Divorcée Parties

by Bobbi Salkeld

We at Young, Hip & Married think it can be better than this.*  

I (Bobbi) came across this Globe & Mail article - “Breakout blowouts: How the divorce party is coming on strong for young divorcées” -  floating around in Facebookland a while back.  And I gotta say, it bummed me out.  

As officiants, we meet oodles of couples in the glow of love.  It’s hard to believe that anything can stop love like that - love that’s poised to say “I do” no matter what comes our way.  

So what happens?  Does life just happen?  Are we all just careening for an inevitable end to love when it comes to marriage?  

Light a match?
Burn a dress?
Drink yourself out of that shitty feeling of failure?  

Or, can we dare to say “hold on!”  Hold on to your “I do.”

Life is going to be so much harder than we think.  So much harder.  But I think we can do this.  We can do this alone** or we can do this together.  

There is a book of prayer that says the union of two people is “for their mutual joy, for the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity.”   

The promises we make on a wedding day aren’t for happiness alone, they are for

If you need help getting along, please get it.  
If you need to remember who you are again, you can do that.
If you need space to breathe and time to heal, oh my God,
do that.

We’re gonna stay pretty optimistic about love over here at Young, Hip & Married, keeping love alive in big and little ways, and celebrating our couples all summer long, for the love of it.  

Happy 2014 wedding season, everyone!  We’re doing this.  


* Response note, to be clear: No one should be stuck in a relationship that is abusive in any way.  Getting out of that is important and to be marked, and yes, celebrated.  

** Stay tuned for the fall launch of our blog The Lonely Officiant, by yours truly.  

Mike and Ashley - May 31, 2014

Shawn had the amazing opportunity to officiate for Mike and Ashley's May 31st wedding at the beautiful Steamworks Brewery in Gastown, Vancouver.

Congratulations Mike and Ashley, you two are an amazing couple and we all wish you a life time of happiness together. 

The amazing photography was done by Sarah and Graeme.

Graeme and Sarah

John and Hazel - June 28, 2014

Cory had the amazing opportunity to officiate John and Hazel's Rockin' Wedding at The Museum of Vancouver.  John and Hazel took the opportunity to really make their ceremony unique and meaningful for them.

John and Hazel included Handfasting as part of their ceremony.  Handfasting is a historical term for 'bethrol' or 'wedding'.  Handfasting has a long and beautiful history.
The best man, also named John, performed an ancient handfasting ceremony, while Leslie, the maid of honor did a reading about handfasting.

John and Hazel, along with their children, Risa and Cole poured sand from four individual containers into a frame to signify the unity of the family.  What an amazing idea to include their kids and have a lasting memory to keep in their house to remind them that they are united.

The couple included so many personal touches in their unique wedding, the handfasting, the sand frame, Hazel even made all the dresses, shawls and handkerchiefs.  It's such an honor to be able to be a part of such an amazing ceremony.

Thank you John and Hazel for really working with Cory to make this wedding true to the two of you.   And allowing Young Hip and Married to be part of your wedding day.

To find out more about handfasting and if it's something you would like to include your ceremony, visit,


Elizabeth + Derek = Stolen Kisses

Normally I don't get this teary eyed during a wedding ceremony, but on this blustery day, under a big old tree on the edge of the ocean, there was not a dry eye as Elizabeth and Derek spoke the most sweet words of love to each other.

The ceremony was a surprise for their families.  You see, Elizabeth is from Australia, and when her parents decided to come for a visit, it seemed to be the perfect time for a ceremony!  So, with a few of their family surrounding them, it was an honor to officiate this special moment.

Congratulations Elizabeth and Derek!  We wish you many more stolen lunch room kisses and a lifetime of love.

<3  Lani

Friday the 13th, Full moon...Let's get married!

I received an email from Donovan Friday morning, June 13.
He and Tracy wanted to get married, they just decided.  And they wanted to get married....TODAY!

The excitement was over flowing through the phone line as I called Donovan.  I could hear the giggling of someone in the back ground who was beyond excited.  It was contagious.  My excitement for them started to build in the anticipation of what they would be accomplishing today.

They needed, a dress, a suit, the marriage license, a dozen other things and of course, the officiant!  Things most people spend months planning....

It really was completely spur of the moment.  I talked with Donovan a few times during the day as he ran around trying to get everything done.  But not once did his excitement falter when we talked about what was needed.  

Shawn was more than happy to take part in this Friday the 13th, full moon wedding, at Trout Lake in Burnaby.

From the pictures you would never know that this wedding was planned in less than a day.  The pictures are magnificent thanks to Donovan's friend, Darko Sikman, but what makes them fabulous are of course the Bride and Groom!

Thank you Donovan and Tracy for asking us to part of this amazing day!

Amazing Roof Top Wedding

Congrats Lisa & Troy!

A Panoramic View of the City of Kelowna...Lakes & Vineyards and Mountains. This perfect setting on the rooftop deck of HOTEL ELDORADO was fitting to this beautiful couple!

The Bride of course was the Beauty of it all, her beaming smile and grace captivated the guests and of course her Groom. 

I loved the couples choices of the readings, The Union & The Love Chapter written by a 13 year old. I encouraged Lisa & Troy to keep on dating & falling in let LOVE be their choice every morning & every night.

Complete perfection...almost, I filled out the BC Registry Marriage Book in advance and silly me and wrote the grooms name as Trevor instead of Troy....the Bride took her seat to sign...looked at her signature spot and glanced to the left...looking at me she smiled and said, "Trevor....I want to make sure I'm marrying the right guy! " We had a chuckle and changed the Trevor to Troy!

Wishing you an amazing forever journey of Love Lisa & Troy!

YHM Officiant

Experiencing the Power of Love in the Midst of Grief - Lani Johnson

I've been an officiant, a celebrant and a part of weddings for many years, but this is my first season with Young, Hip & Married.  It is just fantastic to be a  part of such a cool team of people.  How lucky am I!

Even though I've been a part of many wedding ceremonies, this last weekend was a first for me.  It was a great learning experience in the power of love in the midst of grief.  

Dylen and Chris captured my heart with their story.  They have had the strength to overcome adversity and become thoughtful and true partners to each other.  It's so beautiful and inspiring.

No one would have expected that they would face adversity and hardship the few weeks before their wedding.  Dylen's Baba passed away..  Her Baba who was 
a strong, energetic and wonderful women.  I'm so moved by this family.  You may think they should postpone or change the wedding date. But they are such a beautiful example of what is possible when we hold both grief and joy in our hearts. Their Baba would have been so proud.

So on the edge of Dunderave Beach, the rain clouds parted, the sun came through, and Dylen and Chris said their vows to each other with a small group of family and friends surrounding them.  There were tears, there was joy and there was celebration as these two got married!

-Lani Johnson, Officiant, Young Hip and Married 

Facebook, matchmaking cousins and dogs = true love
Nick and Megan - May 3, 2014

Nick first met Megan at a casual birthday party and from that meeting they became facebook friends.  When Lesa and Christina, Nick's cousins, heard he was thinking of sending her a facebook message to ask her out, they quickly put a stop to that and insisted that Nick actually call their good friend Megan, they didn't realized what a great idea it really was.  

A first date is almost always daunting and who better to accompany you on a first date then your best friend and companion, your most trusted adviser, the one who will hear all the details anyway; your dog.  And off they set on a 3 1/2 hour walk, Nick, Megan and Gatsby to chaperon.

Not only did Gatsby, the pomeranian x shelty mix get to be there as Nick and Megan fell in love but, Gatsby and Scarlett, a dachshund mix, the couples other trusted companion, both accompanied the wedding party for the ceremony.

The whole ceremony was uniquely Nick and Megan, the dogs, the matchmaking cousins turned bridesmaids and Nick's mom sharing some insightful words about "how falling in Love is like owning a dog."  So many personal touches has made this a wedding full of amazing memories.

Young Hip and Married's rockin' officiant Cory loved walking this couple into marriage and always enjoys a good belly rub.....for the dog.

And like Bob Barker always reminded us, be sure to spay and neuter your pets!

Choosing Walking Sticks & Saying Vows in the Forest

Congratulations Sadira and Simon! What an awe-inspiring way to mark the beginning of your married life. Thanks for letting me be a part of it! xo - Bobbi 

Wedded Valentines on Grouse Mountain

Congratulations Kate and Chris! Being a part of your wedding story was a pure joy. 

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