We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest Victoria officiant, Chris-Ann! Chris-Ann is ready to officiate your Vancouver Island wedding or Victoria elopement!

Without further ado, let’s meet our Officiant Chris-Ann from Victoria, BC! 

When meeting with a couple, what’s the first question you like to ask them?

You’d think it would be something about how they met but no, I don’t want to start with it being all about them. I like to ask them why they want to work with me. This may sound like I’m fishing for an ego boost, but there’s actually more to it. The question often helps them describe what kind of wedding they want without realizing it.

For example, the couple who say it’s because I’m younger, or female, or funny, shows me that they care about their ceremony and have a vision in mind that I can help pull off.

What is the best compliment a couple or wedding guest has ever given you?

I often get compliments from guests who will come up to me afterwards to tell me that my words really impacted them. This means a lot to me because as much as I am there witnessing and officiating for the couple and their love, I am also there to testify to love all around. My overall goal is to uplift and inspire everyone in attendance.

Vancouver Island wedding with Officiant Chris-Ann
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What is the best part about officiating Victoria weddings?

The best part for me is bringing everyone into the moment. I often do this with humour. When I can get a room filled with hundreds of people laughing, absolutely nothing compares to that.

What’s the most challenging part?

The most challenging part of being an officiant for me is trying to get some couples to care about their ceremony when they’d rather just focus on partying at the reception. I mean, I will never complain about doing any wedding ever, I just think my time and their money could be better spent elsewhere…. unless of course they invite me to their reception!

What one thing should all couples know before their wedding ceremony?

One thing they should know is that they will blink and it will all be over. So practicing being present and in the moment is super important. Also, they have absolutely nothing to worry about if I’m doing their ceremony; they just need to follow my lead!

Victoria wedding with Officiant Chris-Ann from Young Hip & Married
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Share your wildest or most memorable Vancouver Island wedding moment!

The wildest and most memorable moment for me so far was when a couple contacted me from out east with the idea to do an ‘out of the box’ ceremony with their closest friends in BC. The best part was that they wanted to do it after a hike to the top of Goldstream Trestle (800 metres up). Oh and that it was going to be a surprise for their friends who were all avid hikers!

Now, to be honest, I am not a hiker and I am scared of heights, but I was stoked to help pull it off!

If you were getting married, what would you want in your wedding ceremony?

I heard of a couple who made it their mission to get (re)married in every different country and in every different tradition in the world. I would love to do something like this!

Why do you think couples should invest in their wedding ceremony?

I think couples should invest in their ceremony/officiant because it’s an opportunity for them to tell all their loved ones and guests their story. It’s a chance for couples to not only share what got them to this point, but what they want for their lives going forward. This is their moment!

Of course there will always be couples who are more private and low key, and that is fine. But still investing in an officiant who is willing to get to know them personally in order to reflect their personality on their day is so important.

What is something people would never guess about you?

People would never guess that I’m actually an introvert… I just have extrovert tendencies.

Officiant Chris-Ann in Iceland
Chris-Ann in Iceland

Victoria Officiant Chris-Ann with her cat

Who is your dream couple that you’d like to officiate for? Or a dream ceremony setting?

My dream couple would take me to my dream setting… so anyone who wants to do a destination wedding, I’m totally down!

What is your favourite wedding movie?


What do you wish for your couples?

I wish for my couples to look back on their wedding day and be confident that was the perfect way to start their marriage.

If you’d like to learn more about Chris-Ann, check out her officiant page here. And to book Chris-Ann as the officiant for your Victoria wedding or elopement, get in touch


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