Looking for the perfect Vancouver elopement spots? We’ve got you covered. Actually, Emily of Emily Nicole Photos has you covered. As one of our talented elopement photographers in the Lower Mainland, Emily knows the absolute best Vancouver elopement spots.

In November 2017, Emily shared some of her favourite Vancouver elopement locations with us. But now she’s back to share even more! Vancouver is full of beautiful spots to tie the knot – if you know where to look.

Check out Emily’s next 12 favourite Vancouver elopement spots below!

Lynn Canyon

“That Golden Ears look without the drive. I LOVE this location! We get a stunning mix of forest, rocks, river and a suspension bridge! Do be prepared for some serious walking for this one as some of my favourite spots are at the very bottom of the canyon,” says Emily. Pro tip: leave your heels at home or plan to carry them until you get to the bottom of the canyon.

Vancouver Public Library

Emily shares, “This is one of my favourite options for an intimate rainy day elopement! The architecture is stunning, and lets face it, hiding out between the books is super romantic.” Perfect for book lovers!

Stanley Park Woods

Stanley Park is full of beautiful spots for intimate elopements. Like Emily, we’re big fans of running off deep into the woods to tie the knot.

Third Beach

When you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, but don’t want to fly to Mexico or deal with the crowds, Emily has a tip: Third Beach! She shares, “It’s the perfect weekday morning location. I love how quiet and serene it can be.”

Pitt Lake

“It’s a bit of a drive, but absolutely worth it. This location is STUNNING, especially at sunset.” Couldn’t agree more, Emily!

Vancouver Art Gallery

If you’re looking for an indoor spot to elope in Vancouver, the art gallery could be a great choice. Emily says, “This location is one that you have to pay in advance to visit, and they do not guarantee rooftop access, but I love the interior architecture. This is the perfect location for a winter elopement.”

Sea to Sky Gondola

Talk about a picture perfect elopement spot! “Just an hour’s drive from Vancouver is this breathtakingly beautiful spot. While gorgeous all year round, I particularly love this location for an intimate winter wedding. Definitely choose a weekday for this spot so that you avoid the crowds and any conflicts with their big weekend weddings.”

Olympic Village

A great spot in the middle of Vancouver for eloping with some of the city’s icons right behind you. Check out Olympic Village!

Alouette Lake

“This location can require some walking, but it is just so stunning with the view of both water and mountains,” Emily shares. Sounds like it is well worth the walk!

The Forest at Golden Ears Park

Golden Ears Provincial Park is a beautiful location with lots of spots to elope. One of the best? The forest! “The trees, the mossy forest floor. This is an elopement location to die for.”

Harrison, BC

If you’re looking to make a weekend out of it, Emily recommends Harrison. She says, “I love this spot for a staycation type wedding just a couple hours out of town.” Plus, there are so many beautiful natural backdrops to choose from!

Manning Park

Last but not least, Emily has selected Manning Park. She shares, “Again an out of town location but this massive park is just stunning, particularly in the winter when a blanket of snow covers everything.” Sign us up for that!

So many beautiful Vancouver elopement spots! How do we even choose?

Thanks to Emily Nicole Photos for sharing her picks, and her beautiful shots, with us!