We’re so excited to introduce you to Thrive Couples Coaching, a partner company of Young Hip & Married! 

Our mission at Young Hip & Married is to help you get married and have a fantastic, lifelong marriage. But you have to put effort into anything you want to last a lifetime.

That’s where Thrive Couples Coaching comes in.

What is Thrive Couples Coaching? 

Thrive Couples Coaching is a relationship coaching company founded by Young Hip & Married head officiant and experienced coach, Jane Halton. You’ll see some other familiar YHM faces over on Thrive’s website too! 

Thrive helps nearly and newly engaged (or recently married) couples discover their strengths, build skills, avoid relationship pitfalls, talk through the tough topics, and practice putting effort into their relationship so it can be fun and fulfilling over the years. 

Thrive helps you rock your relationship from the start by investing in the tools you need for a lasting marriage!

couple holding hands in gold outfits, Thrive Couples Coaching with Young Hip & Married

Who is relationship coaching for?

Relationship coaching is perfect for couples who are engaged, nearly engaged or recently married. As you enter into a new phase of your relationship, it’s the perfect time to make sure you’re on the same page and set up for success. 

Premarital coaching is for you if: 

  • You love your in-laws, but you don’t want them dropping by unannounced or everyday (and don’t know how to tell your partner). 
  • You aren’t sure how to discuss money with your partner without someone getting defensive or feeling judged. 
  • You think you’ve talked through the big topics, like kids and religion, but feel like you might be missing something. 
  • You haven’t talked about shared goals beyond your wedding. 
  • You know you love each other but aren’t always sure you’re showing it. 
  • You rarely fight but want to improve your communication skills with your partner. 
  • You want to do everything you can to set your marriage up for success! 

Premarital relationship coaching is for any couple that wants to prioritize their relationship and invest in the skills that are going to make that relationship not only last, but be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! 

Thrive coaching is a supportive and inclusive environment for ALL couples. We proudly work with couples of all religions, sexual orientations, genders, races, ages, locations, etc.  

How does premarital coaching work? 

If you’re interested in premarital coaching with Thrive, here’s how it works: 

  1. Read about their services and select the package you’re interested in.
  2. Book your package here!
  3. Once your coach gets in touch, you’ll schedule your first session.  
  4. Complete the online assessment sent to you.

After completing your online assessment, you and your coach will decide on areas of focus for your sessions. 

In each coaching session, your Thrive coach will guide you through conversations and exercises on the topics you’ve selected, plus provide fun “homework” for you to do together after the session. All sessions are one hour and done via online video, so you can do coaching anywhere in the world with a wifi connection! 

couple lying on ground holding hands and smiling

Is this like therapy or counselling? 

No, couples coaching is not the same as couples counselling or therapy. 

In couples coaching, coaches are trained to help you build skills that form the foundation for a healthy marriage. Coaches work with couples in healthy relationships looking to prepare for their future marriage.

In couples counselling, counsellors are trained to help you work through conflict and emotional experiences. Counsellors often work with couples going through a stressful situation or crisis, looking to resolve past or present wounds. 

As Thrive founder Jane Halton puts it, “Coaching is about building the skills you need for the future while counseling is about repairing problems from the past. Coaching works best at the beginning of a marriage to give you the tools you need to avoid struggle.” 

Learn more about the differences between coaching and counselling – and which one is right for you.

Is this a religious thing? 

No, Thrive’s premarital coaching is not religion-based and you do not have to be religious, or belong to a specific religion, in order to participate. 

Thrive coaches are trained to incorporate as much or as little religion or spirituality into your coaching as you would like. Their coaches come from a diverse background and have experience working with couples of all faiths, including multi-faith couples (oh, multi-faith differences – what a great topic for coaching!).

The main goal in coaching is for you and your partner to understand and respect each other’s religious and spiritual beliefs.

How do I learn more about Thrive? 

Head on over to Thrive Couples Coaching to learn all about their premarital relationship coaching services. 

Discover their coaching packages, learn more about what they do, get your questions answered with their FAQs, and book your first coaching session now! 

While we love helping couples tie the knot in ceremonies that feel true to them, those wedding days would be meaningless without a wonderful marriage to follow. It can be easy to get swept up in wedding planning, spending many hours and lots of money on your one day celebration. But don’t forget to invest in what matters most: your marriage