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Jane Halton

Jane Halton

Although I believe that the wedding ceremony is a beautiful and immensely important event, it is only one piece of the marriage pie. Creating a long-lasting relationship takes more than a wedding. Sometimes we need a little help figure out just how to make our marriage stronger. I think relationship coaching can do just that.

Combining my skills as a certified coach with the Prepare/Enrich assessment, I will help empower and equip you both with the tools you need for a stronger marriage. I can help you figure out which areas are most important to you and what you want to spend your time talking about. Communication, money, and family dynamics are just a few areas we could discuss.

When couples know how to benefit from their strengths and work on their growth areas, their relationship immediately becomes stronger. If you’re spending tons of time and money on the big day, why wouldn’t you invest a little of that same time and money on your lifelong commitment?

I’m fun, easy to talk to and candid. I will help you feel comfortable in a process that may be new to you. In just a few sessions you will discover a lifetime worth of helpful information and skills. Doing a few sessions of coaching will also give you a framework (and a connection) if you ever need someone to work with in the future.

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