As officiants, the vows are one of our favourite parts of the wedding ceremony. It’s the promises you’re making to your new spouse about the life and marriage you’re going to have together. It doesn’t get more intimate and important than that!

And while we love when our couples write their own vows, we also get that not everyone is into that idea. And that’s totally fine! Remember, it’s your wedding – your way, and your vows should reflect that.

So what kind of vows are right for you? Take our fun quiz below to find out!

And remember, this quiz is just for fun. We’re not mind readers. You do you with your vows!

Photo by Kaoverii Silva Photography

1) It’s a few weeks before your wedding and you and your boo are having a romantic movie night. What’s playing?

A – When Harry Met Sally

B – The Proposal

C – He’s Just Not That Into You

D – La La Land

2) You’re hungry! It’s dinner time. What are you cooking up?

A – Steak and potatoes

B – Sushi take out

C – A mish mash of leftovers

D – You’re opening up the cupboards and winging it

3) Wedding morning and you want to write your soon-to-be spouse a love letter. Where do you start?

A – Quoting a line from a book of love poems

B – Including a lyric from your favourite song

C – Memories of your relationship milestones over the years

D – Straight from the heart! Pouring out whatever you are feeling in the moment

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4) What does your wedding wardrobe look like?

A – Modest white dress or formal black suit

B – Low back mermaid style or modern navy suit

C – Lace dress with mom’s veil or grey suit with grandpa’s handkerchief

D – Colourful ombre dress or purple tux

5) What song do you envision walking down the aisle to?

A – The Wedding March. No question.

B – Something by The Beatles

C – An instrumental version of a pop song we love

D – Our wedding party is playing kazoos and ukuleles as we walk down the aisle

6) It’s time for the flowers. What’s going in the bouquets?

A – Romantic red roses

B – Modern peonies

C – A mismatch of seasonal blooms

D – Succulents and greenery

Photo by Emily Nicole Photos

7) What kind of food are you serving at the reception?

A – Plated meals of chicken, steak or fish

B – We’re bringing in a food truck

C – Buffet style with every type of cuisine

D – Our favourite restaurant is catering

8) And what are you drinking?

A – Red or white. A little bubbly for toasts.

B – Craft beer

C – There’s going to be a Make Your Own Caesar Bar

D – Signature cocktails based on our favourite flavours

9) At the end of the night, where would we find you?

A – Heading into our newlywed car and driving to the airport to start our honeymoon

B – Doing a sparkler exit with all of our guests

C – Putting together a bag of sweets from our candy bar

D – Still dancing to our favourite songs

10) The big question: How do you actually feel about writing your own wedding vows?

A – Absolutely not

B – Probably not for us

C –  We kind of like that idea

D – We LOVE that idea

Photo by Emily Nicole Photos

If you got…

Mostly As: Traditional Vows

If you picked mostly As, your best fit might be reciting traditional vows. Traditional vows are traditional for a reason – they have stood the test of time. Check out some traditional vows and other vow options here.

Mostly Bs: Contemporary Vows

If you picked mostly Bs, your best fit might be reciting contemporary modern vows. You’re right in the middle where you don’t want older traditional vows but you also don’t want to craft your own. Luckily, there are lots of awesome modern vows for you to choose from. Check out some great options here.

Mostly Cs: Mix and Match Vows

If you picked mostly Cs, your best fit is mix and match vows. You don’t want to write your vows from scratch but you also don’t want to recite any pre-written vows exactly as they are. So lucky for you, you can mix and match. Take one line from these vows, two lines from those vows, add a word, change a word, cut a line – do whatever you want! These are your vows. Check out this list to start mashing together your custom vows.

Mostly Ds: Write Your Own

If you picked mostly Ds, your best fit is to write your own vows. You are a unique person and no one is going to be able to capture your love story better than you. Writing your own vows can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out our free guide below to help you get started.

written by Riana Ang-Canning
feature image by Erica Miller Photography