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Wade Lifton (he/him)

The first wedding I ever officiated was for my brother and sister-in-law on a tiny bridge over a pond. That’s when I discovered the deep privilege of holding space for the joy and intimacy that happens during a wedding ceremony.

Since then, I’ve led ceremonies deep in the backwoods, at a downtown restaurant, in the centre of a labyrinth, on snowshoes, and in many other places. Each wedding ceremony is a unique shared discovery in how to best celebrate your love with your community.

As a wedding officiant, I enjoy adapting to the vibe and needs of each gathering – bringing playful joy or grounding calm to your ceremony, as needed. I want to help you find the words to describe the partnership that has grown into the centre of your life.

When I’m not officiating weddings, I provide spiritual care for people in hospice, care homes and hospitals, as well as lead retreats, spiritual accompaniment training, and am a minister in the United Church. All of my work centres around cherishing people through the joys and challenges of life.

Outside of work, you might find me sharing life with my cohousing community, watching the trees change through the seasons while lounging in a hammock, or contemplating the importance of cookies in building a better world. I like to think I move naturally between the depths and ridiculousness of life.

I would be thrilled to meet up, hear your story, and explore how to best express who you are, individually and together, in a gathering with your people on your wedding day. Let’s design a ceremony that is not only a beautiful gathering, but a touchstone for you two to return to throughout the unfolding chapters of your life together.