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Wade Lifton (he/him)

Vancouver Island Officiant Wade Lifton for Young Hip & Married

The first wedding I ever officiated was for my brother and sister-in-law on a tiny bridge over a pond. That’s when I discovered the deep privilege of holding space for the joy and intimacy that happens during a wedding ceremony.

Since then, I’ve led ceremonies deep in the backwoods, at a downtown restaurant, in the centre of a labyrinth, on snowshoes, and in many other places. Each wedding ceremony is a unique shared discovery in how to best celebrate your love with your community.

As a wedding officiant, I enjoy adapting to the vibe and needs of each gathering – bringing playful joy or grounding calm to your ceremony, as needed. I want to help you find the words to describe the partnership that has grown into the centre of your life.

When I’m not officiating weddings, I provide spiritual support for people in healthcare settings. I’m a minister with the United Church, lead retreats, and provide spiritual accompaniment training.  All my work centres around cherishing people through the joys and challenges of life.

Outside of work, I prioritize time with friends, who may be trees, animals, or human animals. Dark chocolate is usually close at hand and spontaneous dancing is always a possibility. I like to think I move naturally between the depths and ridiculousness of life.

I would be thrilled to connect, hear your story, and explore how to best express who you are, individually and together, on your wedding day. Let’s design a ceremony that is not only a beautiful gathering, but a touchstone for you two to return to throughout the unfolding chapters of your life together.



  • The experience with Young Hip & Married was fantastic!

    Very streamlined. Wade was our officiant and he was very sweet and caring. His energy was unmatched and he came up with a very sweet ceremony. I would definitely recommend their services to friends or for anyone looking for a hassle-free wedding ceremony.

    Young Hip & Married elopement with Officiant Wade

    Lucas & Gabriel
  • Great, supportive and helpful resource for our wedding. The premium package included helpful tools for vow writing and name changing. A bit expensive, but we were so happy with our officiant, Wade Lifton. Thanks Wade!

    Natalie & Adam
  • We had Young Hip and Married officiate our wedding. We had met with a few officiants before ultimately choosing Wade Lifton. He did an amazing job giving the casual, light hearted wedding we wanted. The rehearsal went well with him giving his expertise and letting us choose how we really wanted our special day to pan out. Thank everyone at Young Hip and Married for making our special day even more special.

    Josh & Joanne
  • We went with the intimate elopement package from Young Hip & Married, because they catered to all the major parts of planning. Every aspect of the service rendered was fantastic, from the introduction, to getting the right Officiant and Photographer. We absolutely appreciated this service and would recommend to friends and family in the future.

    Queen Elizabeth Park Vancouver wedding with young hip & married lgbtq+

    by John Bello Photography

    Jo Ann & Kristie
  • We were originally worried about spending too much on an officiant but after all was said and done we have no regrets. Our Officiant Wade was very professional and catered everything to our lighthearted tone. We had plenty of guests compliments and comments about how everything seems so natural.

    Priscilla & Brandon
  • Ask for Wade. He’s fun loving, kind and likes dogs! We had a blast working with him and our guests still talk about how awesome he was! And so down to wear a custom jacket I made him for the occasion!

    Wade sees the magic in love, from our first meeting with him hearing his passion for people, relationships whether romantic or otherwise. He made wedding planning so fun. You can tell he genuinely loved getting to know us, getting to know our family and friends. He was up for every challenge, writing our ceremony was truly a collaborative job between us. The compliments on him and his personality and his love are still being brought up to us. It is such a huge part of the day and our lives and he breezed through it like an old family friend.

    His smile says it all. We love him and hope to see him in years to come!

    Young Hip & Married Vancouver wedding

    by Emily Nicole Photos

    Rachel & Alex