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Lonnie Delisle (he/him)

You only get one chance at the beginning. Your wedding ceremony is a huge milestone moment for you two, one that deserves care and attention to make it as meaningful as possible. I would love to help create a ceremony that reflects who you two are, the memory of which you will draw from for the rest of your lives. 

As a musical artist, I produce events on a regular basis. Each event is unique and full of aspects that make it special for the people attending. No wedding is the same, as no couple is the same. Your tastes, your passions, what you love, what you don’t like – that all matters and should be reflected in the wedding you plan.

My wish for you is a wedding ceremony filled with personal meaning, followed by a marriage in that same vein. Marrying my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me and I think about why I love him every single day. Nurturing and cultivating gratitude for your spouse is foundational for a healthy marriage. 

When I’m not officiating weddings, I work as the Artistic Director of a multi-faith gospel choir, as well as a musician. My husband and I bring our love for people and music into our daily lives, hosting parties, taking in live theatre, and exploring new places. Besides music, my husband and our black lab, my favourite things are glamping, sablefish with miso glaze, and a pool at 89 degrees (the perfect temperature!). 

I love hearing people’s stories. I want to know what brought you together, what you love about one another and what you want most out of your wedding day. Let’s connect and craft a ceremony that truly reflects the uniqueness of you! 

  • Never in my wildest dreams did I think a wedding ceremony could be so much fun. I’m talking, grinning and laughing so much that there’s not a single elegant photo of me from the time I got to the top of the aisle to the moment I kissed my groom, I mean husband. Of course a lot of that had to do with my fantastic, best ever partner, but, SO much of it also had to do with Lonnie. He knew how to make the two of us shine.

    Lonnie takes the time to hear your story, and to get to know you. Once he’s got your vibe, he can guide you, giving you samples and ideas that suit your style, and helps you craft your unique ceremony. Spend some time socializing with him and his husband, and consider it an investment in your wedding day, because the better he gets to know you, the more intimate your big day is going to feel. And do NOT be surprised if he becomes a lifelong friend: that’s the kind of man he is.

    Thank you Lonnie, from the bottom of our hearts, for making our wedding an evening of pure and utter crazy joy.

    Martin & Inge
  • Young Hip & Married was a wonderful vendor to work with! My husband and I chose an elopement package, which included the officiant and photographer, and had a small outdoor ceremony with close family. It was perfect. Coordinating with the officiant and photographer was super easy, communication was always open and everything was done conveniently via email. Lonnie’s ceremony script was beautiful, and allowed for us to make our own few changes and add our own vows. Short, sweet and romantic, and our photos by Erica turned out amazing!!

    Justine & Matt
  • Thoughtful, charming, couple-specific. Our officiant added depth and meaning to our ceremony that felt uniquely us.

    Jordan & Eliza
  • We heard about Young Hip and Married from friends of ours who used their services when they got married. Lonnie was the officiant for our 10 person wedding, and he was great! He provided us with his script for the ceremony, and requested our feedback and approval, which was nice. Communication was always quick and clear, and he was very responsive to any request we had!

    We asked that he step aside when we were saying our vows, and also for our first kiss as man and wife, and he had no problem doing so. This was nice, because we have lovely photos of these moments with us my husband and I. The package we purchased also included a free vow writing course, and it was incredibly helpful! I’m really proud of the vows I wrote, and the course made it so easy! I definitely recommend Young Hip and Married!

    Katie & Baron
  • Lonnie from Young Hip & Married was a phenomenal addition to our perfect day. We felt like we were being married by a close friend. He guided us through the storytelling parts of our wedding and made us feel at ease with the decision making that comes with writing (turns out vows are kind of a big deal!). We’d recommend him in a heart beat. Thanks for being there for us!

    Sadie & Ross
  • 5/5 stars!

    Doug & Christine
  • Our Officiant was Lonnie and I really appreciate the customized package where I was able to tell him our love story and he was able to summarize it beautifully at the ceremony. The customized package really does add an extra touch!

    Kim & Ian
  • We had the pleasure of having Lonnie officiate our wedding this past September. His ceremony was a great mixture of laid back, heartfelt, and with a little touch of humour. Highly recommended!

    Young Hip and Married was also very easy to communicate with and responded promptly to our emails. They worked hard to accommodate our requests on short notice after a previous reservation with another company had fallen through.

    TJ & Jessica
  • Lonnie was great – very communicative, adaptable, and friendly. He provided a fantastic amount of advice for the ceremony and we honestly were just so happy with everything. Highly recommend!!

    Rebecca & Andrew
  • We just wanted to say thank you for making the planning and ceremony so comfortable and easy for us. Danya was great for giving us all the details we needed for our elopement ceremony. She put our minds at ease and communicated very fast. Lonnie, our officiant, is very friendly and gave such a wonderful speech. We appreciate you all making our day special. Thank you!

    Joy & Anthony
  • We did the Signed, Sealed & Delivered package with Lonnie and the whole process was smooth, easy, and enjoyable! We wanted to legalize our marriage before the ceremony so that a friend could perform it, and this was a great fit. Communication was great, and Lonnie was lovely. We really appreciated the vow writing course as well, it was super helpful in creating a format for us to follow. Would definitely recommend!

    Sara & Ron