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Courtney Arntzen (she/her)

During your wedding ceremony, I wish to set you up for intentional celebration – leaning into your choice to love and be loved. You have not come to this point of your relationship without purpose – so let’s intentionally celebrate all that your love means and all that you hope for it in the future! 

Growing up in the church, I attended a lot of weddings. I knew weddings were important from a young age, and I would save all of the wedding programs and invitations my family received. I stumbled into wedding coordination (even helping at a fellow Young Hip & Married officiant Jane’s wedding) and officiated my first wedding in 2006. Since then, I have officiated weddings for friends, family and strangers in the wider Missoula community and across the country. 

My favorite moment of a wedding ceremony is when the couple is invited to turn and face the community gathered to celebrate them. This is their opportunity to take in the faces of their loved ones and create a mental snapshot of the moment to remember forever. 

When I’m not officiating weddings, I serve Missoula as a Community Chaplain and Spiritual Director. And when I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family – my two sons and husband of over 20 years. We enjoy cooking, watching movies and exploring the wonders of Montana together. 

Throughout our marriage, my husband and I have continued to make each other laugh, learn from one another, and always articulate what season of life we’re in. My advice to couples getting married is to address the elephants in the room (they’ll be there whether you admit they are or not!) and to remember that it’s a choice to allow oneself to be loved, as much as it is a choice to love someone else. 

Your wedding ceremony can be a marker filled with your values and intentions for your life together. Creating a personal ceremony can serve as a touchstone of remembrance and celebration for the years to come.  

I look forward to hearing your unique story and your dreams for your life together so we can create a ceremony that gets your marriage off to a fantastic start. 




  • Courtney was dependable, professional, and very personable. Highly recommend!

    Brandy & Matthias
  • Courtney and everyone at Young Hip and Married were so amazing to work with and provided such great service. Our ceremony was beautiful and Courtney did a great job capturing our story. She was also very responsive and easy to work with. She was timely and made the whole process very easy. We were nervous about speaking in front of people during the ceremony but she assured us that it was about us and if we messed up everything would still be fine!

    Maria & Brandon
  • Courtney was so kind and thoughtful. She made everything so easy and efficient. Could not recommend enough!!

    Lexi & Davis
  • We had the best experience with Young, Hip, and Married! Our officiant Courtney was incredibly helpful every step of the way. She offered expert feedback and really helped make our day special. The vow writing course was everything we needed to make our vows unique and perfect for us.

    Kelly & James
  • The process from start to finish was easy, simple, and painless. The email communication made everything so simple and smooth when we had so much else going on. Our officiant, Courtney, was amazing. She took all of the things we said about our love story to heart and made the speech for the day a great story of our love together. I really appreciated being able to read and adjust the script myself. I absolutely recommend them for everyone that wants or needs an unforgettable officiant that helps make your day way more amazing along the way. Not to mention the vow tutorial made our vows not only sound amazing, but they were so meaning to both of us and our families when we read them during the ceremony.

    Chandra & Elias
  • Our officiant (Courtney) was punctual, communicative, and made the process easy for us. We definitely recommend using YH&M!
    Hunter & Stacey
  • Courtney was an amazing officiant! She made the whole process stress free, and created a ceremony to suit us.  Courtney got to know us as individuals and as a couple through deep conversations that never felt forced or awkward. She guided us through scripture choices and music that matched us and our individual faith journeys, prayed for our worries and apprehensions, and beautifully incorporated those tiny details of our story into our ceremony to make it uniquely ours. The rehearsal went so smoothly and Courtney handled every unexpected bump in the road so that our day would be perfect. If you want an officiant who will go above and beyond, I can’t recommend her enough!!

    by Shanoah Bri Photography

    Janelle & Moses