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Get to know Los Angeles wedding officiant MJ Knight.

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles wedding officiant with Young Hip & Married

Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of your lives together – a sacred moment of committing to one another. I am so looking forward to being the person to walk you through this moment that you are going to remember forever!

You should know that the person guiding you through your ceremony has your back and is dedicated to you, not any other organization, agenda or person. I believe that a wedding ceremony is an important and personal moment, and I am committed to treating it as such.

My hope for you is that you leave your wedding day feeling only joy from beginning to end. I hope that when you’re living your real married life, full of busy days and occasional fights, you’re able to access those same feelings you had when you exchanged vows or shared your first kiss. I hope simply remembering those important moments always brings you closer together.

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MJ's Story

I have always loved weddings and officiating feels like an obvious and overdue path for my life. I love that weddings are a representation of a couple as individuals and as a unit.

One of my favorite moments from my own wedding was eating dinner with my new husband and looking out at all our guests, feeling so much gratitude, joy and love.

When I’m not officiating weddings, I work as a 6th grade English teacher. Both teaching and officiating require me to be a calm, trusted presence at an important stage in someone’s life. Outside of work, I love to read, write and collage.

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