We’re so excited to introduce you to a beautiful Missoula wedding venue, The Barn on Mullan. We sat down with The Barn’s venue host, Alex, to learn more about this gorgeous space and get her top tips for couples booking their wedding venue.

Read on for our interview with Alex and don’t forget to book your Missoula wedding officiant for your big day!

All photos in this post are by Alicia Magnus Photography.

Please introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Hi! I’m Alexandra Love, a venue host at The Barn and Ranch Club (located just outside of Missoula). I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and moved to Missoula, Montana in 2019.

My roles definitely vary quite a bit, but generally you’ll find me on the floor running around at every event setting up, decorating, prepping the buffet line, bartending, serving, cutting cake, lighting sparklers and everything in between. Luckily we have a pretty rad, tight knit team to tackle it all.

What first attracted you to working in events and the wedding industry specifically? 

I was thrown into the coordinating scene at a young age and would tag alongside my mother (a coordinator at the time) to various events. From weddings to fundraisers to Renaissance Fairs, I saw it all. I think the intensity and unpredictable nature of each event became somewhat of an addiction.

In 2011, I moved to Boulder, Colorado for an internship at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. It was here that I began to shift my concentration from curating to event coordination.

wedding reception in missoula at the barn on mullan
by Alicia Magnus Photography

When you’re not busy at The Barn on Mullan, how do you love to spend your time? 

These days, you’ll find me out in the garden pulling weeds and pushing puppies off of my face. I also find solace in painting and creating art with pressed flowers (usually used ones from events that are about to be tossed).

How long has The Barn on Mullan been hosting weddings?

When it first opened in 2009, The Barn was hosting just 20-25 weddings a year. These days, the venue is holding over 100 each year and booking out for the year by mid September.

What makes The Barn stand out from other venues in the Missoula area?

Located just six miles from downtown Missoula, yet still surrounded by 360 degree views of mountains, The Barn checks off all of the boxes for that iconic Montana wedding. The beautiful interior woodworking, high ceilings and atmospheric romantic lighting truly completes the rustic look.

And with its close access to town, couples and their guests are able to easily transfer the party for a celebratory nightcap.

wedding reception exit at the barn on mullan, missoula montana wedding venue
by Alicia Magnus Photography

What is the process of booking an event at The Barn on Mullan? How can couples work with you?

Most couples will book a venue tour with us where we’ll walk-thru the space, our packages, a typical layout and timeline, and answer any questions. If the couple has a date in mind and it’s available, we book on the spot! We’re already booking a few years out, so as you can imagine, we’re filling up our calendars fast.

What are the biggest mistakes couples make when choosing a venue?

The total cost can quickly and easily throw a lot of couples off. It’s so important to take the time to break down the cost of everything that will be needed. You’ll find a lot of venues may not provide tables, chairs, linens, cutlery and glassware, which can add up very quickly.

the barn on mullan, missoula wedding venue
by Alicia Magnus Photography

What are the current trends you’re seeing in weddings? What’s on its way out? 

Last year, we saw a lot of velvet sofas, eucalyptus, champagne accent colors and neon signs. We truly see it all but we’ve been seeing more black and darker accent colors this year so far. We did have one wedding unlike any other, with a very jungle feel complete with palm leaves, tropical flowers, dim lighting and soft bass house music.

Where should couples invest some money on their wedding day? 

I highly recommend putting money into a good MC. The MC is going to provide a smooth flow of your ceremony and event as you transition throughout the evening. Think, crowd control. We’ve had too many weddings with the couple relying on their uncle or cousin for the song change during the processional.

What’s something people need to understand about wedding venues? 

Depending on the venue, it’s important to take note of what roles are covered with each venue. There’s a big difference between a Venue Manager and a Day-of Wedding Coordinator. Most venues do not provide a Day-of Coordinator, so understanding what this encompasses will ensure you won’t have tasks go unnoticed.

missoula wedding
by Alicia Magnus Photography

Any final tips for couples planning a wedding in Missoula? 

No wedding ever goes exactly how you planned, so just enjoy the day and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Lastly, how can couples get in touch?

Thanks so much to Alex from The Barn on Mullan for taking part in this vendor interview. Get in touch with Alex and her team at The Barn above and don’t forget to book your Missoula wedding officiant for your big day!