We recently sat down with Cristie Rosling of Umbrella Events to learn all about Union Wedding Show! Read on to learn more.

What is Union Wedding Show?

Union Wedding Show is Western Canada’s only LGBT+ Wedding Show.

What makes Union Wedding Show unique?

The Union Wedding Show features wedding professionals who identify as LGBT+ or are strong allies of the Vancouver LGBT+ community, in a space that is inclusive and fabulous for couples planning their wedding day.

Photo & feature by Shauna Danielle Photography

Who is Union Wedding Show for?

Union Wedding Show is for everyone!  The show promotes amazing vendors that are part of the LGBT+ community or are strong allies to the community. Last year we had a few heterosexual couples attend and they enjoyed a wedding show where the focus wasn’t just on the bride. Union is the perfect place for anyone planning a wedding to get the help and services they need for their big day, regardless of gender or sexual preference!

What kind of vendors can couples expect to find at Union?

Couples can expect to find vendors for everything they need for their big day – planners, photographers, videographers, caterers, DJs, bartenders, florists, hair and makeup services, jewelry makers, etc.

Photo by Shauna Danielle Photography

Why is having an LGBT+ wedding show important?

Most wedding shows in the Lower Mainland market and cater to heterosexual couples which can make couples that don’t identify this way feel uncomfortable and unrepresented. It was important to us to create a show where everyone feels welcome.  It is also a safe space for LGBT+ couples to find vendors that they know are going to be accepting of their relationships.

How did you get involved in Union Wedding Show?

I’ve been planning weddings through my company Umbrella Events for the past 6 years, and Belle is a portrait photographer who previously photographed weddings. Having both worked in the industry as well as being members of the LGBT+ community ourselves, we felt that our community was being under-represented in the wedding world. Thus began Union!

Photo by Shauna Danielle Photography

This is Union’s 2nd year. What’s different about the 2017 show?

The show this year is bigger and better!  We have a fabulous new venue at Heritage Hall, and we’ve brought on many new vendors that we are so excited to be showcasing!  You can visit www.unionweddingshow.com to check out the exhibitors that you’ll be able to meet at this year’s show!

What did couples have to say after last year’s show?

We had a ton of positive feedback from guests at last year’s show. The overall consensus was that they were so glad a show like this exists!  They loved that they felt represented and included. I think some couples booked all of their wedding vendors at the show last year.

Photo by Shauna Danielle Photography

Anything else couples need to know before attending?

It’s a good idea to come early and take your time meeting and chatting with the vendors.  A lot of vendors provide services you may not even know existed!  So take your time to see what everyone has to offer to make your wedding amazing!

Awesome! When and where is Union Wedding Show? How do we get tickets?

Union Wedding Show is going to be held this year on October 21st at Heritage Hall on Main St.  Tickets can be purchased in advance on Eventbrite or at the door for $10.