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Tips for Including a Handfasting Ceremony in Your Wedding

Tips for Including a Handfasting Ceremony in Your Wedding
July 25, 2023 Riana Ang-Canning
tips for including a handfasting ceremony in your wedding

Are you interested in incorporating a handfasting ceremony into your wedding ceremony? As a professional wedding officiant, I have some tips to help make it a success. Check them out in the video below!

But first things first: What is a handfasting ceremony?

Timing of the Handfasting Ceremony

It’s important to consider the timing of a handfasting ceremony. I recommend incorporating it right in the middle of your wedding ceremony. After the welcome, address, and declaration of intent portion, the handfasting ceremony can take place. This way, it doesn’t feel like an afterthought and gets the attention it deserves.

What Goes Into a Handfasting Ceremony?

The hand fasting ceremony is a significant part of your wedding ceremony and can take up to 10 minutes. It’s essential to plan it properly and include it in your timeline. After the ceremony, you can follow it up with traditional elements like the ring exchange, signing, and kiss.

Download My Handfasting Script

I understand that not everyone will want to create their own handfasting ceremony script. That’s why I decided to share mine with you. Feel free to download and use it as is or modify it to fit your style.

Get my handfasting ceremony script here!

A Spiritual and Ancient Ceremony

A handfasting ceremony is a beautiful and spiritual way to exchange vows with your partner. It’s rooted in ancient traditions and offers a powerful connection to your partner. It’s an excellent option for non-traditional couples looking for something spiritual and unique.

In conclusion, a hand fasting ceremony is a beautiful way to express your love and commitment to your partner. Plan to incorporate it in the middle of your ceremony timeline and enjoy this unique experience together. Don’t forget to download the script from my link and get in touch to ask any questions you may have.