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3 Elements to DIY for Your Wedding

3 Elements to DIY for Your Wedding
June 27, 2018 Riana Ang-Canning

Please enjoy this guest post from our friends at The Bouqs!

Taking over some wedding tasks can be a great way to personalize your event and also save money. With the help of Pinterest, Instagram, and other wedding idea websites, brides and grooms all over are focusing on personalizing their big day more than ever, and trying out unique and fun DIY projects. Here are some of our favourite ideas to include a non-traditional element in your wedding day, and leave your guests with something memorable.

The Invitations

The invite is your guests’ first glimpse into the ceremony. This will set the tone and give them an idea of the formality of the event, color scheme, and of course include all the important details.

It’s super easy to design your own wedding invitations thanks to the internet! You can search thousands of ideas and pick which elements you like to create something that represents you as a couple.

Make sure your paper is durable, but not too heavy, and ensure that it works with your printer and ink before getting started. Just because it’s DIY, doesn’t mean it can’t also look expensive! Look into embossing, foil printing, or letterpressing too for a more professional finish.

Photo by Morgan McDonald

Welcome Totes

As guests walk in and are taking in the scenery and excitement of the big day, they could be greeted with a welcome bag filled with goodies! Creating a custom monogram or logo is simple, and canvas tote bags aren’t too expensive. Fill the bag with tasty snacks, bottled water, a welcome letter and itinerary, and fun extras like a magnet, postcards (especially if it’s a destination wedding), and a koozie. Be sure to keep things fairly small so they can be easily transported.

The Bouquets

DIY wedding flowers can be a daunting task, but if you have the basics organized and ready to go, you can get through it; especially if you enlist the help of your friends.

Scour the internet for inspiration and figure out your design. Feel free to mix and match different types of flowers, but make sure to pick flowers that are in season in order to keep costs low. The Bouqs offers affordable flower deliveries where you can even get same day delivery of fresh flowers! Once you have all the pieces ready to go, the bouquets should be put together the day before the wedding and stored in a cool space.

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography

Although DIY projects may seem difficult at first, they can actually turn out to be a really fun way to become more intimately involved in every aspect of your big day. From the ceremony to the reception, there will be pieces of you and your relationship sprinkled throughout. They’re a reminder that you played a huge part in building this beautiful day, making it that much more special, and that you saved a ton of money in the process!

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