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  • How to write wedding vows, I believe statement

    WATCH: Write Your Wedding Vows Knowing Statements

  • tips for including a handfasting ceremony in your wedding

    WATCH: How to Include a Handfasting Ceremony in Your Wedding

  • How to start your wedding ceremony

    WATCH: How to Start Your Wedding Ceremony With Connection

  • modern wedding vows for brides, grooms and everyone else

    Modern Wedding Vows for Brides, Grooms & Everyone Else

  • newlyweds on the beach after vancouver wedding commitment ceremony

    What Is a Commitment Ceremony?

  • How to honor passed loved ones at your wedding ceremony

    WATCH: The Best Way to Honour Passed Loved Ones at Your Wedding Ceremony

  • How long should wedding vows be, wedding officiant advice

    WATCH: How Long Should Your Wedding Vows Be?

  • wedding ceremony exit songs, recessional song, ceremony recessional

    45 Wedding Ceremony Exit Songs

  • wedding vow books for wedding ceremony

    The Best Vow Books You Can Buy on Etsy

  • add videography to your elopement with Capture Media and Young Hip & Married Vancouver elopement

    Add Videography to Your Elopement With Capture Media!

  • How to start a wedding ceremony with Shawn Miller video

    WATCH: How to Start a Wedding Ceremony

  • what to look for in a wedding venue, hycroft vancouver wedding

    What Should You Look for in a Wedding Venue?

  • okanagan wedding venues

    22 of the Best Okanagan Wedding Venues

  • signing your marriage licence at your wedding ceremony with young hip and married wedding officiants

    Signing Your Marriage Licence: What You Need to Know

  • city of Edmonton skyline, Edmonton wedding venues

    24 of the Best Edmonton Wedding Venues

  • bride and groom exchanging vows during wedding ceremony at Bloedel Ceremony, young hip and married wedding ceremony planning checklist

    How Many Venues Should You Look at for a Wedding?

  • Get to Know Victoria Elopement Photographer Jade!

  • young hip & married wedding officiants wedding ceremony, wedding rehearsal faqs

    Wedding Rehearsal FAQs

  • young hip & married wedding officiants, wedding rehearsal timeline and checklist

    The Ultimate Wedding Rehearsal Timeline & Checklist

  • Edmonton wedding officiant Erin Thomas with Young Hip & Married

    Meet Edmonton Wedding Officiant Erin

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