A few weeks ago we brought you “Where to Elope in Vancouver: Parks Edition.” So we thought we’d follow up with a few more top elopement spots in Vancouver in case parks aren’t really your thing.

Choosing a place to elope really depends on what you are into and what type of budget you have. From taking a helicopter up a snowy mountain to a back alley in Gastown, the possibilities are endless. We have come up with a list of our favorite elopement locations (that aren’t parks) and broken down some of the details you’ll need to know like cost, privacy, rain coverage and distance from downtown Vancouver. Plus, we included some photos so you could really get a feel for the spot.

Check out 7 of the best places to elope in Vancouver. We hope this list helps you plan your intimate wedding ceremony!

NOTE: For the most up to date information on pricing, permits and more, please visit the respective venues’ websites. 

Vancouver Aquarium

As the Vancouver Aquarium says, let them be your “something blue” on your wedding day! The Vancouver Aquarium is one of Vancouver’s most unique wedding spots and can accommodate small elopements and giant celebrations up to 2000 people.
Cost: You’ll have to inquire directly with the aquarium as prices vary depending on the event space you’re interested in.
Privacy: Whatever event space you choose will be yours and closed off to the rest of the public. If you want more privacy, you may need to pay more to rent out a larger space.
Rain Coverage: Totally covered! Most of the event spaces are indoors.
Distance from Downtown: 12 minute drive


Blood Alley

Sure, Blood Alley doesn’t sound very romantic but it is the perfect place to elope if you’re looking for a cool urban area in Gastown. Fun fact: Blood Alley got its name thanks to the butchers who used to work there and the public executions that used to take place in Blood Alley Square. We promise it’s a cool area, despite its gory past.
Privacy: Because you aren’t getting a permit, the space is still public and can be very busy on weekends or during dinner hour.
Rain Coverage: Next to none – you are outdoors!
Distance from Downtown: 5 minute drive


Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery hosts some of the most beautiful wedding receptions and ceremonies in the heart of the city. While they are used to hosting big crowds, who is to say you can’t rent out the space for a small elopement? Perfect if you love the artistic look and don’t want to chance it with the rain.
Cost: Different event spaces have different costs starting from $1425. Visit this webpage for more information on costs and rental spaces.
Privacy: The area you rent will be completely private and closed off to the public.
Rain Coverage: Totally covered! You’re indoors!
Distance from Downtown: You are downtown!


Robson Square

Robson Square is one of the best areas in the cities for eloping, but maybe we’re biased because we host Love In The Square there. But it’s a great outdoor spot in the heart of downtown Vancouver.
Privacy: Privacy will be pretty scarce here as Robson Square is a popular tourist spot and often hosts events.
Rain Coverage: Some – the steps are uncovered but parts of the square where the ice rink is located are covered.
Distance from Downtown: You are downtown!


Yaletown Seawall

The Seawall is an iconic part of Vancouver living and would make a beautiful spot for couples to elope. We especially love the Yaletown side and gorgeous water views.
Privacy: Don’t expect much! The Seawall is super popular, especially in good weather. Prepare for runners, roller bladers and dogs to be passing by during your ceremony.
Rain Coverage: Nope! The Seawall is outdoors.
Distance from Downtown: 5 minute drive


Sky Helicopters

Want to take your love to new heights and elope on a mountain top? Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Check out our helicopter elopement package and see how we can make it happen. We promise the photos will take your breath away.
Cost: Includes the helicopter ride, photography and your YH&M officiant – click here for current pricing!
Privacy: About as private as it gets! It will just be you two and Mother Nature!
Rain Coverage: Very limited – you’re on a mountaintop, afterall! If the weather makes flying unsafe your pilot and officiant will work together to find a new spot a bit closer to the ground. One time we even landed in a cranberry field!
Distance from Downtown: 45 minute drive to the helicopter base in Pitt Meadows


Grouse Mountain

If you like the idea of getting married on a mountain but don’t want to take a helicopter flight, why not elope on Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain. If you can’t get enough of skiing or snowboarding, a mountain wedding might be perfect for you two.
Cost: Grouse Mountain offers a variety of indoor and outdoor venues to decide from. View the choices here and inquire about rental costs.
Privacy: The venue you rent out will be private for your ceremony
Rain Coverage: If you’re worried about coverage, opt for one of the indoor venues
Distance from Downtown: 30 minute drive


written by Riana Ang-Canning

Which of these elopement spots caught your eye? Or are we missing an awesome place to elope from our list?

Feature image by Jelger & Tanja Photographers