If you’re planning to exchange rings with your spouse, you may want to share a ring statement. A ring statement is usually a short line that you say as you exchange rings to note the symbolism of the ring. It’s a small part of the wedding ceremony, but it can be filled with a lot of meaning. And just like every part of the ceremony, your ring statement should resonate with you and your partner.

Check out eight ring statement options below.

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Short & Sweet: (Name), I give you this ring that you may wear it as a reminder of my love for you.

Shorter & Sweeter: With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours forevermore.

Symbol: (Name), I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow and with all that I am I will love and honour you.

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Remember: (Name), as a symbol of your passionate and generous love for (Name), please place the ring on (Name)’s finger. Each time you look at this ring, I encourage you to remember this day and the vows that you have made to each other.

A Sign: The ring is an outward sign of an inward commitment. Today, with these vows, I made my commitment to you, (Name).

Forever: I give you this ring as a reminder that I will love, honor, and cherish you, in all times, in all places, and in all ways . . . forever.

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Circle: Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal and my commitment to you will never fail. With this ring, I take you to be my trusted confidante and partner for life.

A Token: I give this ring to you as a token of my love and devotion. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your husband/wife.

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Which ring statement is ringing true for you and your partner?