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Thirteen Women and a Top Hat

Thirteen Women and a Top Hat
May 28, 2015 admin

In early August, I (Jane) had the privilege of marrying Devon and Morgan in a very brown ‘grassy’ park in Delta. We gathered under a wide white tent with rainbow fans atop each chair.  Devon and Morgan were one of the first summer wedding couples I met with this year and I looked forward to their wedding for months.  They were so easy to talk to, fun-filled and so excited to be married (after a very long engagement).  

As we were finalizing details closer to the day, one of their emails read “We have a great idea regarding our last name….details to follow.” This automatically peeked my interest because last names are a tricky thing these days. My husband and I kept our own last names after we got married, an option we don’t love. But we also didn’t like the idea of changing them or one of us changing a name. The hyphen works, but it wasn’t calling to us. So we took the path of least resistance and did nothing.  Morgan and Devon did the opposite of nothing.  Here’s how it went down:

Jane: Please join me in celebration as I present to you for the first time as a married couple, Morgan and Devon….uh, oh, oh no…they didn’t actually tell me their new last name.” 

(My panic face was totally believable)  

Jane: I know they were trying to combine them – was it Crumpy? or Stumpy or Crowedy? Or Stordy-Crump? No, none of those seems right. What should we do?  

(The wedding co-ordinator runs something up to the front)

Jane: Wait, what is Morgan’s great-grandfather’s top hat doing here?  Oh, what?  Oh, we are going to pick a last name out of this hat!  In the hat must be their four last name options: Crump and Stordy (Morgan & Devon’s current last names) and Campbell and Ross, (which are their mothers’ maiden names).   Hold on, we’ll figure this out!

Jane (to the crowd): Are you guys ready? And Devon & Morgan, are you ready to pick the name out and hand it to me (without looking!)?


Jane: Now join me in celebration as I present for the first time as officially, legally, totally, completely married couple, Devon and Morgan STORDY.

Did I mention there was THIRTEEN WOMEN in all up front?
Even the limo driver wanted a picture with them!
Here’s what Morgan had to say about the ceremony:
Devon and I would like to thank Young Hip and Married. And of course, the lovely Jane Halton for making our Ceremony the BEST part of our special day. Jane used the perfect amount of sentiment and humour which left our guests in tears and laughter! I was a little nervous about sharing my vows aloud…that’s a lie, I was terrified lol. Janes energy was so calm and kind along with looking at my beautiful bride, I killed it. I would recommend this company and especially Jane to any couple looking to tie the knot. Thanks again! Cheers!
Morgan and Devon STORDY!!! 🙂

All photos are from their official wedding photographer, Danielle Dobson. I always say one of the best things a wedding photographer can do is be discreet.  Not only was Danielle able to take photos while out of the way, her work is fantastic! 



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