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How to Start Your Wedding Ceremony With Connection

How to Start Your Wedding Ceremony With Connection
July 25, 2023 Riana Ang-Canning
How to start your wedding ceremony

Are you getting married this year but feeling unsure about how to start your wedding ceremony?

Hi, I’m Shawn, a professional wedding officiant. In the video below, I’ll show you how I start all my wedding ceremonies. I believe that the presentation of the couple to each other is a beautiful moment that allows them to let go of all the stress of the day and focus on each other. Let’s dive in!

The Importance of the First Moment

The presentation moment is the first time the couple sees each other on their wedding day, whether that’s during a first look or at the beginning of the ceremony. Whenever it happens, it’s a big moment!

The officiant’s role is to help the couple connect, let go of the busyness of the day, and focus on each other.

How to Start Your Wedding Ceremony

This is how I like to start a wedding ceremony: I invite the couple to hold hands, lock eyes, and take a deep breath. I ask all the guests to join in and take one deep breath together.

The couple is then invited to let all the busyness and stress fade away and hold each other’s gaze. All distractions, such as dresses, suits, flowers, limos, and even the weather, are encouraged to be forgotten.

I emphasize the significance of the couple’s love story, how special it is that they found each other in this big world. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? The start of the ceremony is a time for the couple to enjoy each other’s company and cherish this memory forever.

Why Does It Matter How You Start Your Wedding Ceremony?

The couple’s first glance, first conversation, first date, and first kiss are all memorable moments leading up to their wedding ceremony. But this moment when you first see each other on your wedding day will feel different than all the rest.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, the start of your ceremony is a time for you to enjoy each other amidst all the chaos. By focusing solely on each other, you allow yourselves to be completely present in the moment.

Starting your wedding ceremony with an intentional moment of connection, like the presentation moment, sets the tone for the rest of the ceremony. If you’re interested in more tips or working with me on your wedding day, find me on TikTok or get in touch!