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Facebook, Matchmaking Cousins and Dogs

Facebook, Matchmaking Cousins and Dogs
March 26, 2015 admin
Facebook, matchmaking cousins and dogs = true love
Nick and Megan – May 3, 2014

Nick first met Megan at a casual birthday party and from that meeting they became facebook friends.  When Lesa and Christina, Nick’s cousins, heard he was thinking of sending her a facebook message to ask her out, they quickly put a stop to that and insisted that Nick actually call their good friend Megan, they didn’t realized what a great idea it really was.  

A first date is almost always daunting and who better to accompany you on a first date then your best friend and companion, your most trusted adviser, the one who will hear all the details anyway; your dog.  And off they set on a 3 1/2 hour walk, Nick, Megan and Gatsby to chaperon.

Not only did Gatsby, the pomeranian x shelty mix get to be there as Nick and Megan fell in love but, Gatsby and Scarlett, a dachshund mix, the couples other trusted companion, both accompanied the wedding party for the ceremony.
The whole ceremony was uniquely Nick and Megan, the dogs, the matchmaking cousins turned bridesmaids and Nick’s mom sharing some insightful words about “how falling in Love is like owning a dog.”  So many personal touches has made this a wedding full of amazing memories.
Young Hip and Married’s rockin’ officiant Cory loved walking this couple into marriage and always enjoys a good belly rub…..for the dog.
And like Bob Barker always reminded us, be sure to spay and neuter your pets!