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Wedding Vows: Writing Your Knowing Statements

Wedding Vows: Writing Your Knowing Statements
July 25, 2023 Riana Ang-Canning
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Are you getting married this year? Do you want to know how to write your wedding vows? In the below video I will teach you how to write knowing statements for your wedding vows.

What is a knowing statement?

Let’s address the certainty part of your wedding vows. What do you know about your relationship? I call it a knowing statement. So, think about the things you know and believe to be true about your relationship. It’s a great way to bookend that statement and really let your partner know, “I believe in us.”

By using one of these statements, either “I know” or “I believe,” you can end your vows while expressing your confidence in your belief in your relationship. It’s just a beautiful way to close out your wedding vows and reaffirm what you know to your partner.

Examples of knowing statements for your wedding vows

Here are some examples of knowing statements that you can use in your wedding vows:

“I know that no matter what comes our way or how much time has passed, our love will never fade, and we will continue to grow side by side.”

“I believe in the truth of what we are, and that together, we can accomplish anything.”

“I know that life will not always be easy, but together, we will conquer any obstacle that comes our way.”

“I believe in our love, and that it will be our guiding light illuminating our path, leading us to the most incredible life together.”

As you can tell, these knowing statements are short and sweet, but powerful. There’s something so incredible about telling your partner, and affirming your relationship, by stating “I believe in us.” I can’t think of a more meaningful way to end your vows and begin your marriage!

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