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Amazing Rooftop Wedding

Amazing Rooftop Wedding
March 24, 2015 admin

Congrats Lisa & Troy!

A Panoramic View of the City of Kelowna…Lakes & Vineyards and Mountains. This perfect setting on the rooftop deck of HOTEL ELDORADO was fitting to this beautiful couple!

The Bride of course was the Beauty of it all, her beaming smile and grace captivated the guests and of course her Groom. 

I loved the couples choices of the readings, The Union & The Love Chapter written by a 13 year old. I encouraged Lisa & Troy to keep on dating & falling in love…to let LOVE be their choice every morning & every night.

Complete perfection…almost, I filled out the BC Registry Marriage Book in advance and silly me and wrote the grooms name as Trevor instead of Troy….the Bride took her seat to sign…looked at her signature spot and glanced to the left…looking at me she smiled and said, “Trevor….I want to make sure I’m marrying the right guy! ” We had a chuckle and changed the Trevor to Troy!

Wishing you an amazing forever journey of Love Lisa & Troy!

YHM Officiant