Pre-Marital Coaching

Our message is simple: anything that you want to last a life time is going to need some work; and marriage is no different.

Being married has the potential to be one of most rewarding, sweet, fiery, powerful experiences anyone can have. Unfortunately it also has the potential to be heart retching, painful and down right dirty.

Our coaching is designed to help you find the strengths that lie in your relationship and develop the tools to get through the tough times. A rocking relationship rarely just happens, it’s worked on, fought for and nurtured.

One of the hardest things for couples to do is to work on their relationship when there seemingly is no issue. This is the best time to get down to business and learn some sweet rock solid practices that can keep you off the rocks.

Most couples wait until there are large issues on the table before they reach out for help. We believe it’s best to be proactive in the pursuit of a fantastic relationship and aim to help couples Rock their relationship from the very start.

We coach our couples as a couple because that’s what we are, and it’s the best way to communicate both guy and gal perspectives.

Erica holds a BA in psychology and is a Practitioner on Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Shawn is a Professional Coach trained through The Coaches Training Institute and holds a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Our coaching is a combo of our training, our experiences as a couple and our sweet passion to see couples create something magical.

Coaching starts at $79/session and can be done on the phone or in person.