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Wedding Prayer

When it comes to your wedding prayer, blessing, or reading, Young Hip and Married can create a variety of memorable and meaningful readings for your wedding. Depending on your religious and spiritual background, we'll create a prayer that is harmony with what you believe and who you are as individuals and as a couple. Please note, a wedding day prayer doesn't have to be religious. Your wedding officiant may perform the reading for you, the spouse or the bride can read it (solo or together), or you can have a beloved family member or friend perform the reading for you. You can even have a pastor or spiritual leader read it for you.

Example of Religious Prayer

Here's an example of a religious prayer written by Young Hip and Married:

Let us pray. Father God, we thank you for this day in which ____ and ____ have pledged to spend the rest of their lives together as one flesh, always seeking your will for their marriage. As we gather to celebrate this joyous and momentous occasion, we ask that your blessing remains upon this couple through good times and through bad times. As they unite in ever-lasting love and commitment, constantly strengthen them to resist the wicked spirits of this world that seek to divide them.

We are humbled to come before you on this glorious day, as we know that it is you, Father God, who has ordained the marital arrangement. Continue to guide ____ and ____ in the years to come, because, without you, we are lost. We ask that your Holy Spirit protect them, nurture them, and bless them for all eternity. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Example of Non-Religious Wedding Ceremony Readings

Love and destiny are two words that are used often but often devoid of meaning. What is love? What is destiny? Love is what's left when the warm, fuzzy feelings are all gone. Destiny is what the cosmos have pre-determined to be. You can not stop love, nor can you stop destiny because love is your destiny and your destiny is love. It is your love for each other that has fulfilled this destiny of marriage today, and it your destiny that has fulfilled this love. This is what you the two of you were brought together for.

Love is a choice, not a feeling. Love is a decision we make every day when we wake up. Love is overlooking your partner's imperfections. Love is putting each others' best interest above your own. As we gather here today to witness the formation of a bond that is destined to be, we know that some things can't be easily explained. As you go forward, may you continue to make the decision to cherish your destiny and express your love for one another relentlessly.

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Of course, these are just rough samples of religious and non-religious wedding ceremony prayers, blessings, and readings. We always work with our couples to make wedding prayer or ceremony reading that is befitting of them. Contact Young Hip and Married to learn more today.


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Wedding Prayer