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As an officiant, I love weddings and getting to know the couples that I get to marry. But what I love even more, is knowing that I am connecting with two people about to embark on the biggest adventure of their lives. As a coach, I want to dive a little deeper and offer you the tools that you will carry into your life together.  

As someone who has been married for over 20 years, I know that marriage is hard work. Every tool used and effort made to strengthen your relationship is worth it. Starting with a base of relationship coaching is a great way to start talking about the things you don’t always talk about. Coaching allows you to gain some really useful communication tools that you can take into all your relationships. As a trained marriage preparation facilitator, I can help you walk into your marriage feeling confident and prepared for the adventure that awaits. 

I am a self-professed lifelong learner and my biggest passion has always been people and relationships. I have been in ministry and mentoring positions for over 25 years and am constantly on a quest to better myself and my relationships with others. I have embarked upon such learning as Life Consulting, Embodiment, Enneagram, as well as Relationship Coaching. 

I have learned a lot along the way – from courses, life experiences, and my own mistakes and victories – that has made me super passionate about helping others find the tools they need to communicate well and invest in their relationships. I believe that even the hardest conversations are worth having. By equipping you and your partner ahead of time, those conversations can become a little easier, and the foundation for your marriage becomes a little stronger. 

I would love to connect with you and walk with you and your partner through some sessions that can really change the way you do life together. I’m excited and passionate about helping you invest in each other. 


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