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Tara’s Instructions

I just wanted to give a few ideas of how this all works from the admin end.

Please read this email in it’s entirety.  It will help us both!

When a request comes in, if they request you directly, I will send an email to check your availability, I need a response back within 8 business hours. If there is no response, I will open up the request to everyone.

If they do not pick anyone specific, I will send out a group request for the region. Please respond within 8 business hours when you get this email.

If you are the officiant chosen to do the wedding, I will e-troduce you.  Please do not reach out to the couple before this.  Also read the e-troduction in whole to make sure you have all the information. Please remember when you confirm you can do the wedding, you need to let me know if you will charging mileage. If you don’t let me know at this point, you can not change it later.

Once you have been e-troduced.  I expect you to reach out to the client with your standard intro email within 48 hours and either arrange a meeting for the Rockin Wedding, or work out the details for the elopement. You need to respond to the e-troduction and include mine in bcc. Please do not start a new email thread with the clients – I need to be able to see the thread to keep track of the bookings.


I set my reminders for 2 days to check back with you and see if you have had contact with the client, I would expect you reached out to the client when you got the e-troduction.  I generally continue will check back within about every 2 days until you get back to me with any information.


If you set a meeting time, I will make a note to follow up after that meeting.


If there is no response after you’ve reached out to the couple twice, I will follow up with the couple to see if they are still interested.  I will do this usually about eight days after I have e-troduced you.  If after four days there is no response, we call it a dead lead.

Once a client has confirmed with you that they want to book you or you would like me to send the contract, please let me know.  I will not send out any contracts without your ok, unless the couple sends me an email asking for it.

I usually will give the couple four days to fill in the contract.  If at that point they have not filled it in, I will email you and ask if you have heard anything.

If you have not heard anything, I send out an email to the client asking if they need anything before filling in the contract.

Once I receive the contract, I forward you a copy for your records. Please review this and ensure it’s what you discussed with the client.

Once the client pays, I send them and you a payment confirmation.  This is also for your records so you know when you can bill YH&M.

At this point, I no longer follow up with you unless you have any questions.  I leave it in your hands at this point.   If the wedding is long way away, I would expect you to touch base with them a few times before the wedding so they don’t feel like they have been forgotten.

I will follow up 6 weeks before to confirm all the details of the wedding are still current.  If anything changes, please let me know.


****PLEASE keep all communication on each couple in the same email thread/string.  I need to be able to see the whole story if questions arise.

****Please know although you may have 1, 2, 3, 4 or more weddings you are working with, I have up to 90 plus between everyone, this is why I need you to keep everything in one email string for each couple.  I CAN NOT remember them all.

So if you ask me in an email about Joe and Claire and there is no info in the email string about them, I can’t answer you easily.  I’m not trying to be a jerk when I ask you to go back to the original email and resend your question to me about Joe and Claire.

I have found if we don’t act fast, we lose the couple.  So I need your help to ensure you get your weddings booked.  If you answer my inquiry emails quickly this is very helpful.  

I just wanted everyone to know the chain of events with couples from my end.