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Peter La Grand

I love people, especially any chance to help them flourish in their lives.  Working with a couple to figure out how to best mark and celebrate their wedding day with a unique wedding ceremony is one of my passions.  It probably does not hurt that I have loved weddings my whole life, and think of them as a true sign of hope in the world.

My background is in the social work world and in pastoring. I have worked in the downtown eastside of Vancouver for 12 years, and for three years I was a pastor of a local congregation.   I first began to officiate weddings in my work as a pastor, walking with couples through pre-marital counselling and serving as their officiant. I quickly realized that I enjoy this work and that my gifts are well used in this work.  I also have a lifelong love of writing and performing music, and my experience standing in front of many crowds has a side benefit of helping me to stay calm in those moments!

When it comes to your ceremony my role in the process is to serve you in creating whatever service you have in mind.  I have folders of resources, stories of past examples, and experience to offer to you if you ask, but my primary job is to follow the direction that you give.  If you have a vision tell me about it, and I will do my best to make it a reality.  My job is to help this be an easy experience that results in you having the wedding ceremony that you want.

I would love to hear from you, to listen to what you are hoping for, and to answer any questions you might have for me.  I feel a great honour in getting to journey with people in this way, and if you are interested in inviting me into your life for this incredible event, let me know.

When I am not marrying people, I love spending time with my wife and three kids, playing banjo, and going on long runs.

I look forward to hearing from you, and feel free to ask as many and whatever questions that you would like.

  • Peter was our officiant and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Peter listened to exactly what we wanted and provided helpful tips about our ceremony. We worked collaboratively to create a ceremony that was perfect for us!

    by Andy White

    Sue & Wanjohi
  • We had a very small and intimate ceremony with Peter LaGrand as our officiant. He was just what we had hoped. He made things simple and we felt calm and relaxed on our special day. We would definitely recommend YHM!

    Klemen & Sara
  • We were in a rush and these guys made the process seamless. Smooth and fast which is what we were after. Thank you and your team for the amazing help and service.

    Michael & Aoda
  • YHM were wonderful to work with and were great at rolling with the punches when our wedding dates and details were altered by COVID-19. Peter La Grand was our officiant and he was really awesome, a great listener, and did a great job writing a unique script for himself at the ceremony that honoured our history and requests.

    Sterling & Ara
  • We would absolutely recommend using YHM to officiate your wedding. They are organized, helpful and work with you to create a special ceremony thats fits your ideal day. Peter was fabulous – he worked with us to adapt a ceremony that was tailored to us; we had many comments from guests that he was genuine, a great speaker, and that he fit with the day perfectly. Thank you!
    Alana & Albert
  • We used Young Hip and Married for our wedding and could not say enough about how amazing they were. We had a very unique request with a surprise ceremony and Peter La Grand was able to deliver on our vision (with very little input form us).

    Roger & Samantha
  • We couldn’t be happier that Peter married us! My now husband and I reached out to YHM last January 2020 and were paired with Peter. We met up with Peter that same month and instantly felt a connection with him. He was very easy to talk to and we were confident he was the right officiant for us. But as covid hit, we postponed our wedding and ended up eloping. Our wedding was very intimate and Peter made the ceremony personable. The ceremony was heartfelt and we were impressed with how he referred to our vows in the ceremony as well. Communication with Peter and Rebecca, who works in YHM’s customer relations area, was smooth and stress-free even when we had to change our plans a few times. We look forward to having Peter again for our bigger wedding ceremony once it is safe. Thank you Peter and YHM team!

    Bianca & Thomas
  • My husband Skylar and I were so happy with our experience with Young Hip & Married. They were wonderful to communicate with and took the time to explain how things worked clearly and were patient with us as we made a decision about our officiant. Our officiant Peter was perfect. He was flexible, clear, open and so wonderful to deal with. He asked us so many questions and so by the time the day came around we felt like we really knew him and he knew us. He was wonderful on the day attentive and engaged and he speaks so well. He turned our story into something beautiful and memorable for all our guests and ourselves. We had multiple guests asked us where we were friends from because he was so connected to Skylar and I. I would not hesitate recommend both Young Hip & Married and Peter for anyone’s wedding.

    Lorin & Skylar
  • We had Peter as our officiant – he was fantastic. From the initial stages to signing our names off, the communication we had from Peter & Rebecca was smooth, timely, and solution oriented. Thank you again!!!

    Joey & Hannah
  • My wife and I could not be happier with our experience with Young Hip and Married. Everyone involved was amazing, and were more than happy to help us accomplish our dream day. Our officiant, Peter, was unbelievable! It turned out we had a lot in common including some mutual acquaintances. He took the time to get to know us both personally and wrote us the most beautiful and personal ceremony. If we could give ten stars it wouldn’t be enough to express our gratitude to the YHM team. Blessings and gratitude to you all!

    Chris & Kim
  • Young Hip & Married allows you to connect with an amazing officiant that will learn who you are and the reasons as to why you want to get married. They will create a perfect ceremony and ensure no surprises come so that your big day can be just that. Young Hip and Married has great officiants and helps ensure you are with the one that works best for not only you as a couple, but for your ceremony.

    From the moment we met Peter La Grand, we knew we wanted him to be our officiant. His calm welcoming presence made us feel comfortable from the get go. He worked continuously with us to customize the script to our liking and made sure our day could be as perfect as possible. Seeing as my wife and I are rather shy, Peter offered to do most of the talking for us which we are beyond thankful for. He made the ceremony memorable and very personal to us which helped everyone feel more involved and connected. Although we got married during Covid, Peter helped ensure an appropriate, yet very safe, ceremony. On top of that we had a slight emergency, which delayed our ceremony start time, but Peter stayed calm and helped keep me calm and ready for the ceremony. He was beyond flexible with timing and location as we had multiple different ideas up until the last week when we finally decided on a date and location. I could not have asked for a better officiant than Peter La Grand. All of his work and wording was exquisite, and the ceremony he performed for us was breathtaking. If only we had a reason to work with Peter again. Thank you again for everything Peter.

    Matthew & Emily
  • We were thrilled from start to finish with this group. Every communication we had was prompt, informative and professional. We had a private ceremony at our home in our front yard under our willow tree. Peter was our officiant and he was simply the best! We connected with him from the moment we met him and his style, manner and tone was exactly what we were looking for. We can’t recommend him enough. I would have no hesitation to recommend Peter and YHM to anyone looking to get married!

    Laura & Jennifer
  • Huge shoutout to Peter at Young Hip & Married for officiating our wedding on August 8, 2020! He did an amazing job communicating ahead of time with us, and during our ceremony, was very professional and polite. I actually can’t think of any one specific thing that didn’t go as we expected. Would not hesitate to recommend Young Hip & Married to anybody, and know that your experience will be memorable in the most positive way possible! Thanks Peter, for exceeding our expectations and being awesome at what you do.

    Jeff & Tammy
  • We had the perfect experience! Thank you Peter for making this such an easy experience! No stress and exactly what we wanted! Highly recommend these guys! Thank you again for everything!!

    Adrianna & Tiziana
  • I highly recommend Young Hip & Married for anyone who is wanting an amazing ceremony they will never forget. We had Peter La Grand officiate our wedding and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. We were wanting to have a ceremony that was personalized and tailored to who we are as individuals and as a couple with nothing too traditional. Peter did just that. Our ceremony was filled with heartfelt moments, stories and humour with not one dull moment. What Peter will do is help you create the perfect ceremony for your perfect day every step of the way.

    Patrick & Emma
  • We had read great things about Young Hip & Married before our wedding and they honestly lived up to all the hype. The booking process is so easy and organized, they are quick to respond and open to requests. Our officiant was Peter and we felt he was a wonderful addition to our ceremony. He was kind, patient, and encouraging. We originally were not going to write personal vows but he gave us a helpful guide that made it super easy and we were glad that we went with his suggestion to do them. We loved our experience and would highly recommend to everybody!

    Jennifer & Peter
  • Huge thank you for marrying us!!!!!!  I was hopeful for a personal, casual and totally us experience and you delivered that and more so thank you very much. We appreciated your patience/kindness with the slight delay, no pressure, and it was so great that you celebrated with us and had a glass of champagne after. You never felt rushed. We laughed through out the vows; I loved that we were able to help with them in advance yet you added thoughtful messages during the ceremony. It was perfect, all of it, thank you!

    by Eva Ariello

    Joey & Jason
  • Peter, our wedding officiant, was the best – literally the best. He took the time to meet us for coffee, get to know us, understand our expectations, dislikes, likes and was able to weave those into a surprise ceremony. Our ceremony was also at a strange time and Peter promised to come out at a specific time and not to worry, he would stay until he had married us. It was super important to us to be able to do it our way and Peter was always understanding of this, super excited to work with us and just a pleasure to get to know. The only thing we wish was that he stayed around for the after party ; ) We highly recommend. Thank you!

    Angela & Dylan
  • My husband and I did a Sky helicopter elopement with Peter as our officiant. It was such an amazing experience, making our marriage intimate but memorable. Peter was diligent, organized and did everything he could to make our ceremony personal. We can’t recommend him enough!

    Laura & Jamie
  • I would like to thank the Young Hip & Married for making our big day a memorable one, and for your prompt reply on our request in so short notice. It was a pleasure to have acquired your services.

    Roberto & Ann
  • Our officiant Peter La Grand was professional, kind, and enthusiastic about our super tiny ceremony in West Van! He gave us suggestions for where to do our ceremony and was willing to scale some rocks for the perfect spot! Great experience overall.

    Sydney & Carlos
  • We used Young Hip & Married for our small elopement ceremony. They were caring, quick to respond, and respectful of our wishes. Peter La Grand was our officiant, and he was awesome. Very timely, and was able to accommodate all of our requests. He made our day very special and exactly what we were hoping for. Highly recommended!

    Natalie & Andrew
  • I have nothing but good things to say about Young Hip & Married. These guys took care of everything and made us feel totally at ease. Our officiant, Peter La Grand, was also the best. Thank you again YHM!! You guys rule.

    Jeff & Olga
  • My husband and I had a very small ceremony (the Elopement Plus package) and Peter was our officiant. We were very happy with his easy going nature, and the way he made us feel relaxed and calm. His emails to us ahead of time were clear and concise, and he always made us feel that we could call the shots for how the day went. We planned our wedding in less than a month and Peter helped everything to go smoothly. We definitely recommend him!

    Lauren & James
  • We put off getting married for 5 years because nothing seemed right until we found Young Hip and Married. We had family flying in and we were working on such a tight schedule; I figured booking any officiant was going to be a long shot. The awesome team made everything so easy, painless and fun. Our officiant, Peter, was so prepared and clearly full of passion. He was able to make our tiny elopement very intimate and personal. 10/10 would recommend!

    Lauren & Nathaniel
  • I first contacted Young Hip and Married five years ago with an elopement date that we were dead set on. They followed us ever since and worked really hard to have our vision realized. Even when an unexpected event kept her from being present on our elopement day, she had everything arranged with her partner to ensure that we would not notice anything different! I hope to never need their services again (cuz you know… :P) but please if you just got engaged with no clue where to start, these guys are all you need to make things a whole lot easier and smoother!

    Kara & Andrew
  • Peter Le Grand was our officiant and was truly amazing. He really made our ceremony absolutely perfect and really tailored it to our relationship. He provided us with guidance and many options that it really was a ceremony just for us. Peter was flexible, really enthusiastic, gracious, compassionate and added just the right amount of humour to calm the nerves. Peter created a ceremony for us that was truly perfect. We absolutely loved that he was part of our day. Thank you Peter!

    Sherry & Christian
  • Peter La Grand from Young Hip & Married was the perfect officiant! He made it very easy to work with him to plan a very thoughtful and meaningful wedding ceremony. He brought a wonderfully light and positive energy to the experience and he was personable and dynamic. He skillfully knew exactly when to step in and when to give us space and time to fully enjoy the experience. He also worked well with the photographer to ensure that we had important moments captured in pictures. We highly recommend him!

    Karen & Ryan
  • We’re a second time mature couple with 6 kids between us ages 16 to 23. We met with Peter La Grand and shared our love story. He made note of every detail including getting to know our family and friends via Facebook and email. We shared that there were some doubters, judgemental individuals who want what we have. He knocked it out of the park AKA CHURCH ! Those people were gob smacked. Subtle, classy and yet made a statement. Humour, romance and tradition was our design and Peter delivered. See you again, Peter we will be in touch!

    Deborah & Scott
  • Young Hip and Married made the entire process of booking our officiant easy and without stress. When we wanted to meet with a second officiant, there was absolutely no problem, and we found our perfect fit! Peter was efficient, relaxed, professional, and an absolute dream to work with. He was quick to make any changes we wanted, and put so much love and support into our ceremony. Can’t recommend YHM enough!

    We got married in September 2020 and had Peter La Grand as our officiant. Right from the start, Michael and I both knew he was the perfect officiant for us! He was incredibly easy-going and focused, which took all of the buzzing anxiety out of the room so that we could focus on what we wanted and needed to think about. He is also very organized! After our initial meeting, he sent us a thorough survey covering every aspect of the ceremony to get a feel for what it was that we wanted. He even reached out to our wedding party to gather little testimonials. Due to COVID, our wedding parties couldn’t make it, but hearing their loving words of encouragement made it feel like they were right there with us on the big day. Peter was very quick to respond and apply any edits we made to the script, often within minutes of us making them! When he arrived for the rehearsal, he was great doling out responsibilities to my two young nephews who were our ring bearer’s. On the day, he was just incredible, full of smiles and laughter and giving our photographers enough room to snap that ‘first kiss’ shot. All in all Peter was exceptionally personable, professional, kindhearted, and easy to talk with. I would absolutely recommend him and YHM to anyone planning their wedding day. Thanks, Peter!
    Mariah & Michael
  • Thank you so much, Young Hip & Married for helping to make our wedding such a seamless experience. We went with the elopement package and it worked out perfectly. Our officiant was Peter La Grand and I can’t recommend him enough. After the ceremony a family member told me he was the best officiant they’ve seen perform a wedding. Our photographer was Amber Leigh Photography and she was amazing. She made us feel so comfortable and from the preview pictures, took beautiful shots. Thanks again!

    Kendra & Sean
  • Our officiant was Peter and he was so great!! We’re happy he was our officiant. Highly recommended!!

    Vicky & Henry
  • We’re a little late to the review party here, having been married in May, but we wanted to give a shout out to Peter La Grand + YH&M. We had originally planned for a 100-ish person wedding, but COVID-19 had other ideas. Thusly, we ended up having an outdoor elopement with 7 guests. Peter was easy to communicate with throughout the whole process, including the transition to the elopement. We enjoyed the relaxed nature of the ceremony planning process. We started by meeting Peter for a beer, where he informally asked us questions about us as a couple and as individuals. From there, we each filled out a survey with more questions. The result was a personalized, fun and upbeat ceremony. Our guests loved the ceremony – typical wedding ceremonies can be a little “cookie cutter,” but ours was the opposite. Peter did such an amazing job that some people thought he was a personal friend of ours! All in all Peter and YH&M helped us create a magical day, despite some major adjustments due to the pandemic. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out and HIGHLY recommend both Peter and YH&M.

    Oliver & Elisabeth
  • Peter was great!! He was very attentive and flexible. Peter was very accommodating as we were running a bit behind and had to change our elopement time. THANK YOU:)

    Louise & Rosemary
  • We used Young Hip and Married for our wedding and they provided us with Peter La Grand as our officiant. Not only was he super personable and made everything easy, he also provided a lot of insight before the wedding. He sent me a package of examples of wordings to be used for the wedding and asked for our input of what type of ceremony we wanted. I didn’t even know there were so many options so, it was a great help! Overall, great experience and would recommend Peter for any wedding!

    Photo by Clint Bargen Photos

    Kelly & Kramer
  • Peter was an incredible officiant. We decided to have a small, socially distanced ceremony in our backyard and Peter was fantastic about social distancing protocol to keep everyone safe. He gave us the ability to make the ceremony ours, without having to do too much thinking on our own – that was much appreciated given all the other wedding details we were busy with! I would highly recommend Peter – he knew just what to say, and when. Thank you to him and the entire Young Hip & Married team!

    Sarena & Vassily
  • What a great service! It was perfect and our officiant, Peter, was so great. I wish I could give more than 5 stars; the man is a wordsmith. He spent quality time with us and was able to create a ceremony that truly reflected our personalities and us as a couple. He made it a fun and enjoyable journey.

    Chris & Jessy
  • We had the most amazing experience with Peter La Grand. We had actually booked a different officiant who canceled just under 3 weeks before our wedding. Peter stepped in at that point and got to know our story and who we are so well in such a short time. We told him we wanted our ceremony to be beautiful, comfortable, personal, and to have some humour, and it was exactly that. We felt like a friend was marrying us. Several guests commented on how great Peter was and asked how we found him – many people assumed we already knew him! Thank you so much Peter, our ceremony was a huge highlight of our wedding day, we will treasure it forever and it could not have been better!

    Lea & Mitchell
  • Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. Peter was our officiant and we are so thankful for his presence on our special day. He was calm, cheerful, and candid- making us comfortable right away.

    Dana & Tiana
  • Our wedding experience was wonderful! We flew by helicopter to an area in the mountains that was so special for our ceremony. We had a wonderful time; thank you so much for making our special day so momentous!!

    Maria & Kurt
  • We really enjoyed having Peter officiate our wedding. He’s a great guy, and he was very professional and accommodating. He made sure our ceremony went just the way we wanted it and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get married in the future.

    Bojan & Nympha
  • Peter was such a perfect addition to our remote small mountain elopement! So professional and had such a calming present vibe. We highly recommend! Not to mention he traveled three hours to the middle of nowhere! Serious trooper!

    by @angiegallantphotograph

    Tyla & Arad
  • We had a great wedding experience with Peter and the YHM team. Communication was great and everyone was on-board and eager to help with our delays and ever-changing plans (covid!). Peter was the perfect fit for our outdoorsy, hike-in wedding. Would definitely recommend these guys to everyone.

    Stephanie & David
  • Thank you Young Hip & Married! We were lucky enough to have Peter as our officiant; he was awesome! Peter contacted us early and helped us understand how the ceremony would flow and never pressured us when we were late with our vows. We came all the way from Florida and Peter made us feel comfortable from afar. Unfortunately, on the day of the ceremony, weather related challenges cancelled our original plans. We were faced with making on-the-spot changes and Peter was key in keeping us calm and reminded us that the day unfolded exactly the way it was supposed to. It was beautiful – just really cold! Thank you, Peter, for being an awesome human and making our ceremony something we will never forget!

    Keoni & Chris