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The Significance of Your Wedding Flowers

The Significance of Your Wedding Flowers
May 31, 2017 Riana Ang-Canning

Wedding flowers guest post by florist Laxmi Lobo of Spring Blossoms

Flowers are a visual expression of love, happiness and joy.

As a floral designer, I feel the significance of the theme or the style of wedding flowers is so important. While flowers have changed in meaning and purpose over the years, they still have the ability to convey a couple’s wedding message to their family and friends.

The Red Rose

The one exception to this changing floral communication is the red rose. Absolutely nothing has changed about the romance of the red rose. It may be that the colour of passion, red, has contributed to this continuing significance. The red rose is eternally romantic.

The mesmerising fragrance of the rose, and the way its petals unfold as it blooms, are part of the mystery that the rose conveys. The beholder never knows how the rose will unfold and what its final shape will be.


Image courtesy of Anya Gallacio via Pinterest


A traditional Indian wedding will feature the quintessential marigold flower. This flower was brought to Indian shores by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. Marigolds were native to the then new world and were a sacred flower of the Aztecs. As marigolds are said to have magical and medicinal properties, it’s no surprise that they are an absolute favourite of Indian couples for their wedding.

The bright marigold bursts with colour and represents the energy of the sun. They bring vibrancy and energy to any festivity, especially to a wedding. In India, the marigold has taken on religious and devotional significance over the centuries. 

Image courtesy of Laxmi Lobo

Image courtesy of Laxmi Lobo

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more modern and minimalist feel, marigolds can also be used to achieve that effect. In the image below, the marigolds maintain their vibrant presence while conveying a completely different message than the opulent version above. Depending on your theme and style, the same flowers can be used differently to pull off your desired look.

Image courtesy of Zsazsabellagio

Image courtesy of Zsazsabellagio

Flowers create a background of warmth, beauty and colour for any wedding. They can be used in very innovative ways for outdoor weddings as well. A tropical look for a wedding is a much loved theme; it removes the formality of traditional weddings and tells guests to let the fun flow as they celebrate along with the couple.

Depending on the culture, flowers around the world can hold different meaning and significance. Let’s look at the hibiscus, for example. The Hindu wedding ritual or pooja uses hibiscus flowers as they are the favourite flower of the beloved deity, Ganapathi. In North America a hibiscus signifies a perfect wife or woman. And back in Victorian times, giving a hibiscus meant that the giver was acknowledging the receiver’s delicate beauty. Hibiscus flowers are also known to promote a steady flow of loving kindness throughout the body and soul when used in aromatherapy.

This stunning visual below is of carnations and hibiscus with coconut fronds used as grass. The decor here is created to look like a tropical grass curtain with bright red and pink colours popping throughout.

Image courtesy of Ramesh Kidangoor

Image courtesy of Ramesh Kidangoor

As a floral designer, I have always been captivated by the beauty and aroma of flowers. There is a sacred geometry that all floral designers work with. There’s a spiritual connection when working with something as fragile as flowers that give us such an array of colours and textures.

Flowers transport us, like music does, beyond the reach of words. And that is the most beautiful significance of your wedding flowers.

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Laxmi Lobo is a Singapore trained floral designer. She is now a retail florist in Mumbai and specializes in flower delivery. Her online bouquet delivery in Mumbai has won accolades from the press and she has been interviewed on CNBC & ET NOW. Visit Spring Blossoms to learn more about flower delivery in Mumbai. You can also visit Spring Blossoms on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest