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How to Set up Your Wedding Registry

How to Set up Your Wedding Registry
January 24, 2018 Riana Ang-Canning

We hope you enjoy this guest post by our friends at Zola! 

There is a whole list of to do’s that come along with getting engaged. Some will be more tedious than others, some you’ll be doing on your own, and some you’ll be tackling as a couple. But one of the most exciting post engagement activities you and your partner should begin thinking about, around 7-9 months before your wedding date, is your wedding registry. (You want to be sure your picks are available to your guests before your wedding shower and any other pre-wedding celebrations to simplify gift giving!)

So now the question is: how do you go about creating the perfect wedding wishlist? Well let’s dive in!

Things to consider:

What do you like?
What does your partner like?
What do you and your partner like to do together?

Are you music lovers in search of new speakers?

Start slow, and remember that just because you think you’re supposed to register for typical items, like bedding and bakeware, doesn’t mean you have to. Same goes for how you physically go about registering. In the past, the typical course of action would include a couple wandering their favourite department stores and selecting a variety of items. And for some, this is still the ideal method!

For other couples, such as those already living together, perhaps a more experience focused registry would be a better fit. Online registry services for example, offer the option of selecting virtually any item as well as experiential funds for guests to gift a couple. The online registry site Zola is a popular option for those couples looking to really personalize their registry. With access to hundreds of products, weekend activities, and cash funds, all with everything conveniently tracked on your profile, you can eliminate the stress and focus on the fun.

Is a picnic for two the perfect gift?

Or maybe you need a new hutch in the dining room!

So the first step for you and your partner is to determine what makes the most sense for you as a couple. Whether it be a kitchen tool you’ve been wanting to try, electronics you’ve been eyeing, or funding towards a weekend in the mountains (or all three!), get it on your profile. Typically guests would rather give a gift they know you want rather than risking a flop, so it’s better to add too much than not enough.

Having trouble deciding what to choose? There’s no shame in checking out what other couples have asked for! According to Zola, an Airbnb gift card and KitchenAid Stand Mixer are among the most popular registry gifts for the 2018 wedding season.

Once you’re all set to go, there are a couple ways to most efficiently share your registry. Drop a hint to whomever is throwing your bridal shower to include the info on the invitations, add a couple links to online stores or your registry profile on your wedding website, and don’t underestimate plain old word of mouth. Share the details with your immediate family and bridal party and let them know they can spread the word on your behalf.

What are you planning to put on your wedding registry?